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A/N- What if Faith was wrong about her family? What if she really was wanted and circumstances were not as she thought? What would her real family do to protect her and help her? What happens when fate decides to give the dark slayer a protector of her own who knows about the council and has a place to keep her safe away from those who would harm her?

Spoilers- Season 1 Stargate SG-1 and the movie along with any and all that follow.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Part 227

Paul Davis was glad he had been able to get away once Sheppard and his team took off after Elizabeth. While he liked the lady the Queen was Faith's family and he would be there for his future wife. He could not believe that this had happened. He was no liberal and firmly believed in the second amendment but idiots like this Dawson should never be allowed access to dangerous firearms. Sadly until now there was no proof he had ever hurt anyone. Spouting hate was not a reason to stop him from owning weapons to protect himself with or to hunt with. Sadly living out here such items were tools to protect oneself from sometimes dangerous wildlife. He sighed and hoped they could catch the fool alive. It would do the world a lot more good to try him openly then to just end him. Lord knows there were enough hacks out there trying to sell stories about the so called alien threat. Paul knew some were true but the majority of their allies were good people and hating them was simply wrong especially when many were human or of similar type of sentient beings.

Illya watched as her beloved's daughters checked on her and as her grand children seemed to be on guard. She had done her best now time would hopefully heal Layta wounds. She was shaking from the effort and was strangely grateful for Charles strong arms holding her upright. He was a good man and she was no longer resenting his joining her family. He was steadfast and his anger and rage of their wife's injuries made her feel closer to him. Like Layta she had distrusted men however this one was winning her over.

Diana smiled as she saw her second mother being comforted by her new step father it made her smile and she looked at Donna who grinned. While she was still just as upset as the others she saw possibilities. Maybe just maybe she would finally get that little sister she had always wanted?


Diamond and her new partner moved quietly and carefully they carefully set down some small tools for their fellow slayers. "Wait and be ready." She looked around then pulled out a hypo and injected her sister slayers with the counter agent to the drug. "Be ready, I working on a plan to get us out of here."

Even as Diamond was talking to the slayers Riley and Sam beamed aboard their ship. They had obsessively come about an alliance but their real mission was to free the slayers. It would also not hurt to perhaps steal a ship as a backup. Neither wanted to risk being caught with no way out, while they wanted to believe they could work out a deal with the Council neither was naïve enough to believe it would be simple or easy. Besides if worse came to worse a ship could get them away. There were many worlds with little or no populations. Sam wondered what it might be like to be the mother of a new race of people after all her Goauld was a queen did want children. So did she and maybe stepping away might be an option. If their plan to create an alliance failed well they could escape and start over someplace. They were escorted to their potential ally/foe even as Diamond made a break for it. It was shocking when the claxons went off but Riley took advantage and stunned his Jaffa guards even as Sam moved to zat their potential ally/foe maybe this would be simpler then they thought? There would be no need to pretend they could just take out the bad guy and move on. Maybe Murphy was on their side for once?

Diamond ran eager to get away. She was not going to let the Goauld rule her. She spotted the Goauld fighting the Jaffa and after a quick debate joined them. Maybe they were TokRa agents?


The news of the attack on the Queen of Themycia sent shockwaves across America. By now the press had dug up information on Wonder Woman and many were speculating that either Hypolyata or Diana were that woman or at least descendants of her. It made many angry as the cities and their peoples had been nothing but helpful and kind. The teams from the sheriff's office and state police along with the FBI and ATF were now all out in force. There was no way that this crazy was going to just shoot a Guest of the American government and get away with it. Moreover the fact that she had promised to help the Natives meant that if the government failed to act it would look like an assassination and given that the slayers kept the hell mouth closed harming one of their own was foolish in the extreme.


The second set of agents was out looking for Kinsey and company never realizing that once the former heard about Dawson and his group that he would head straight for them. Disposable troops who were true believers was a rare thing and it would be used. He and Jeremy Lehane were about to start over and they would both have their revenge. Soon they end the mutual annoyances and once more be leading their great nation.


Sara was shocked at finding out that Sam was willing to work with her and Jack at being a family it beat her wildest dreams. She knew that Jack genuinely loved Samantha and that he would be quite happy to just have her as a wife. However She also knew that there was still something between them and she also knew she still loved Jack enough to compromise. They had both made horrible mistakes and hurt each other badly. She should have known Jack would never be so careless and Jack should have respected her desire to keep the weapons away from their home. Of course seeing his life now she did have a slight change in perspective. Back then she had been naïve and believed that her home and country were safe and secure. Sadly that world view was forever shattered. Now she got why he had kept his weapon at home. He was a warrior and had feared some enemy might follow him home. However he had failed to explain that which had lead to so many fights. Now however they had a second chance and moreover they had a lot of children to love it was for Sara a dream come true. Not only would she have two wonderful life partners who were to her mind smoking hot and brilliant but she got the houseful of children she had always wanted without the stretch marks. Well at least not yet because she seriously wanted at least one or two more perhaps some daughters? If not then Sam's poor girl would be overwhelmed.

She pulled out a real estate card and dialed the number they were seriously going to need a larger home. Even as she dialed it she made a mental list of how many bedrooms and bathrooms they would need. A lot was all her mind could come up with. She grinned ok maybe the boys could double up….but bathroom there had to be at least four or five and a double laundry room and large kitchen with at least two ovens and dishwashers. She then had a wicked thought and hung up and went on line. Maybe it would be better to ask some experts? She looked on line for some of the celebrities who had large families. Who knew reality tv might for once be useful.