Fish adventure

At Emerald coast

"hey cream" Amy rose yelled to her best friend bunny. They caught fish that looked like the Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Shadow, and rouge.

" they look like almost everyone in the team only fishified(I made up that word)" Cream replied.

"hey look Amy there you are but Sonic And Shadow are fighting over you" Cream questioning that.

Its true they were bumping into each other and earlier both were nuzzling the Amy fish.

"I wonder who's going to win Sonic or Shadow " cream asking herself aloud.

"Probably me" Sonic grinning and wet from Knuckles pushing him in the ocean.

"Or better yet me" Shadow arriving wet as well from Knuckles.

(Amy thinking- Man they are hot when their wet)

" so Ames when you're done checking us out you could tell us what you and cream are talking about" Sonic still grinning .

" UUUHHH, me and cream caught that look like you guys and you to are fighting each other" Amy replies

" And you two are fighting over Amy" cream answers with a smile on her face.

"Are not" Are so look"

Sonic and Shadow looked and saw mortal combat fish style.

"You're right " they both said at the same time.

" so Amy who do think you will choose" Cream asked.

Amy felt both their glares at her asking the same question Who do you choose ?

Crap thanks a lot cream