Chapter 4

One day school had gotten out and Kairi had forgotten a book she needed to do her homework, so she had to go back to her locker, which was next to Olette's and Namine's. What she found was Olette's secret admirer putting the next note in her locker.

"S-S-Seifer!" Kairi could barely say his name. He turned around he was alert now." Y-You're Olette's secret admirer?" she thought back to the comment she made when Olette got her first note from him. There was no hiding the truth from Kairi. He had to tell her.

"Y-yes. I have fallen in love with her. She's just different and that's what I like about her. Everything about her." Kairi got a big smile on her face. Then she teased him

"Olette and Seifer sittin' in a tree-" he cut her off.

"Please don't tell her about me being her secret admirer. You can tease me all you want, just don't tell her. Please."

"I won't tell her, I am just happy that she has a guy that loves her for who she is."

"Really? She likes me?"

"Yeah." Kairi nodded. Seifer smile a small smile." Now don't get mad at me if she is surprised that it's you kay'? And you'd better take her out soon or I'll ask her out for you."

"Kay." Seifer put the note in Olette's locker, then Kairi and Seifer parted ways.