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Chapter 1: We're Even!

In a rocky valley Jiraiya, the famed toad sannin and super pervert, tried to keep up with the raven haired teenager in front of him.

"Hurry up! Or he'll get away!" he yelled to the ninja behind him.

"Oh no he won't." A pink haired kunoichi said, she pounded her fist into the dirt in front of her. The earth shook and rocks fell into the path of their target, he stopped metres before the mess of rock.

"Good job Sakura." A blonde haired ninja yelled grinning like mad. The two ninja had been sent with the frog sannin by the 5th Hokage, Tsunade, to try and get Sasuke Uchiha to come back once again. Ever since he left to join sound and Orochimaru, Naruto and Sakura had stopped at nothing to bring him back, though this would be the last time the Hokage would allow them to try and bring him back. Sasuke turned to face his ex-teammates, as they came to a hault five metres in front of him. Naruto was the first to speak.

"Geez Teme, how can you wear that? A butt bow? You're better off wearing your old clothes and they were weird."

"Naruto, that's not helping." Sakura said softly. "Please Sasuke-kun, come home. This really is your last chance, we all miss you." Sasuke made no movement to their comments; he just looked at them with his emotionless face. Jiraiya sighed. 'I must do it then, though I don't think Naruto will ever forgive me for doing so.'

"I'm sorry Sasuke, but after all you been through and how much you want to defeat your brother, this is the end." Sakura and Naruto looked at Jiraiya as if were insane.

"What the hell are you talking about Ero-sennin!"

"Plan B. If he won't come back this time, eliminate him." Sakura gasped.

"You think you can defeat me old man?" Sasuke smirked.

"No." There was a pause. "I know I can." With that he summoned two toads to hold Sasuke down, they caught him by surprise. He tried to move out of the toads' grip, but he couldn't seem to move. "Don't bother; they will hold you perfectly still until I tell them to let go." Sasuke then realised that this was the Toad Sannin, his teacher's old teammate. 'How could I have thought I could be safe from a sannin, I'm done for.' Jiraiya began to move towards Sasuke with a chakra enforced fist, Naruto grabbed hold of Jiraiya's arm desperately.

"Please don't do this." He cried.

"I'm sorry." Jiraiya said sadly, shaking off Naruto he then charged at Sasuke. The chakra enforced palm coming closer and closer. Sasuke could feel the pulsing of the chakra; the hand coming in for the kill. Sasuke closed his eyes awaiting contact and death.


Sasuke opened his dark eyes to find Naruto's azure blue eyes looking right back at him; Jiraiya's hand firm against the back of the blonde's head, blood was forming thick streams down the blonde's face.

"We're even asshole." With that Naruto fell to the ground, Jiraiya stood there in shock as Sakura rushed over to Naruto.

"Naruto! Oh my god you're bleeding from your eyes and everywhere else. NO! Stop! Heal!" Sasuke stared at the blonde, all he could manage to croak out was:

"Why?" Sakura managed to stop most of the bleeding, except the streams that seemed to never stop coming out of his eyes.

"Jiraiya! We need to get him to Tsunade-shishou." Jiraiya finally snapped out of his shocked stupor and rushed over to the boy, picking up his student he turned to Sasuke.

"You're lucky." With that he disappeared, Sakura quickly followed leaving a confused Uchiha alone in the valley.

End Chapter

thisisthelinethatseperateseverything thisisthelinethatseperateseverything

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