Sonic Gone Digital

Shadow and Rouge prowled to the remains of the space colony ARK, scanning the machinery, searching its insides.

"Remember Shadow, we're on the lookout for a chaos-" Rouge said.

"I know."

"Hey, it's not everyday I get a mission to actually go and find an emerald, now is it? I always end up losing it. But not this time. This we get to take it home with us!" she said excitedly.

"And then hand it to the government when need be." Shadow cut in flatly.

"Yeah, but we get to hang on to it until then!"

Suddenly they heard a small crash echoing down hall.

"What was that?" Rouge asked.

"I'll go find out." Shadow said. And he zoomed off, forgetting Rouge couldn't follow him, since she wasn't as fast. Shadow paused and looked behind him to see if Rouge was anywhere close, but she wasn't. So he continued, not wanting to waste anymore time in finding out the cause of the noise.

He turned a corner and crashed into something; a person to be exact. The blond boy got up, rubbing his head, then opened his deep blue eyes.

"Hey you freak! Watch where you're going!" He yells angrily.

"Who're you calling a freak?" Shadow asks, already annoyed by this kid's demeanor.

"You of course. Who else is there?" the kid asked. Shadow blinked, noticing a movement beside the human.

"That creature beside you."

"For your information, that is my Digimon."

Shadow opened his mouth, ready to say something, but then an idea came to him. "I remember this kid, with blue hair and glasses I think, and if I remember correctly, he had a strange creature next to him, too. A seal I think it was."

"That sounds like Joe!" the boy exclaimed.

"What do I care?" Shadow said, crossing his arms.

Matt smirked. "You're a lot like me."

"Are you insulting me? How did you get here anyways?"

"None of your business."

"Fine I'll be going then." Shadow said.

"Wait, wait. I don't know how I got here, but can you help me get back? Because that's earth down there, and I have no idea how we got here. I'm Matt by the way. And this is Gabumon. And you are?"

"Shadow. Right now, you're on a space station, otherwise known as the space colony ARK."

"Ark huh? And you're Shadow. You could easily be a Digimon, but you aren't since you don't even know what they are." Matt said, walking around trying to get a full view of Shadow. "You look a lot like a hedgehog, but a lot different than a hedgehog in many ways. Are you mutated?"

"Excuse me?"

Suddenly, Rouge came flying in. "What was all the fuss, Shadow?"

"It was nothing important, just some lost child named Matt and his pet dog, Gabutron or something."

"Gabutron?" Gabumon said angrily.

Matt looked up at Rouge. "Hey, that looks like a bat! Is she one of you?"

"What do you mean, 'one of you'?" Shadow asked. Rouge landed on the ground.

"Oh, a human?" Rouge said, still not noticing Gabumon. "I'm Rouge. How did you get up here? But more importantly, do you have any chaos emeralds on you?"

"Chaos emeralds?" asked Matt. "What are those? Some sort of emerald, obviously, but what so special about that?"

"We're not just looking for any emerald." Rouge said, still not noticing the digimon. "We're looking for a chaos emerald, which is really rare on Earth. There are only seven in total. Actually chaos emeralds are originally from our planet, but we got jumbled up, so the chaos emeralds fell down to that pretty blue planet down there, along with us."

"That's where I live, can you take me back?" Matt asked, looking at them.

"Fine." Shadow said after some thought.

"Yeah, why not?" Rouge said. "But let's first make a deal. You help us find what we're looking for, and we get you back down there. Okay?" She finally looks down and sees Gabumon.

"Ahh! What is that?!"

Gabumon looked up at Matt. "What's the matter with her?"

Matt shrugged. "Beats me." He turned to Rouge. "Hey, you look just as weird as he does, so don't make a fool out of yourself."

Rouge glared at him. "Well, you're a harsh one. Kinda remind me of Shadow."

"So let's get this deal over with so I can get back home."

"Okay, okay. Stubborn little dude, aren't we? Now here's the plan. We all split up in different directions. Matt and Gabumon, you go this way." She said, pointing to a door to her front. "I'll go to the right, Shadow to the left."

