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She's… what? I thought as I froze. How could this happen? Just as I finally got a chance, a new chance, with Jacob… I looked at him with a steely determination that said "oh yeah, everything's fine. No, no I'm not dying on the inside. And you're damn wrong if you think so." So what if he could feel every wave of pain pulsing through me? Hell if I was going to admit to it.

How can you be so sure? I mentally asked him. He just stared at me with his big wolfy eyes, when he finally answered dryly. I saw her, he said.

Quickly, I morphed out of wolf form. There's only so much you can deny before even you don't believe yourself. Freak out later, I told myself.

Jacob quickly followed my lead. "Leah, she came with me. And she brought…a friend." He did a half-grimace-smile thing when he said friend.

On queue, Renesmee floated out of the woods in the graceful fashion that vamps do. Which made it even weirder, 'cause you know, ghosts float too, although her being dead and all made me think that she could walk however she so chose.

"Hi, Leah!" She chirped and walked out of the woods with another tiny kid. Vampire, my senses screamed as I positioned for attack.

"Do you remember Nahuel?" Jacob asked. I nodded and relaxed a little. "Well, when you guys left, I went to find Huilen to see what…happened. When I found Nahuel, I kinda…"

"Freaked out," Renesmee finished for him with a smile.

He returned the smile, and in the process stabbed me in the face once more. "Yeah, I guess you could say that. So anyways –˝

"Wait, wait. SHE was there?" I knew I sounded like a jealous person, but really? I was pissed off. Way to not tell, Jake, while we're over here telling a horde of vampires that their beloved freak is dead. Real nice of you.

"Um… kind of?" He said awkwardly, scratching his head. "Her, uh, body was there…."

Oops. "Oh, uh…my bad," I said. "So, anyways, you met up with Huilen and…?"

"Yeah, she told me that's something that all half-vampires go through. It's apparently a hibernation of sorts, like what bears go through, so they can transform. You know, into a full vampire."

I must have looked confused because he quickly explained. "Ok, so you know how vampire bites usually either kill or turn people?" I nodded, waiting for him to get on with it. "So have you noticed how there's no in-between? It's either death or not living. So eventually, Nahuel went into hibernation, and it made him turn fully. He is now a walking, talking, full blood drinking leech."

"And Renesmee is too?" I asked him while looking at her. She nodded with a half-smile that said, you know, you're really being quite rude. I rolled my eyes and looked back at Jake.

"Yeah, I guess it's like half-blood puberty or something," he said, noticing the tension. "And hey, guess what? I'm we're not imprinted anymore. So she's with Nahuel now."

I just stared at him. Seriously? You don't say things like that so calmly. How could he be this calm?

"Well, I've had some time to get used to it, I guess," He said, looking at me carefully, like I was a lunatic or something. Yep, maybe I was, because I definitely didn't mean to say that out loud.

"So…that's it? You're over her?" I asked in a nonchalant tone.

"Yep," he said, mirroring my stoic expression and tone. It was kind of creepy.

"Cool," I said, and just stood there awkwardly.

"Yep," he replied, and started looking around.

Meanwhile, I had forgotten that Nahuel and Renesmee were still standing off to the side, watching us. I imagine it must be like watching a tennis match, except that we weren't playing tennis and we were naked. Wait a second… no, not like –

"Oh, for crying out loud, just kiss already!" Nahuel, the least likely to say anything, screamed.

Jake and I looked at each other and then looked at him.

"What, why would you think that we would even WANT to?" I said and noticed a slight shift in Jacob's face. Hmm… I thought.

"Well, it's so obvious that you like each other! God, even I saw it, and Renesmee's my first girlfriend!"

I was about to laugh and then decided against it. I guess no one wants to go out with a half-vampire who might want to drink your blood….oh wait. That's a special kind of outlier called "Bella Swan." Except she likes her dudes fully dead.

So after that awkward moment, Jacob said "Well, I mean, I guess I wouldn't be…opposed…I mean, unless, you don't want to, then no, ew, never… or we could…" Jacob watched me as he rambled into awkwardness.

I decided to relieve him of his misery. "Well, I guess if you want to…"

He looked surprised and happy. "So, you want to do this here…or later?" The awkwardness continued on his side.

So, I just took his face and kissed him. Right in front of Renesmee. Take that, once-half-dead-now-fully-dead-vampire-chick. What made my life is when he kissed me back. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for that," he said, smiling, and kissed me again. So, it only took me 150 years, but finally, I got my happy ending. I'm happier than ever, which is a strange feeling. I wonder what Hannah and Seth will say. "Better late than never," Hannah will say and Seth will just smile like he knew it was going to happen all along. But in the long run, it won't matter. I'll be up for whatever as long as I'm with Jake and my friends. Sorry, was that sappy? Well, you know what, deal with it. Leah's back, and better than ever.

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