Rating: PG

Summary: Reason why this is the only option.

Spoilers: up to Season 3 BtVS

Warning: Angst

Chapter 5: No Other Way

Buffy: (sobbing) Can't I just stay with him to keep that from happening? Betraying him can't be the only way to save his life.

PTB: Remember, his death isn't the only reason for doing this. Angel's destiny and all those he touches hinge on this as well.

Buffy: (sulking) This isn't fair! Can't you stop him from betraying me instead?

PTB: Unfortunately, that wouldn't work. If he didn't betray you, then even more people would be at risk and he wouldn't have been able to come to your rescue. You and many others would have died.

Buffy: (sadly) Will I at least ever be able to tell anyone why I did this? It hurts so much that they hate me.

PTB: No…they can never know the truth. At least not now.

Buffy: (downcast) Well, this sucks.

(A/N: I'm considering making this a series. Whenever Buffy – or possibly others – make a decision that doesn't make sense, this will be used to explain their actions. What do you think of that idea?)