What happens when Sonic finds a boy and a creature, clearly not from this world? What happens when they're transferred to a different world? Read and find out!

Sonic Gone Digital

"Oh no, not this time, Sonic. This time, you won't beat me!" Sam Speed gloated through the speaker. Sonic just rolled his eyes. This guy just won't quit! Sonic thought. Doesn't he know that no matter how many engines he installs, he still won't be able to beat me. I can travel at the speed of sound for crying out loud!

Sonic tried to stay level to the car, just to let Sam think he was winning, but soon enough, he got bored and sped ahead of him. As he reached the roundabout, he skidded to a halt and looked behind him. The F1 race car driver was nowhere to be found. He sighed and climbed up on the large pillar of earth to wait for him.

He looks to his right at the surrounding ledges of rock. His eyes scanned over the top. Flat rock, flat rock, a boy, a weird pink looking ball with ears, flat rock – wait, a boy? A weird pink ball?

He quickly sped over to take a closer look. He started spinning circles around them to get a full 360 degree image.

"Woah, slow down, pal!" Sonic heard the boy say. He skidded to a halt and walked over to the pair. "What, you look just like a hedgehog! But that can't be, those animals are so slow! You must be some sort of Digimon, right? What's your name? Hedgehog-mon?"

"What kind of pathetic name is hedgehog-mon anyway? My name's Sonic. Who are you and what's a Digimon?"

"Wow, you were right, Koromon. We have entered a different world." Tai said, turning to the small pink ball. Sonic quirked an eyebrow.

He's talking to a ball with eyes? He thought to himself.

"My name's Tai and this is my Digimon Koromon."

"Koromon, huh? So the little ball has a name." Sonic said amusedly.

"A ball?!"

Suddenly, Sonic noticed a rise of dust off in the distance. Sam had finally caught up.

"Well it was nice meeting ya, but I got a race to win, see ya!" And he zoomed down the hill, at the same time hearing the boy named Tai call out to him.


Sonic stopped and turned his head to see Tai tumble down the hill.

"Ow." Tai muttered once he finally stopped spinning. Koromon easily jumped down and landed easily on his legs – or the area where they would have been – next to Tai. Sonic walked over to them, well aware of Sam reaching and crossing him. Big deal. Sonic thought, knowing he could easily catch up.

"What?" Sonic asked. Tai reached up and grabbed Sonic's shoulder for support. And in a flash they were gone because little did they know, beings from different worlds can't touch each other.

They all landed in a green jungle. "Um, what happened?"asked Tai.

"Don't ask me, I have no idea" Sonic answered. "I'm gonna go check this place out. I'll be back in a sec."

Running for a few seconds showed Sonic that the forest they had landed in was huge. All he'd seen so far was green. Looking for a way home could literally take forever.

He quickly went back they way he came to where Tai and Koromon were waiting.

"Well, this place seems like it's going on forever. Plus, it's giving me the creeps. I see shadows everywhere."

"Psh, me and Koromon aren't afraid of some shadows, we've come up against stuff much worse than that. So anyway, I'm gonna look around here myself. I wanna see what this place is."

"I told you, there's nothing but grass and trees around here. And anyways, I wanna go to sleep."

"You're so useless. I'm gonna go myself and you can stay here by yourself because you are not needed." Tai said. Tai goes.

"Whatever." Sonic said. He looked around and quickly found a big rock perfect for going to sleep on. After a while he heard a noise and opened his eyes. He finds Tai running around and around him screaming for help.

"There's a monster coming to attack us! He's so scary!" Tai yells.

"Big whoop. And what happened to I'm not afraid of anything? But you needn't worry, I've fought lots of monsters before. And besides, compared to me he's probably as fast as a snail! HAHAHA!" Sonic said.

Sonic grabbed Tai and slung him over his shoulder and after letting Koromon jump onto his head. Sonic quickly sped away from the sound of the monster. After some time he got tired and told Tai he wanted to go to sleep.

"Is that all you can think about? Sleep?" Tai asked him incredulously.

"No, of course not. I also think about what I'm looking at and things like that." Tai rolled his eyes.

Both Sonic and Koromon fell into a deep sleep, while Tai paced in front of them, thinking of what dangers this monster could bring.

"Sonic is no use," Tai thought out loud to himself. "All he ever wants to do is sleep!"

Sonic opens his eyes and says, "Hey, you talking about me?"

"No you're just dreaming." Tai says.

"Oh right. Of course." And Sonic falls back asleep.

Tai hears the monsters growling, it kept coming closer and closer, so he picked up Koromon and ran. Waking up Sonic passed through his thoughts, but he decided against it.

Besides, he can take care of himself, with that speed he's got. He thought.

Tai suddenly spotted a stone on the ground and it wasn't just an ordinary stone, it had a symbol on it.

"Hey, I know that sign! That's Joe's crest!" Tai exclaimed. "Maybe Joe's been sent here too!"

Suddenly a yell was heard. Tai smirked. "I can recognize that yell anywhere!"

"It's Joe!" Koromon said.

