Chapter 2: A Guy And His Lady

"Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD!" Ken said in a voice that did not sound like him. He was almost having a nervous-breakdown. TK, Cody and Davis sat at the study table. "She said yes! She said yes! She said YES!"

"We know. We were right behind you when you asked her," They all sounded tired and annoyed in the same time.

Ken had asked Yolei out on a date and he could not believe he did that. He was of course thrilled that she said yes but now… Now he didn't know how to act in front of her anymore.

Ken had since he met her always seen her as a very close friend and he would not want to jeopardise that. She was one of the first members of their group who accepted him right after the Digimon Emperor incident and he would never forget that. Yolei was so kind to him even though he did not deserve it.

However, although he saw her as a close friend Ken did also have feelings towards her. Bubbly feelings to be precise. These bubbly feelings could not be mistaken, it was love. He loved her beauty, her intelligence, her personality well basically everything about her. She was everything Ken wanted a girlfriend to be. He feels happy every time she was near him and she was the one who could make him laugh. She and Davis could - when he does his idiotic things. In a way he was glad that it was going to happen but on the other hand he was also afraid that this might go wrong. Ken was afraid that the chemistry might not be there when they are alone.

"What shall I do, you guys? This is all new for me. I haven't dated Yolei before," Ken said nervously.

"Chill out, man! You have been around her before, right? So this is the same but different," Davis explained. Everybody looked at him idiotically.

"What? I'm just trying to help. I don't see you guys doing anything," Davis crossed him arms.

"Is going to the movies and having a dinner afterwards a splendid plan?" Ken asked them and they all nodded.

"But isn't that like any other dates?" Cody asked after a few seconds. "If it was me I would make a nice little picnic at the park near the lake so we can have a nice view while we eat sandwiches or something. And when it's really late and the stars have shown you could just lie under the sky and have a nice conversation."

"Cody you are too young to talk about this. You don't have enough experience." Davis said sounding a bit jealous of Cody's nice fantasy date. He wished it was him who came up with the idea.

"Oh yeah! Is that so? I don't see you with a girlfriend around, Davis," Cody said taunting and immediately they were in a fight.

"Stop it you two. That does not help Ken at all," TK yelled at them. "Davis you should know better. You are older than Cody. You should actually be a role model for him."

"Yeah, but he does not act like one," Cody added

"Why you little…"

"STOP IT!" TK yelled at them.

"Cody is maybe right about having a picnic instead but that is maybe too early to have that as your first date," Ken said. "I haven't even figured out how to act wh..."

Just then Ken's mother knocked on the door and came in. She had a tray full of snacks on it and she looked very happy. "Did I just hear the words first date? Ken, are you having a date tonight. Oh that's so brilliant. I don't want to intrude but why haven't you told us about it? Who is this lucky girl of yours? Is she young? Is she old? Would we approve? This is so exciting. I'm gonna call your dad and tell him about it." Quickly, Ken's mother put the tray down where Davis and the other were sitting. Afterwards she left the room to call Ken's Dad.

"Oh dear good! Now my mom knows."

"Ken, how would you treat any other girl if you were on a date with her?" TK asked.

"I would properly treat her as a gentleman does. You know pull the chair out for her, if she freezes I will give her my coat etc. You know… Make her feel special and a lady"

"Exactly, Ken! Exactly!"

"Ehhh TK, I don't see how that should solve our question," Davis mumbled. He had a lot of snacks in his mouth.

"Ahhh! Don't you get it Davis," Cody said

"No, I seriously don't," Davis said still with food in his mouth.

"Ken should treat Yolei like any other girl Ken would go out with,"

"Good thinking Cody," TK encouraged Cody, while Davis felt a bit stupid. "Yolei is a girl. Show her how you will treat a lady when you are out with her. Show her your real you and the chemistry will come eventually when you are having a good time!"

"Thanks TK. That's a really good advice. I appreciate your help guys," Ken said with gratitude in his voice.

"Anytime buddy," Davis said as if it was him who gave him the advice.

"Now will you excuse me for a minute? I have to prevent my mother from telling everybody in this neighbourhood that I have a date. I think I heard the front door opened." Ken said and ran out from his bedroom. TK, Cody and Davis were still in Ken's room eating the snacks. However, it was almost gone because of Davis gluttony. Sitting in Ken's room made him suddenly think about what he could do to help his friend tonight. Davis decided to share it with the other.

"You know guys. I think we shall follow Ken tonight just to make sure that everything goes fine."

"You mean that we should spy on them. Is that correct?" Cody asked.

"If you want to put it in that way then… Yes,"

"NO! We can't do that. Best friends do not do that," TK said madly.

"But we could help him if something is going wrong with his date. We could call him if it looks bad or something like that. You know give him advice!"

"I don't know, Davis. It sounds awful. Spying on your friend," Cody said

"Let us think about it. We will give you a call before the date is on, okay?"

"Fine, I guess!" Davis sounded a bit disappointed.

"How do you come up with these stupid ideas?" TK asked.

"I don't know. It just comes," Davis said laughing.

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