Chapter 8: The Awkward First Date

"Are you ready to order?"

Ken and Yolei recognised the voice. It was a voice that they were quite familiar with. Both dropped their menu on the table and stared at each other confusedly before turning their head to face the newly arrived waiter.

"Tai! What are you doing here," Both said in the same time. Their mouths were wide open.

"Didn't Kari tell you? I work here," Tai said ecstatically.

"Yes, she did tell me about your new part time job and that the position was as a waiter. However, she did not mention where exactly you worked…," Yolei mumbled the last sentence annoyingly. Of all the people in the world why did they have to be served by someone they knew. Yolei did not feel comfortable anymore.

"That's great. How come you need to take a part time job?" Ken asked frankly.

"Well as you might know, I moved away from home a couple of months ago given that I just started studying law. My new place is, right now, not very fancy and if I want ladies over at my place the place has to look good, right?" Tai elbowed Ken in the side when he said that, "And furniture aren't the cheapest thing that you can buy. Yes, you could go to IKEA to pick…"

Tai kept talking which felt like an eternity but in reality, the spiked hair digidestined had only talked for 3 minutes, minimum. At that point Ken regretted asking Tai that question. He and his big mouth he thought. It wasn't because Tai wasn't a nice guy. On the contrary, Ken and Yolei did look up to him, not as much as Davis who adored Tai at a whole new level, but they did, with respect. Sure Tai could be goofy from time to time but when serious business was in front of him, he could step up and lead the other. However tonight, regardless of how good a friend Tai was, both Ken and Yolei just wanted to have some alone time where they could finally, after the annoying incidents that have occurred earlier, enjoy each other's company. It started so well when they finally got their seat but now they both had second doubts. Was this a way from the upper lord to tell them that this relationship that they wanted so badly could never work or that they both just picked a lousy day to go on a date?

"So that is how I chose to become a waiter and now I'm serving you!" Tai kept smiling

"That is really great, Tai. Just damn great," Yolei smiled in a faked way. Tai took her smile as a genuine one but Ken knew exactly what the meaning behind the smile was.

"Right let's order now then. I'm starving. Tai, I would like the Chargrilled Swordfish, Chickpeas, Winter Greens and Tapenade, please," Yolei said in a calmer voice compared to before.

"Oh, I'm sorry Yolei we ran out of swordfish," Tai apologised sincerely.

"No worries, then I would like to have…," She glanced at the menu very quickly again before making a decision, "I would like the Roast Wing of Skate with Mussels and Green Harissa, please."

"Uhh…I would not recommend that. Just saw the mussels today, they don't look that fresh," Tai whispered.

"I appreciate your honesty Tai but are you allowed to say this to your costumers. What if you boss heard you?" Ken asked but then he remembered that his boss won't hear them at all because he was half deaf anyway.

"Nah, my boss is half…"

"Deaf… Yes, I totally forgot that!" Ken finished Tai's sentence.

"Then what would you recommend then?" Yolei sounded annoyed again.

"Salt Cod Brandade, Wild Mushrooms and Crostini would be an excellent choice for you who wants fish. Do you still want fish?"

"Sure, let me have that then. Ken your turn!" Yolei did not sound impressed with the dish but as long as she could make Tai leave them alone for bit she would be happy to eat whatever that was in front her, literally anything.

"I would like the Glazed Lamb Shank Tagine, Apricot, Cinnamon and Honey. Hope it tastes as good as it sounds!" Ken couldn't wait to get that meat on his table. He was really hungry at this point.

"No can't do, dude. Haha you got it, 'do, dude'." Tai looked at Ken who didn't think his pun was funny at all. Normally, Ken would just giggle to Tai's jokes and puns, but not at this very moment. He too wanted Tai to leave them alone. Actually, he was more than welcome to place the food on their table first and then leave.

"And why is that?"

"It's not my favourite"

"Well, you are not eating it, I am. And I would like it, please," Ken said annoyingly.

"Okay, I'll get that for you guys," Tai noted it down on his notepad, "Is there anything else I can get you. Starters perhaps or…"

"NO!" Ken and Yolei said in the same time which caught the neighbour tables attention.

"No. What we meant is… that would be all, thank you." Ken said apologetically.

"Okay. I'll be back very shortly"

"Can't wait." Yolei said sarcastically

(- - -)

Tables away Ken and Yolei's friends observed their conversation with Tai behind some menus. The whole time they were observing them they cringed. It was like watching a ticking bomb ready to go off any second. Luckily, nothing major happened while Tai was serving Ken and Yolei but they could all see that they were annoyed by the situation.

