A/N: This a Zutara one shot for Zutara Eternity on DeviantArt. This week's prompt is Hello.


It was the oddest line he had ever said in his life, and it was only because of the shock of seeing him the rest of the Gaang didn't pass out laughing. Like it wasn't obvious who he was, especially to the people he had relentlessly chased all over the world. It wasn't only what he said but the way he said it, too - hand up in a vague attempt to greet, head slightly cocked to the side, a shy half smile on his lips, sounding like a visiting neighbor. Obviously, practicing on a badgerfrog hadn't worked out.

Greeting people never was his strongest point anyway. The first thing he said to her when he met his wife was, "Where is he?"

Naturally, she hadn't responded to that question back then, only challenged him with those large blue eyes. In the Western Air Temple she didn't respond to his greeting either, but for a furious attempt to get him out of the way.

Those large blue eyes that were now filled with mischief and hidden laughter. "Please, Zuko, you promised Lu Ten at dinner…"

His eyes shifted from the smirking Fire Lady to his son, whose little face was filled with anticipation. The cups of jasmine tea stood forgotten on the low table. He sighed in defeat and began to rise from his seated position. He could never deny Katara anything.

"Now, watch closely and have a good laugh, Lu Ten," the Fire Lady said as she smirked to her son while pulling him into her lap. "La knows we all had one, when we had gotten over the shock of your father joining the Avatar…"

The little boy put a thumb in his mouth and fixed his almond-shaped, blue eyes on his father. His daddy was about to do something funny.

Zuko made a face to his wife, who smiled back innocently, and he raised one hand. His face lit up in a bright smile that was very unnatural for him. The five pronged headpiece in his topknot shimmered when his head cocked a little to the side. He meekly noticed that his regal Fire Lord robes only made the situation look more ridiculous than it was back then. The Fire Lady and the little prince were exploding with laughter already.

He then dryly repeated the odd remark, sounding as random as years before. "Hello, Zuko here."