Tai turned around and started running towards the monster's noise. He passed Sonic still sleeping on the ground but doesn't notice. Tai had to go save Joe because he was probably trapped by that monster.

Just as Tai had expected, Joe was standing right in front of the monster. Tai pulled on his belt to take out the Digivice which controls Koromon. But there was no Digivice which meant that Koromon couldn't digivolve into Agumon.

"Hey Tai, you're here too? I guess I'm pretty lucky to have one of my friends here too. And I really don't know how I got here. I just touched a black hedgehog thing and : KABOOM! I was standing here in this jungle-forest place. Pretty cool huh?"

"Joe watch out , there's a monster behind you! It's huge and it's white with two huge pointy teeth." Tai quickly said.

Joe turned around to look at the monster. "A m-m-monster! Where?" Joe said frightened.


Joe raised an eyebrow and said: "Tai, that's Ikkakumon, the digivolve of Gomamon. Remember?"

"Oh yeah. But then, why'd you shout?" Tai asked.

"Because, look what I found!" Joe said, pointing to a nearby rock. Tai looked over at it and saw it was just like the one he'd seen earlier, except instead of Joe's crest on it, it had his."

"Oh, and we found your digivice too." Ikakumon rumbled. Ikkakumon had Tai's Digivice in his mouth and he gave it to Tai and then de-digivolved into Gomamon. Gomamon started laughing his heart out, "Haha! You - thought I was a monster! Haha!"

"No I didn't." Tai blushed."Anyways, you know I made a friend and he's really fast, come and meet him. He followed me because there was a monster attacking us and he was really scared so he just begged me to protect him. Come on, I'll show you." Tai lead Joe and Gomamon towards Sonic.

Suddenly Sonic woke up from his dream, and zoomed off, thinking he's back home and that being part of his daily routine. But then he remembered Tai and Koromon weren't with him and he'd left them behind.

So he went back but they weren't there. So he started looking around and suddenly spotted a cave. He thought there might be food in there since he was feeling sorta hungry. But when he entered, he saw a cage with Tai and Koromon in it.

"Hey, are you guys playing some sort of trick on me? I'm sure you guys are joking, but this isn't the time to be hanging around and playing games. We gotta find our way out of here." Sonic says.

"Does it look like we're playing games, I can't believe you can't see that we are trapped in here. You really don't have a brain". Tai said rudely.

"Hey, if you think I'm going to set you free, you better think again." Sonic replied angrily.

"Sorry, just help us out." Tai said. "Please?"

Sonic sighed. "Fine, but I just know I'm gonna regret this."

Sonic still hadn't noticed Joe and Gomamon at the back of the cage. He turned into a ball and applied a strong homing attack at the cage. The cage broke and Gomamon and Koromon landed safely on the ground. Sonic caught Tai in one hand and Joe in the other. Tai was put safely on the ground without a scratch.

Then he turned to look at the other weight he was carrying. "Ahh!" Sonic yelled , dropping Joe in the moment of surprise.

"You didn't have to throw me, you know."Joe said angrily. "And anyways you must be the speed-hedgehog-thing that Tai told me about. Sonic, right? You really do run quite fast. I'm Joe. Oh yeah, and Tai told me that you followed him because you were scared of a monster and you thought Tai would help you."

"He WHAT? He was the one who followed ME because he was scared of that monster thing he was talking about." Sonic replied, really annoyed with Tai now.

"No you followed me, remember?" Tai lied.

"I'm really confused" Joe said unknowingly.

"He's lying to you Joe. But how'd you get stuck in that cage anyway?" Sonic asked.

"I dunno, but I suppose it was some sort of trap meant for some sort of creature." Gomamon said thoughtfully.

"Hey I don't know you're name." Sonic said to the little seal like Digimon.

"Oh, I'm Gommamon."

They walked out of the cave and saw a stone in the distance, with a light glowing from the hole carved inside it. Sonic wanted to go home really badly and he missed all his friends and competition he used to have.

"Hey, look at that stone over there, the one with the shining light, that's where I found Koromon!" Tai said.

"Hey I just got an idea. One that just might send us home" Sonic said.

"But that's just where I found Koromon, there's nothing else in there." Tai said.

"Just listen to me, I know what I'm doing." Sonic said, hoping he was right.

At the same time, Gomamon, Joe, Tai, Koromon and Sonic touched the stone and they were all sent to their own homes. Tai and Koromon were back in their apartment staring at Kari, Tai's little sister. But they both quickly headed to the T.V.

Joe and Gomamon were sent back to their apartment. As soon as they arrived they went straight to the shower.

Sonic arrived back in his planet. He sighed. Oh man, I guess this means I lost the race I was having. Oh well, I'll just have to ask Sam for a rematch.

With that, he headed to his own home. But just outside, he met Amy Rose. The pink hedgehog ran to Sonic and hugged him. "Where have you been Sonic? I was wanting to ask you to join me for a picnic but I couldn't find you. Sam said you'd just vanished. Oh well I got these guys to come with me."

She turned around and pointed to two girls. One was holding a pink bird and the other a green plant looking thing.

"Sonic, meet Mimi and Sora."

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