These are chapters 1, 2, and 3. Each chapter is kinda short, so Im posting several at a time. My story is finished, I just have yet to type it all up. The rest hopefully, will be typed and posted soon. Enjoy!


That Shrinking Feeling

Chapter 1 – Curious Children

"Nah, no way! He tried cooking?!" Conan laughed, the small detective amused by the girls story.

"Yes…he set off every smoke alarm in the house" Ai said, not all that amused. "Mind you, it's been a while since the Professor has tried cooking, plus it was an unusual recipe."

"Ah, that explains it" said Conan. The two of them had just parted the other three Detective Boys, and continued walking home after a day of grade school.

"Hmm…Ai? I've been wondering, about APTX 4869, that drug you made…"

"What about it?"

"Since so far, we have only seen what it does to two people of roughly the same age, I wonder what would happen if an older person took it?"

"What are you getting at?" Ai asked, concerned yet curious.

"Say someone like…Dr. Agasa took the drug, for example. Would he actually turn into a kid? The other two possibilities are it reverses the affects of ageing ten years, or merely shrinks the person."

"Why does it matter?" Ai asked, not knowing why he was asking this, as she had never given the drug much thought in this point of view.

"Well, if Agasa's age was reversed ten years, he would look to be in his forties. If he was shrunk, wouldn't he still have grey hair, but be short?" Conan explained. Ai couldn't help but giggle slightly.

"Third, would be that he looked young and small, thus being turned into a child. It's hard to tell which happened to us, since we were young to begin with" Conan finished.

"You have an excellent point" said Ai, deep in thought on this new concept. "It could actually help me find a possible antidote."

"It might!" exclaimed the detective, his eyes bright with almost childlike excitement. "Oh, and another question…Ai?" Conan asked.

"Hmm?" Ai said, as her little bubble of deep thought suddenly popped.

"What would happen if someone were to take two of the APTX 4869 pills?" Conan asked, concerned and curious.

"Guaranteed death, I suppose" Ai said, quite sure of herself.

"What if they had shrunk like us?" Conan asked.

"Odds are, neither of them would be shrinking pills. If one of them was, then the other would still kill them."

"No, but like, if both of them were shrinking pills?" Conan asked, getting slightly frustrated. A passerby on the sidewalk glanced at the two children, overhearing a slight part of this strange conversation, then smiled and continued walking.

"I wouldn't have a clue…It'd be hard to test for, given the odds" said Ai. "Anyways, I wouldn't be too concerned, I'd say it's impossible to find out that outcome, also because we don't have a supply of our own to APTX 4869 to work with." Ai explained.

"Nor would I want it anywhere in the house, even at Agasa's place!" Conan nearly yelled in anger. He still had a hard time forgiving Ai for making such a drug in the first place.

There was a silence between the two for a moment, then Ai looked at Conan's pocket. "Isn't that your cell phone going off?"

"Oh, it is" said Conan, his anger gone almost as fast as it had appeared. He almost held up the phone to his ear, then realized it was a text message.

"Come home ASAP- Ran" Conan read aloud. "Strange, she doesn't usually send text messages. Anyways, I should hurry home. See you later, Ai." said Conan, as he bolted off. Ai merely shrugged, smiled, and then kept walking.

"See you later" she said quietly to herself.

Ch 2 – In the Mail

Conan walked into the Moore's apartment, calling out his usual "I'm home!", then setting his school bag on the floor.

"Hey Conan!" said Ran, greeting him. "How was school?"

"The usual" Conan said, almost yawning at the thought of how boring it was. Conan looked up at Ran, wondering what could have been so urgent to call him home sooner.

Rachel carried on, preparing dinner, although it obviously be a while before it was ready. It didn't seem like Conan needed to be home so soon. Looking at Rachel one last time, he started towards his small closet bedroom.

"Oh, Conan! Almost forgot, there's a package for you, it's in your room already!" Rachel called out from the kitchen.

"A package…?" the detective thought, opening the closet door to his small bedroom. Sure enough, there was a package waiting for him on his bed. It was a good size box, about 1.5 ft by 2 ft by 1.5 ft.

"To Mr. Edogawa" the box was addressed to, with little stick figure men bordering the address sticker.

"These men…The dancing men code?" Shinichi thought, excited, wondering if this was a gift from another Holmes' fan. He quickly decoded the pattern, reading "Open this when alone."

"That's an…Odd request…" Shinichi thought. He opened the cardboard box, lifting the flaps, gasping at what he saw.

A small child, younger then two, was sleeping inside the box. He was wearing a hat, which covered a head full of hair, along with a large sweater, but not much else by the looks of it. In the child's hand was a cell phone; around his neck, a good luck charm; and an opened chip bag off to one corner.

"Who would mail me a child, more curiously an infant?" Shinichi thought. Looking over the child again, the hat looked familiar. Conan reached out to take the hat off, when the infant suddenly woke up, looking startled.

"Don't cry, don't cry!" Conan whispered frantically, but was surprised when the infant remained quiet. The child then got to his feet, holding on to the side of the box, and he gave Conan the strangest combined look of annoyance and relief.

Chapter 3- Strange Child

"Kudo!" yelled the infant, with the same annoyed, yet relieved, tone.

Conan reacted by stepping back slightly, surprised that one so young could speak, let alone…Know his true name…

The infant coughed, slightly embarrassed, then quickly looked around. He picked up a pen and note pad off of Conan's desk, and started writing messages on the paper. When finished, the infant handed the paper to Conan.

"Sorry, I hate talking, I'll write instead" Conan read to himself, before looking again at the infant, who was now smiling at Shinichi, enjoying his company.

With the infant standing up, Conan got a better look at him. His appearance was oddly familiar: blue eyes; tanned skin; his hair was short, and dark…

"No wonder that hat looked familiar" Conan said, smiling as he lifted Heiji out of the box, but concern arising as he put Heiji down. Heiji was now smaller then Conan, and the only clothes with him were his now oversized sweater and favorite hat.

Heiji started writing another message, and then handed it to Conan:

"Needed help, you're the only one, had no way to get here other then to mail myself".

"Makes sense…" said Conan, wondering how long Heiji had been in the box. He then asked "Why do you write it out, rather then talk?"

"….My voice sounds too funny" said Heiji out loud, turning red in embarrassment. "It's also a little…hard to talk…Voice would still be developing at this age, I think…" Heiji said, his accent more noticeable this time.

"Did you come across the Men in Black?" Conan asked, and Heiji nodded.

"Who else would do this?" Heiji said, coughing again in embarrassment.

"Anyways, you were lucky to survive, the drug aims to kill" Conan reminded.

Heiji picked up the pen, and wrote "How many pills did they give you when you shrunk?"

"Just the one pill…Why?" Conan asked, confused. Heiji looked up at Conan, and wrote "Weird…They gave me two…Not sure the reason."

"Conan, dinner!" Rachel called from the kitchen, causing Shinichi to panic. Looking down at his friend, Conan whispered "I'll be back soon, keep quiet". Heiji nodded, and then quickly whispered "Please bring back some water when you're done?"

As Conan left, Heiji climbed back into his box, and pulled the flaps closed.