"He sure can talk that Tai. If I didn't know him better I would say that he's just like you, Mimi," Sora said to Mimi, which offended her a bit.

"How dare you compare me with Tai. Tai and I are definitely two different people."

"You don't say!" Sora replied.

"Okay, we need to take damage control. We cannot allow Tai going near them again even though nothing happened. However, did you see Yolei's face. She wasn't too happy about it," Kari said nervously, "I'm going to call him"

"He's not going to pick up the phone. He's working remember." TK said.

"You clearly don't know my brother. He will pick up his phone if he can get the chance to do so,"

Kari called Tai instantly. The phone was ringing but nobody picked it up. Seconds went without any sign of the phone being picked up. Tai's little sister was about to hang up when suddenly she heard a familiar voice on the other end.

"Kari, why are you calling I'm working. You know that. Has something happened? Is that the reason why you are calling? Is mom and dad alright?" Tai asked frightened.

"No, Tai everything is alright. Listen, I'm with the others and we know that you…" Kari couldn't finish her sentence before Tai interrupted her.

"Sis, I can't hear you that clearly," Tai said frustratingly. "I'm in the kitchen and there is a lot of clatter. So, I didn't get everything you said. You said everything is fine? But if things are fine, why are you calling? What's the problem? You have to be quick, I don't have that much time to ta.."

"Then let me talk for god sake, Tai! Tai you are talking too much, just as much as Mimi."


"Sorry" Kari apologised to Mimi before returning to the conversation with her brother, "I'm at your restaur…"

"Where are you? I can't hear… Kari you know what? I'm sorry. I gotta go. I got to serve some tables now. The Chef is asking for me to come. Talk to you later. Bye!"

"Wait, Tai…He hung up on me. How rude!" Kari is normally very reasonable and forgiven towards her brother but she didn't like it when he hung up on her from time to time. It was a quality of his that she didn't like about him. After calming down, Kari started thinking about the conversation she just had with Tai. Suddenly she realised something important, "Guys, Tai is totally oblivious about Ken and Yolei having a date!"

"Why would you say that?" Sora asked in disbelief.

"He didn't mention it in the call!"

"That doesn't mean anything. Maybe he just forgot to tell you?" TK asked confused. Cody agreed with TK.

"Nope, if there is gossip floating around and he knows about it, expect him to tell everybody about this. And that is regardless of him being busy or not. Oh my God. He is like Mimi sometimes!"

"Okay people, I'm right here. Stop insulting me," Mimi raised her voice a bit which attracted some attention from the neighbour table.

"Come on. We are talking about Tai. He must have figured it out otherwise he wouldn't have tal…talked to them for so long…" Sora stopped herself for a second to think it through, "Yeah he might not have realised it!"

"That is even worse than him not knowing" Davis screeched.

"What shall we do now? Would it be an idea to just talk to him face to face?" Cody asked. As he said that Tai came out from the kitchen with two plates in his hands, "He does seem busy."

Seeing Tai coming out of the kitchen with plates in his hand gave Davis an idea which surprised him. Why didn't he think about this earlier when they sat down?

"Guys I know. We can have Tai serving us!" Davis said enthusiastically and glanced quickly at the menu, "I'll drop the main course because the price is simply too ridicules. I can't believe Ken is treating Yolei to this. I don't think she's worth it but okay… I'll go straight for the dessert which is fairly cheaper.

"Great idea, Davis. Everybody, choose a dessert and hopefully Tai will come and serve us!" Mimi sounded very ecstatically and was totally buying Davis' idea. The other looked at each and thought that indeed it was a good idea. Firstly, they could talk to Tai. Secondly, they could get something to eat too and lastly, it wasn't everyday Tai served them food so they might as well take advantage of him being their servant for a day.

After 10 minutes of discussion, all of them were ready to order. When the spiked-haired boy was in their field of vision, they tried to get his attention. However, Tai was yet again busy with serving other costumers which irritated them all. Basically they waited in vain because when Kari took her hand down a female waitress approached them instead.

"We need a new plan!"

(- - -)

After Tai left them for a while, Ken and Yolei went back to their conversation that they had before he disturbed them. They had talks and laughter. Ken even tried to tell jokes which was normally not his strong side. Luckily, Davis had told him some jokes that people with an IQ less than 130 would understand.

