Thoughts of Him

Summary: Angelina thinks about what's happened. And what Fred would have wanted. Post DH, Angelina/George. Rated K.

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I was mad when they left. When he left. We were in love- wether or not we showed it to the world- but then he left. And I was mad.

But back then, I could see him. At Christmas, I got away- and we were together. He promised me that once I graduated, we would be together.

And we were. For two not so happy years. It wasn't us. On the contrary really. It was You Know Who. Everyone's families were being torn apart at the seems. My father said it was just as bad as the first time around. I knew it was bad- and it was a dark time- but I always thought that we would be together in the end, when it was over.

And the he left for good. And I couldn't help but be just as mad as before, and ten- a thousand times as sad. Because, this time around, he wouldn't be coming back.

But there was another person in the world going through the same thing as me. Except it was worse. They were- and had always been- together. I knew he had harder than me, but it was hard not to focus on my own problems.

It all changed when I had gotten word of how bad off he really was. Then I realized, that I could help him. And we could help each other. So I called out, and he answered.

Time passed, and I began to see the differences between him and his brother. They were small, and not noticeable to everyone. These differences made him easier to be around- I knew he was his own person, and that I could never really get him back. My old him.

And, as more time passed, I began to become attached to him in a way I had never even though of. I was becoming attracted to him, and I couldn't stop it. So I made it right with myself. I sat by his grave, and asked him what he wanted me to do. I felt a breeze on that stifling summer evening, and I knew he would be alright with it, and that he wanted us to be happy.

And now we are.

We still remember. Not a day passes that I don't think of him. But not a day passes that I don't think of him either. Not my new him- my other him. As I sit here, pregnant with my first child, I think about it, and I know everything is going to be ok. Fred would have wanted it to be.

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