"Wait, how do I know what those emeralds look like?" Matt asked.

"Just look for a glowing gemstone." Rouge said, then took off down her path.

They split up. Matt walked down his allocated path. After a few minutes of walking, they saw the rest of the tunnel was dark.

"Maybe we should stop here." Gabumon said.

"No way! Finding that emerald is the only chance of us getting back home, so we better find it quickly. Rouge described the emerald as a glowing object."

After stopping, they both headed into the darkness. After what seemed like half an hour of walking, Matt slumped against the wall, tired. "Hey Gabumon, you have any ideas to find the emerald quicker?"

No response. "Gabumon?" he looked around. "Gabumon, where are you?" Matt quickly got up and started running ahead, deeper into the tunnel. He saw something glowing and quickly chased it, not knowing what else to do. It kept moving forward, but slowly. He reached it and tried to pull it off. All the lights turned on and he found himself face to face with a large robot.

Gabumon was in his hand. Matt tried to take out his digivice, but it wasn't there. The robot trapped Matt into a corner. He yelled.

In their different spots, Shadow and Rouge heard the yell.

"Matt?" Rouge asked herself.

"Gabutron?" Shadow mumbled.

They both headed towards Matt's shouts. They saw Gabumon in the hand of the robot and Matt trapped about to be killed.

"Black Wave!" Rouge yelled.

"Chaos Spear!" Shouted Shadow.

The robot blew up into a million pieces. An emerald appeared in the pieces of the robot, which was the glowing light Matt had seen before.

"Oh, we found an emerald! Oh it's so gorgeous." Rouge said, picking up the emerald.

"Just get it so we can leave." Shadow said.

"Have some patience, give us time to look at it." Rouge said.

Matt picks up Gabumon, who is still unconscious, and looks at Rouge. "I'm with Shadow."

Rouge frowned. "Fine, let's just go."

They ran back to the center where they had made all their plans.

"I know this place very well, just follow me and I'll take you to where the rockets are." Rouge said happily.

"Get on with it Rouge, you got what you wanted now hurry it up." Shadow said boredly.

"Are you guys related? And if you are, why do you fight so much?" Matt questioned.

Shadow and Rouge said at the same time, "What'd you just say?"

"Shut up Matt otherwise you're going to get killed by me."Shadow said really annoyed with Matt this time.

"Ok fine, I was wrong about you guys, sheesh! But I still don't see why you fight so much. Well not you Rouge, you don't start the fight, Shadow does."Matt said.

"We can just leave you here Matt I'm not going to change my mind if I agree to that." Shadow said.

"A deal's a deal and you can't disagree to that." Matt said stubbornly.

"That's it, I'm leaving you."

Rouge spotted their rocket and flew to it. Shadow followed along but by running. Matt tried to catch up but was too slow. He's really fast! Matt thought. "Hey Shadow, wait for me! Please?"

Rouge said really heartbrokenly "Just let the boy come Shadow, he was the one who helped us find the Chaos emerald." And the one who was supporting me just now. Rouge thought.

Shadow heard Maria's voice calling out to him Shadow, help people and never make them feel a lot of pain, please Shadow, do it for me from the inside of his head. Shadow grumbled and said:

"Fine, you can come with us."

"I should never have trusted you in the first place. You guys don't keep your promises." Matt said.

Rouge and Shadow ignored him. They reach the landing spot then took the next ride into town.

"Thanks for your help, kid. I'll be seeing you later, I hope. Maybe. Whatever, see ya!" Rouge said, then took off, chaos emerald held in her hand.

Shadow gives a light nod in Matt and Gabumon's direction, then takes off after Rouge. Matt is left with Gabumon at his feet.

Matt looked at Gabumon and raised an eyebrow. "Gabutron? Not a bad name."

"Hey, would you like to be called Matthew?" Gabumon asked.

"Shut up."

They turned around ready to go home. Matt looked at the surrounding buildings. Nothing looked familiar.

"This isn't our world."

So here's the next addition from my little sister. Don't be too harsh, she's only eleven. Oh, and she's decided to make this into a full blown series, on chapter for each pair of characters. So stay tuned for the next one!