"What do you call an alligator that wears a west?"


"An investigator!"

It was so bad that Yolei cried out of laugther after she heard it, "Let me guess, Davis told you that joke?".

"Indeed he did," Ken laughed with her. Seeing Yolei smile and laugh was what he wanted to see all day. Actually, if he wasn't mistaken this was the first time tonight that she laughed!

"Typical Davis!" Yolei kept laughing and found Ken's laugh adorable.

"He told me that he got the joke from Tai!"

"No wonder, it's so bad, " Yolei smiled to Ken who repaid it with a smile.

Speaking of Tai she started to reflect on her behaviour towards him earlier tonight. The way she behaved was not acceptable at all. Just because the date was not as she expected it to be from the beginning till now, it didn't justify her action towards Tai. What she did was just rude and selfish. He didn't seem to care though given the smile he kept showing when he was trying to take their order. Maybe because he had got used to hear complaints from customers. Either way, the purple haired girl was out of line. That was a not a way to act in front of a good friend of theirs. If none of the previous incidents have happened Yolei would probably be more than happy to listen to Tai puns and jokes. Correction, she would be less irritated at him for disturbing her date.

Okay Yolei, once Tai is back you are going to say sorry to him. Again, it's not his fault that the date didn't turn out as you wanted it to be. I repeat, it's not his fault! Tai just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Regarding the date with Ken, she also realised that the reason she took out her frustration on Tai was because she had put too much pressure on herself. Trying to take control and make the date as perfect as possible turned out to be more than she could chew. It pained her that she couldn't get what she wanted but at least she still had the dinner with Ken and she wanted to make the most out of the night with the one he cared about in the world.

Ken felt the same way. Seeing Tai working so hard by running around, taking orders and serving costumers made Ken realise, why was he trying so hard to make the date work? Obviously, he wanted their first date to be unforgettable and sure enough it turned out to be an unforgettable one. However, sometimes life is not something you can control. Of course, it was a good idea to plan everything beforehand but you never know how these events would turn out. Therefore, instead of trying to fix the night or complaining about everything that had happened, like Yolei's nosebleed; the fight with the elderly woman and the discussion with Tai's deaf boss, Ken focused on the positive things. Let bygones be bygones.

I know she likes the planetarium. I should take her there next time!

"Here you go guys, Sorry for the waiting. Tonight, has really been a busy one. It's difficult to keep up the pace. I hope you'll enjoy this." Tai said happily. Yolei wanted to say sorry to Tai but before she knew it he was already gone. However, Tai quickly returned to their table when he suddenly realised that it was only Ken and Yolei sitting there, "Guys where are the others. Are they not with you tonight?"

What? He hasn't realized that we are on a date yet?

"No, they couldn't come unfortunately" Ken lied and kept eating his food.

"Yeah, apparently, they had better things to do than to hang out with us," Yolei play along on Ken's lie. Both of them thought that it was better for Tai not to know about their date. Then at least he would act normally, not awkwardly, when serving their dinner.

"What a shame," Tai said and left them alone without any more questions to ask.

"How can he not know that we are on a date? Sometimes I question his sense of occasion." Yolei giggled a lot.

"Now come on. Don't be so harsh on him. He is clearly under a lot of stress here. Have you seen him running around? It's like he never stops. And you heard him. He can barely keep up," Ken said in a serious tone, but seconds later he giggled too. He couldn't keep a straight face, "Yeah you're totally right about Tai."

"Oh my God, this is fantastic. The cod is good. Here try some!" Yolei insisted and fed Ken with some of her cod. Ken also gave her some of his Lamb Shank Tagine. Both of them kept sharing each other's food. They came quickly to the conclusion that the food at the restaurant was indeed exquisite. Ken would even say that it was the best Lamb Shank Tagine he had ever had. Continuing to share food, more talks and laughter came from their table.

(- - -)

"They seem to hit it of really well. The chemistry is there. That's for sure. No denying it!" Davis assured the other while they were still eating their dessert that they have ordered, "Clearly, having Tai around has no negative impact on their dinner date." Knowing that, Davis felt relieved. He really didn't want his "big brother" getting a bad reputation for ruining people's date.

"Oh, Davis. I think you spoke too soon," Cody said in a hesitant way because in that moment Tai was nearing Ken and Yolei's table again. Though this time with now plates in his hands and something about his attire had changed. Instead of wearing a white clean apron over a white shirt and black trousers, the spiked haired guy had swopped out the apron for a black leather jacket.

