Most Ardently

A Zutara Haiku

Ardent Fire Prince

Fighting for the one he loves

And water answers

A/N: This prompt is based of the expression used by Dante Basco (Zuko's VA) when he spoke on behalf of Zuko, telling Zutarians (through someone of CAPSTARA on LJ and dA) he loves Katara most ardently.

Here's what he said:

DB: Hey Capstarians
DB: (...)
DB: One more time
DB: Could I have one more try
girl: yeah
DB: caps
girl: caps, like caps lock
DB: Ok. Hey Capstarians, Zuko here. I just wanna say that I love Katara most ardently. Fat Mai can go stuff her face with fat fruit tarts. Much love out there to Tophgod and Saint Jun.

Since Dante Basco also writes poems, I decided to write a haiku for this prompt.