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I'm a hypocrite. I told Leah I never wanted to imprint, and then I go imprinting on a half-VAMPIRE who just happens to be Bella's kid.

Sick, right?

Every second of every day I needed to be with her, to see that she was okay and to protect her if she wasn't. It felt like I couldn't ever leave her side because if I did, the earth would shadder apart.

It really pissed off Leah.

The first time I was away from Nessie, I went running with Leah and Seth joined in a little later. As soon as I morphed into a wolf, Leah saw that I'd become a "love slave."

"THAT'S SO SICK AND HYPOCRITICAL OF YOU JACOB!" She screamed mentally while howling. I looked into her head and saw the overwhelming pain coming off of her in waves. I was very confused by that. Through the pain, Leah noticed my confusion.

"I'm so freakin' SAD that now YOU get to have someone to love and to have you love them back. God, why do you even care anyway?" She howled again and then changed out of her wolf form so I couldn't hear her thoughts.

I never thought about what this would do to Leah. She always puts up a strong front. You almost NEVER hear her talk about what Sam did to her state of mind. Come to think of it, she never HAS spoken about it.

But for Leah to see someone who doesn't ever want to imprint actually IMPRINT, it makes her wonder what's wrong with her. Or so I think. And I won't be there to help her out this time. Crap.

Then Seth popped in.

"Hey Jake. What's going on?"

I sighed and told him all about Renesmee and Leah.

"Go check on your sister, please, Seth. I don't want her to do anything stupid." Especially not over me. He got the silent message and went off to find Leah. I hunted for a little bit and then back inside to where Rensemee was sleeping.

If Remesmee hadn't been born, I would have imprinted on Leah.

WOW. STRANGE RANDOM THOUGHT THERE. That's a little bit too weird for my liking, thanks.

But is it true?

Yes. Down, down, WAY down in my subconscious, I knew it was. I loved Leah like my sister, but sometimes it was more. Like when she "told" me about how much Sam had hurt her. That was a real eye-opener to me. I didn't know someone so strong could hurt so much.

I'm a mechanic, right? Leah made me want to fix her. To make sure that she ran without having her break down again.

But either way, it doesn't matter now. I have Nessie. Against my will or otherwise, I've imprinted and not on Leah. Hopefully we'll stay friends. No, we NEED to stay friends. For the pack's sake.

Yeah. The pack's sake. Sure, sure.

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