(- - -)

"Yo guys, sorry for interrupting. Do you mind if I join you for dinner? I just got off work and could really use some good company," Tai said with almost no power left.

"Rough day?" Ken asked kindly. Looking at him he did look exhausted. The energy that they knew him for was no longer there.

"You bet!"

In situation like this, Yolei would normally say no. However, given that Tai seemed like he could really use some company right away and their date didn't turn out the way she wanted it to be in the first place, she decided to allow him to join them. Given the way Tai looked, it would be cruel to send one of their friends who needed help away. She caught Ken's look and he too agreed to let him join them.

"Sure, Tai. Grab a chair and join us. Seems like faith has brought me, Ken and you together tonight!" she smiled and so did Ken sincerely.

"Thank you guys. So how was your day?"

"It's a long story. Do you really want to know?," Ken said in hesitation. He wasn't sure if he actually wanted to tell Tai the whole story because then he would for sure know that they were on a date which would make their dining more awkward. If Tai knew, Ken was sure he would ask a lot of questions regarding their relationship and he didn't want to go in detail tonight.

"Of course, it can't be worse than mine," Tai laughed, "If it is, I'm paying for your dinner. If not you'll have to pay for mine, okay?"

"Perfecto!" Yolei said with enthusiasm and started their story from the very beginning when Ken caused Yolei to get a nosebleed. Not one time in the conversation did she mention that Ken and her were on a date. Ken quickly understood her tactic and complemented her in the story telling.

(- - -)

"Wait, he is sitting there, with them? He's having dinner with them too?!" Kari said annoyed," they don't seem to mind. I don't get it. I really don't get it!"

"Me neither! They are even laughing," Sora said in scepticism. This was the last thing she and the other had expected to happen.

"Okay, what kind of a sick game is Tai playing?!" Mimi said while shaking her clenched fist up in the air, "That should have been me. Me I tell you!" Never had Mimi heard that being a third wheel in a date was okay and here Tai was, sitting among Ken and Yolei like it was intended. She couldn't stand it. Sora knew what Mimi was thinking and to calm her down she let her weep on her shoulder quietly.

"Kari, do you still want to give Tai a call? Just to ask him if he really understands the situation," Cody asked in a concern way.

At first Kari looked as if she couldn't wait to make that call to her brother but then all of a sudden that look changed drastically. She put her phone away and looked more relaxed, "Actually, I don't mind just sitting here and observe them. This is getting quite interesting," Kari said while watching the threesome intensely while eating her beloved ice cream, "I mean clearly Tai has no idea of them dating. So why would Yolei and Ken allow him to join them. If only we sat closer to them so we could hear what they are talking about."

"I told you guys that, but no one listened to me!" Mimi mumbled while still crying on Sora's shoulder.

"Maybe Ken and Yolei reached to the conclusion that they can only be friends and nothing more?" TK said sadly, "That would explain why Tai is having a conversation with them"

"No, that cannot be. Poor Ken," Davis felt dishearten. He had really hoped that his friend would find true love especially with another good friend of his. He hated to admit it but they were perfect for each other.

"Let's not scare ourselves," Sora tried to calm down the others even though she had a feeling that TK might be right. From where things were standing, it seemed like Ken and Yolei were only going to be friends and nothing more, "The dinner is not over yet. Let's just keep watching them okay?"

(- - -)

When the last bite was eaten, Tai's eyes were still widened. His hands were placed on top of his head which flatten his hair a bit. From his facial expression it was clear that he couldn't believe what he just heard. Neither would Yolei and Ken if they have heard the exact same story from one of their friends, but in reality, it was the truth – all of it. Tai's facial expression changed quickly though into laughter.

"That is absolutely the craziest story I have heard to date! What a day you have been through. And behalf of my boss let me apologise for him," Tai said sincerely. He was still in shocked about their story, "Well, even though you haven't heard my story yet, I can guarantee you that it cannot top yours. Absolutely not. Therefore, yes, I have met my match. You win. I'll pay for your dinner"

"Oh yeah! Free dinner!" Yolei jumped out of joy, "Something good did happen today!"

