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"talk" is talking
'talk' is thinking.

"Boss?" Someone whispered, knocking their knuckles against the bricks. A few men, faces covered from view by clown masks, stood at a barred window, high up on the wall. One held a drill and a large saw, another with his gun and a few knives stuffed in his pockets. The last one fixed a rope to the tall window, tying it to a bar so he could climb up properly. "Boss?" He asked again, peering into the dark area.

It was night- the best time to make an escape. The security was more loose than in the morning and afternoon, and it was harder to see everyone, especially if it was a joint effort. Sure, the Joker probably could have wriggled his way out of this alone… but if he had more people to catch, it was harder to find him specifically.

"I'm here, I'm here!" He called back in a high-pitched whisper. He fixed his loose tie, licking his lips. It had been such a hassle, living in the cell for two weeks. It would be much better once he was out of the place. Luckily he had a private cell, and almost everyone was asleep. His holding jail cell was small, and he stood from the mattress, straightening his pants. He walked over to the window, staring up at it, deciding how exactly he would climb up to the square hole in the wall. He reached up on the toes of his shoes, grasping the bars and pulling himself up by his arms. Finally he saw the henchmen looking up at him, one being suspended from the bars.

"Boss, what should we use?" The clown-masked man with the saw and drill asked, holding them up. The Joker looked at both, seeming to contemplate before pointing to the drill. "Hand it up!" The masked man handed the drill up to the suspended man, who in turn let their boss get a grip on it.

The Joker was indeed used to planning escapes… he had been in penitentiaries and jails and even padded cells in asylums. He was used to being creative with what he did; though he hadn't been out of his cell in a long while; it was hard to plan an escape with no one coming by to give some leverage. Therefore, he had told his men to come after two weeks of waiting. And there they were; lucky for the Joker that they were all too spineless not to go through with his plans.

"Alrighty…" The crazed man grasped the drill, looking at the tip and touching it with his finger to test it's sharpness. "Mmm." He looked at the bars and murmured under his breath. "This is going to be loud…"

Suddenly the drill sped to life as he pressed down the button. It whirred and crashed into one of the bars, breaking it in half and sending little metal pieces ricocheting from the tiny window sill. "Ha ha!" Joker had the bar crushed into powder in a moment more, and with a hand from one of his followers, he hoisted himself out. He glanced back, seeing the form of a police officer coming forward, shouting some incoherent orders to his fellow cops as they all saw the Joker's disappearing feet sliding out of the window.

The Joker dropped to the earth with a small grunt, hoisting himself to his feet and fixing his sleeves. "Come on, boys!" He said cheerfully, grabbing one of the guy's masks and shrugging off his vest, throwing it into a box his men had carried to hold their equipment. After loosening up his tie, he threw that in as well, face hidden beneath the rubber clown mask.

His henchmen had grabbed the box and equipment and were rushing off into the street before splitting up through different boulevards and alleyways. The Joker opted to rush off behind an old apartment building. He giggled, leaning against the wall once he was sure no one had seen him, sliding down and fishing into his pockets. He frowned when no knife greeted his fingertips. He was so used to having a sharp object on him. He tapped his foot against the wet sidewalk, grinning in accomplishment when a hidden knife stuck out from the heel of his shoe. He grabbed it, pulling it from the leather and touching it in his fingers.

'Now what was the plan again? Oh that's right…' He pushed up, looking down at what he wore. He would need his full suit again if he were to visit such an estate. Yes indeed… he had heard of this Bruce Wayne, an industrial shark, the billionaire and the owner of the whole Wayne estate. And what was more… he knew something about Batman. The Joker was sure of it; Batman placed his trust with certain people; people with money, the police, and of course, his close friends… like that Rachel Dawe. She had known something… though he hadn't gotten anything from her. He frowned, licking his lips habitually and staring out at the street. He would have to get another disguise… or at least get himself to one of the hideouts quickly. Who knew where the police might have been investigating. Of course, now that he had his prime choice of weapon back…

"Master Wayne… Is there anything else I can get for you?" Alfred stayed near the door of the large master bedroom, holding a tray of half finished food. The head of Wayne Enterprises was still quiet, staring up at the ceiling and laying on the bed.

"…No, Alfred. I think I might take a rest or something." Bruce murmured under his breath, looking deprived of sleep. He was glad to not have too many affairs lately… but he was still wiped out. From almost everything he did, he seemed to become even more exhausted. Just traveling out to a meeting and coming back… it drained him of energy. It was probably because he was not getting as much exercise, since he had backed away from Batman for a while. It was easier to keep to being the industrial king he was now, then to be the masked vigilante as well. He just wanted to stay away from the bat suit for a while. Perhaps he would pick it up again sometime.

"…Alfred." Bruce mumbled, glancing over towards the door, where his butler had been walking.

"Yes, Master Wayne?" Alfred asked with a small frown, holding the tray in his hands. Alfred had been Bruce's butler for as long as he could remember… he always confided in him with things.

"Where is the Joker?"

"Still in Arkham, just like yesterday and the day before, Master Wayne." Alfred chuckled, a twinkle in his eye as he stepped back to the door. "Have a pleasant rest, Master Wayne." He said in a cordial voice, bowing his head before leaving the room.

It wasn't Bruce's fault that the crazed murderer kept popping into his head. He wasn't used to a day without that insane clown. He was usually running amok on the street, killing one after another, making the town go crazy with fear… but he hadn't escaped Arkham yet. How was that? He had done it before. Perhaps they had increased their security… that would have been a sight to see. Bruce frowned, glaring at the ceiling. Well, it was no use thinking about that now. He needed sleep… lots of sleep. He turned on his side and tried to rest as best as he could.

"So, Boss, how're we climbing up 27 floors?" A clown-masked henchman asked his boss, parking the white van behind the large building of the Wayne building and hopping out. Joker was comfortable in his usual ensemble; comfortable green vest, blue patterned shirt, a forest green tie, as well as his blue blazer and the large purple trenchcoat on top. He stuffed a hand into his pocket, pulling out a knife and playing with it as he thought.

"28." The Joker mumbled under his breath. The Wayne master suite was on the 28th floor. That was where they needed to get to… the one he needed to get to, anyways. "Simple." He walked up to the wall, touching it. It was all glass windows… easy enough to break. He had done that many times before. "Alright…" He murmured after a bit of thinking, stroking the wall absently. "Got it! Okay, two of you are gonna get up on that big building over there, and shoot your wires across… wait for me up there. I need you two to make sure no one sees the van. Park it somewhere else, if you please. Aaaaand…" He glanced back at the last man. He hated uneven numbers. "…Hmmm." He walked up to the last man, who turned his head down to look at the slightly shorter man. "We don't need an extra for this mission… sorry. Better luck next time?" The Joker gave a sympathetic smile before raking his knife across the man's throat. Blood gushed against the man's clothing and over the Joker's hand as he shushed the groaning man until he was dead on the floor.

His henchmen were silent, glancing back at the dead man and all swallowing nervously. The Joker chuckled. "You two are parking the car right? Well get rid of this body too, if you don't mind!" He hop-skipped over to the sidewalk. "Let's go, then!"

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