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WARNING: beware of the flying pillows...


Deidara and Sasori was sitting on the edge of the couch, Deidara blushing while reading Icha Icha Paradise. Then suddenly Itachi busted through the door! "Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!" Itachi screamed jumping up and down. "I just got home from Game Stop, and guess what I got! I got DDR (A/N: Dance Dance Revolution if you don't know what DDR stands for)

"Yeah, yeah go have fun, un," Deidara said from behind the book. "You don't care! Well than what about you, Sasori?"

"Sure I care but not now, I'm reading!"

"Fine I'll be in my room."

5 minutes later…

-Itachi's room-

"Okay all set up lets go! Up, down, down ,right, left," THUD!

"What was that?" Sasori asked.

"OMG! Itachi fell through the floor, un!" Deidara exclaimed, looking up from the book. "Did you have a nice fall, yeah?" He asked, looking serious for some reason.

"Shut up deidara!" Itachi yelled from the floor.

"So what did you do, un?"

"Well…I kind of tripped on my cloak and I hit the ground so hard I broke through." (AS/N: …I don't think this is very possible…even in anime…-v)

Deidara and sasori burst out laughing.

"Okay, well, we have to go finish our EXTREMELY awesome book, yeah."

"Isn't that the book Kakashi reads?" Itachi read the cover of the book.

"No, un!"

"Okay, then Sasori, what's the name of the book?" Itachi asked, crossing his arms.

"Uh, well…run, Deidara, run!"

4 hours later

"Wow! That was the best book ever! They should put an ad up about this book!" Sasori said happily. (AS/N: -gasp- you pervs! . -slaps sister for making them pervy-)

"Yeah, then Orochimaru would probably want to read it because he thinks he's straight but he really isn't, yeah," Deidara replied.

"Hmm…That's probably why he left the Akatsuki," Sasori said, thinking. "Because someone told him he was gay!" (AS/N: actually…it's cuz Itachi-san wouldn't go out with him…so he ran away, because his only love rejected him…XD)

"And how he likes little boys, un! But have you noticed all he talks about is how he wants to steal Sasuke's body, yeah?" Deidara asked. "And how he's scared of Itachi but not Sasuke, un?

"Yeah, he's such a pedophile…"

-itachis room-

"Wow! Its hot in here!" Itachi exclaimed, taking his cloak off.

Hidan walked in just as he started peeling his shirt off (AS/N: why wasn't it me? T.T). "Itachi! Why are you stripping!?" He yelled, looking horrified. (AS/N: why horrified? Teehee)

"I'm not!"

"Then what are you doing?"

"I'm hot!"

"No your not. Only Sasuke and Kisame think your hot. (AS/N: and me XDD)

"Not that way you idiot!"

"Yeah, sure. So, why's the dance mat and TV ruined?" Hidan asked, changing the subject. "Man, did you look at it again?" (AS/N: your so mean T.T)

"I got mad at the game, moron," Itachi slapped Hidan in the back of the head.

"But I thought you where the best…WOW! You got 87 game over's and zero wins wow! You broke the world record!" Hidan teased.

"Shut up, Hidan!" Itachi yelled, throwing a pillow in Hidan's face. (AS/N: w00t! Flying pillows XD)

"Let me try! I bet I can so beat you."

2 minutes later

"Now I see why you destroyed it…"