"Thanks Tai. We really appreciate it," While sitting in his chair rubbing his stomach, Ken couldn't believe that his first date with Yolei had Tai in it as well. It was surreal to think about it. Ken had actually also dated Tai! He looked at the spiked-haired leader of theirs while he was talking about his day at the university and work. Suddenly, for a second, he imagined how it would be to date Tai Yagami.

Okay, Ken! Snap out of it. You have had enough. What am I talking about? I haven't had any alcohol to drink. I must be overtired!

Yolei had the same thought. She didn't know if it was because she was drowsy or if it was due to Tai's kind gesture that sparked the imagination. He was tall, kind and good looking too. Yolei wondered why he didn't have a girlfriend yet. However, after realising what she just thought she stopped herself.

Yolei stop at once! Tai? Really? That would be dating your own brother! No way. Now, focus on Ken in front you. Just look at him. Look how adorable he is. He is your guy.

Her inner voice was right. Ken was indeed her Prince Charming. She remembered all the good qualities Ken possessed as a person. He was one of a kind, always so gentle and caring. No wonder he holds the Crest of Kindness. Just by looking at his good looks, she got all smitten with him again.

"So that was my day. You see compared to yours it's nothing. But indeed it was nice to talk about it with someone who can understand what you are going through. And again, I'm really sorry to hear about your evening. But hey at least it's a good story to tell."

"That's for sure,"

"Do you guys want dessert? My treat," Tai was really trying to get them to accompany him. Now that he had moved out from the Yagami's household, he had realised how lonely it is to eat alone. Luckily, he had Agumon but from time to time, the dinosaur looking Digimon would be in the Digital World with his other Digimon friends leaving Tai all alone. He seriously needed a girlfriend!

"No, I'm full. I can't have a single bite in my stomach anymore," Ken said relaxed. If he could spend a bit more alone time with Yolei that would be great he thought.

"Yeah me neither. Normally I would say yes buy like Ken, I think my stomach will crack open," Yolei laughed at what she said, "I think we are going to head home now. Thank you so much for the dinner, Tai." It was only at that moment when Yolei and Ken raised up from the table that Tai noticed their outfits.

"That's a beautiful dress you are wearing tonight, Yolei. Absolutely gorgeous. It suits you!" Tai said in astonishment.

"Thank you I borrowed it from Mimi,"Yolei smiled and afterwards looked at Ken who smiled back.

"And you Mister Fancy Pants! You are dressed to impress," Tai said and wondered what the occasion must be for them to look good on a normal Friday night.

"Do you really like it? It's not too formal?"

"It's on point!" Tai showed Ken a thumbs-up.

"See you around Tai" both of them hugged their leader before heading out the restaurant. Tai was now sitting alone with the menu in his hand, trying to decide what to have for dessert. As he skimmed through the dessert menu, a thought struck him.

"Wait! The cinema, the dinner at my restaurant, their fancy clothes? It can't be?" Tai talked to himself, "Are they… Are they trying to become adults! How adorable!"

"Wake up, brother!" Kari approached Tai from behind together with the others.

"Kari, Sora… why are you all here?" Tai asked in confusion. Suddenly everybody was around and he couldn't be more thrilled. That meant he didn't have to eat dessert all alone.

"We were spying on Ken and Yolei. Sometimes I don't understand why we proclaimed you as our leader," Mimi said irritated. She clearly had a grudge against Tai for taking her place as the third wheel.

"Spying? Why would you do such a thing. You would rather do that than to spend time with them. That's weird you guys. Mimi and Davis, I sort of expected this from you but Sora? Of all the people, you? Really?" Tai sounded very judgemental which Sora didn't appreciate. To defend herself she quickly explained everything to Tai. When he finally got their side of the story, Tai was speechless.

"I was on a date with Ken and Yolei?! Me?"

"Yes! Jesus, don't rub it in our face," Mimi said still annoyed with Tai. Sora slammed her hand to her forehead and shook her head.

"Wait you didn't know that they were dating?" Cody asked in confusion, "Didn't they tell you that?"

"No, or yes... Well they told me about what had happened up till this point but they didn't say specifically that they were on a date. Wow, I can't believe they acted so casually around me. The time I spent with them I couldn't feel any romantic tension at all"

"I knew it! I knew! They can't be together," Davis cried out loud which caused some stares from around the restaurant. Quickly TK punched Davis on the shoulder to make him stop.

"Hold up, let's not make too hasty conclusions here but maybe the reason why they didn't tell Tai that they were on a date is because they still want to hide it. They don't want you to know?" TK said

"Why don't they want to tell me," Tai asked bewildered.

