Secret Admirer

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It was just supposed to be a normal day for Olette. Get up, go to school, go to work, come home, do homework, then sleep. That was the routine she basically followed. Not this day. Olette and her friends went to Twilight High School. She had a lot of friends, mostly guys, but she loved them all the same. Olette lived by herself. Her parents died two years ago in a bad car crash. Now Olette was a junior in high school and had to have a job to pay for necessities and such. Anyway, a special event would happen to Olette, she would fall in love.

"So Olette," Kairi started out, "You want to hang out with Namine and me after school?"

"Please!" Namine begged, looking silly with her puppy dog face. Olette gave them a sympathetic look.

" I can't. I've gotta work today. The restaurant where I work is gonna be real busy tonight. So I have to go to work right after school and then go home, do my homework and then get some

sleep or try to anyways." Olette opened her locker to get some books for class, in which this case all the students stayed in the same class all 4 years of high school(she had the same class with all of her friends),when a letter fell out on to the floor.

"Hey what's this?" she said out loud.

"Read it! Read!" Kairi and Namine said together.

"Hold on, Hold on. Let me open it first." Olette had butterflies in her stomach. She unfolded the letter and began to read.

"Dear Olette,

How are ya doing? I just wanted to ask. I can't tell you who I am right now. You probably won't like me after you find out who I am, but I am willing to take a chance. I am willing to take a chance because honestly, truly, and deeply I am in love with you. I'll send you another note soon.


Your secret admirer"

The three girls were stunned. Olette's mouth was agape. She never thought that she would ever get attention from a guy. She thought she wasn't pretty or rich enough, but she guessed that apparently someone thought she was cute.

" I wonder who it could be?" Namine said, putting her hand on her chin.

" I bet it's Seifer!" Kairi barked. The other two looked at her and started to laugh.

"Seifer!? Please he wouldn't care about me. He's too vain, popular, and rich to even think of dating me." They walked to class. Before they walked into the classroom Namine mentioned something.

"You just never know."