Sequel to Sonic VS shadow as fish

"So who do you choose " Sonic and Shadow pressured Amy into answering..

"UUUHHH, you guys don't need to ask my opinion when there are much better girls than me " Amy sweat dropped.

"Yes we need to know, who do like more" they said at the same time again.

" Uhh I like uhh SILVER "

"WHAT!"both completely surprised

"(cream muttering) surprise surprise Amy likes hedgehog who isn't sonic nor shadow "

Sonic- "where is he I am going to screw him up"

Shadow- " NO I'm am going to screw him quadruple as hard"

They ran off to find Silver and mess him up. (I am a SonAmy fan but sorry to silver fans but I will make sure cream saves him)

Cream took out her cellphone " Hey Silver you might want to Run for it Man or Sonic and shadow will screw you up big time"