"Because you can be awkward with these kinds of situations. Also when you don't know you can cause awkwardness. You were on date with them for crying out loud, "Kari sounded harshly.

"Point taken!" Tai felt really small after being called out by her little sister.

"Should we go after them" Davis and Mimi asked in unison. Both TK and Sora looked at them furiously and decided to knock their head.

"Hearing both sides of the story, it seems like you caused some troubles for them even though you didn't mean to. I think, for now it would be best if you retired immediately. Clearly you don't have any talents for spying," Tai looked at Mimi and Davis with a stern look, "Is this understood?"

"Yes, Tai!"

(- - -)

After talking about their story to Tai, Ken and Yolei suddenly had a different feeling about their date. Experiencing the events was indeed the worst thing they had tried. It was comparable to fighting Malomyotismon back in the days. However, if they didn't dwell onto the negative things but turned the negativity into something positive, they actually had something special that they could tell their friends and family. Sure, it would probably be embarrassing in the beginning but in the long term if they were still together it would be an amazing story to tell their kids. Furthermore, they could add tonight's events to the things that only they share with each other.

As a last activity before Ken followed Yolei home, they decided to stroll around at the nearest park in order to enjoy the last moment they had with each other. The sun had already set many hours ago leaving the night sky dark and cloudless. The moon and the stars took their stage and shone more than they have ever done before. Standing in front of a fountain Yolei were mesmerized by how the spouting water caught the light from the moon. It was at that instant that Ken decided to do something bold.

It's now or never!

He took Yolei hands from behind and turned her around to face him. Ken then grabbed her waist in order to have her near his body. When their eyes caught each other, the boy genius started kissing the purple haired girl. Yolei's eye widened as she felt Ken's lips on hers. However, instead of kissing him longer, she backed off and gave Ken a slap on his face which came as a shock for her too.

What is wrong with me. Why do I keep slapping people today?!

The slapping in public caused a lot of unnecessary attention around them. Some passers-by even came rushing to Yolei's defence but she assured them that it was a mistake and they quickly left Yolei and Ken alone.

"Okay, I guess I deserved that for giving you an awful date and obviously for kissing you without your permission. I'm sorry," Ken said apologetic. He looked at the pavement instead of Yolei.

"No Ken," Yolei said in confusion. She did not know what to say to him anymore. There were many things she wanted to say but she couldn't get it in the right order. After taking a deep breath, she finally decided to explain the slapping first, "Ken, it's not because I didn't appreciate your kiss. It's just... I totally didn't expect you to kiss me at that moment. It was a reflex, a defence mechanism..." Ken was still facing the ground instead of Yolei, "And for the date, it wasn't your entire fault. I got to take some responsibility too, you know. Instead of letting things go its course I tried to control it. It's not because I wanted to take control… Well, maybe a bit. I just heard from the others that the first date is the most important one and because of that I think… I think I put too much pressure on myself. I just want to be with you!"

"Wait who did you talk to?

"Sora, Kari and Mimi? Why?"

"I spoke to Davis, TK and Cody and they told me the exact same thing. I felt pressured too when they told me that. I wanted to ensure that things went right but suddenly it got out my hand," Ken explained with a lot of regret in his voice, "If I could do it all over again I would definitely let nature takes it course and just relax and enjoy the moment with you. I mean, Yolei. I don't know if you know this but I really, really like you. Since the first day I saw you, okay maybe not the first day, but when I got to know you a bit better I knew right away that you are the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. Yolei I love you!" Yolei's face became red as a tomato which Ken noticed right away, "And I love when you blush like that. It makes you look so adorable."

"Stop it!" Yolei said in a shy way. She actually didn't mean it. In reality she just wanted him to continue saying sweet things to her.

"Yes, our first date might not have turned out like a typical first date would but at least we got an unforgettable one that we can call ours – with Tai too," Yolei giggled when she recalled their dinner with Tai, "So let's just forget this one and start on a fresh. What do you say?"

"Yes!" Yolei said with out any hesitation,"You know, I don't think any of our friends know how to date properly! Remind me next time not to ask them for their advice"

"Sure!" Ken laughed and looked happily at Yolei. He grab her once again around her waist and pushed her up against his body, "So may I try again?"

"You absolutely may! But just one more thing," They stared deeply into each other's eyes before Yolei finally let her words out, "I love you too!"

"I know!"

– The End –

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