'bla bla' is thinking
"bla bla" is speaking
bla bla is Naruto speaking to the kuubi
bla bla is the kuubi speaking to Naruto

Chapter 1: The meeting

Hinata woke up after an amazing dream. She blushed as she thought back.
It had seemed so real. It was the same dream she had over and over again. About her one and only love. Naruto Uzumaki.

She looked at her alarm it was 6.00 A.M. She figured she couldn't sleep anymore. So she stood up. Got into her training outfit and went to the training ground of the Hyuuga's. "I have too become stronger for him otherwise he will never notice me", she said. "Today is the day he comes back, isn't it?"
Hinata was frightened of the voice and fell only to be caught by the very same person the voice belonged to. "Neji-nii-san!, Hinata said, uuhm (becoming red) yes." "He will be a fool not to notice you Hinata-sama, you have become very strong."

Neji and Hinata have become close ever since Naruto went away 3 years ago. He was the only person in the family who was nice to her, aside from her sister.

"wanna train together?" "Sure Neji-nii-san."

"Naruto wait up!" "It's not my fold you ate to much Ero-sennin."
Jiraya laughed at him. 'No wonder the boy is exited we're finally going home after 3 years. The boy sure as hell changed a lot', He thought.

They were at the Konoha gates, the gates to home.

Suddenly Jiraya said with his pervert voice : "Naruto go ahead I'll follow in a minute."
And he was gone.
'I never thought that he could become more of a pervert then 3 years ago. I'm glad that nothing has rubbed off on me. Oh well, never mind.'

'I can't wait to see everybody, see how much they have changed, how much stronger the have gotten'

Ahh the boy misses his friends again.

Shut up stupid fox, you know what I can do to you.

Ggrrr As you wish brat.

And the voice was silent again. Naruto had become very strong because of the harsh training from Jiraya.

'I'm hungry', Naruto thought, "RAMEN!"

"Arigato Teuchi-sama", Hinata said as she thought of her Naruto. 'Today is the day he comes back. I wonder what he looks like.' She was eating ramen. After Naruto left she became Teuchi-sama's best costumer.
She finished her ramen, paid and got up.

'The village hasn't changed a bit in the 3 years I was gone. Except for the fact that they finely put Tsunade Oba- chan's face on the Hokage-mountain.
Mmmm, the delicious smell of ramen. Ichiraku ramen is still the best I've had. See if it is still that way'

"Morning, old m…" He had run in the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. They looked so familiar.
"N-n-n-naruto-kun!" "H-h-h-hinata! Is that you? I'm sorry I was lost in your beautiful eyes."
Naruto went all red. ' What did I just said! ' But Naruto's face was nothing compared to Hinata. She fainted.
"Uuhhh, Hinata!" Naruto caught her.
The old man laught "Young love."
"Old man I'll be back."

Naruto ran towards the Hokage's office. He went in.

"Who are you?" the hokage said. "Tsunade Oba- chan, Hinata!" pointing with his head towards Hinata.
"Naruto you just came back and you already maid Hinata faint! Put her on the chair, she will wake up in a minute." " Hai, Oba- chan."

"Now let me see you, I've missed you" and she embraced Naruto.
"Uhh Oba- chan" "And where is Jiraya?" "He is after the girls again."
'He is so going down', Naruto thought laughing. "He will get his punishment when he comes back, now tell me everything,"

Hinata woke up, a little bit. 'Where am I? I remember Naruto-kun.
He told me I had beautiful eyes! And then I must have fainted.'
She opened her eyes.
There he stood.
'He used to be one of the shortest and now he is the longest and his muscles!
He carried me here!'
She tried to get up but she fell down again. "Hinata you're awake! How do you feel?" 'Naruto-kun is worried about ME!' "F-f-fine N-n-n-naruto-kun."
Naruto was so close to Hinata's face, they both became red.
Tsunade laughed. 'Looks like there is finely something happening between those too.' "Naruto you're dismissed." "Hai, Oba- chan. Hinata you're coming?"
"H-hai Naruto-kun."

They walked together for a while.

"So what has happened when I was gone?" "Well everybody of our age is a chuunin. They al have become stronger, except for me." "Wait hold on, you're all chuunin! Aaahh I should have come back sooner. But for the part that you're not stronger, I don't belief that. I bet you're stronger then everybody else, except for me of course." Naruto said with a slight blush on his cheeks. 'He thinks I'm stronger then the rest! Naruto-kun thinks I'm strong! I'm not going to faint. I'm not going to faint.
"Wanna spar?" Naruto said bringing Hinata back to the real world again.
"S-sure, Naruto-kun"

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