Chapter 5: Mitsuki

Naruto and Hinata were running towards the whrilpool country. It was beginning to get dark.

"Naruto-kun, we have to stop, it's getting dark." "Demo, Hina-chan we can still go further." "Naruto-kun…" "Alright, Hina-chan."

They stopped and jumped on the ground. Hinata started to set up her tent and Naruto went to find wood.

When Naruto came back he saw Hinata starting to make dinner. He looked at her tent and then it hit him. 'I forgot my tent! And it's cold, damn.'

'Hahaha baka' the Kyuubi said laughing.

Naruto walked towards Hinata and layed down the wood and started to make a fire.

"Naruto-kun, arn't you going to set up your tent?" Naruto put his hand behind his head and laught sheeplessly. "I kinda forgot my tent, but don't worry I'm gonna sleep outside." 'Naruto-kun forgot his tent!' Hinata thought turning red, 'demo Naruto-kun will catch a cold if he sleeps outside.' "Ano N-naruto-kun…" Hinata begun but Naruto had already turned around. "I'm gonna train for a bit Hinata, I'll be back before dinner is ready."

Naruto was walking more into the woods.

'Alright, what shall I do?'

'Arn't you forgetting something?'

'I'm not forgetting Sasuke-teme.'

'Ha, you're quick today. Haleloeya! The kid's got brains!'

'Don't make fun of me. Tsunade would tell me if they found Sasuke and I promised that I wouldn't go after him alone.'

'You could go with your dark-haired mate, that way your not alone.'

'Don't call her my mate', Naruto said turning red, 'and I'm not going. So shut up!'

'okay let's try to work on maintaining the Rasengan with one hand!'

He was standing on an open spot concentraiting very hard.

"Ughh!" Naruto shighed and the Rasengan dissapeard.

"Ano, Naruto-kun…" "Huhuhu", Naruto pufhed, "Hey, Hinata-chan." "Dinner's ready." "Hai, I'll come."

And they went back to the camp to eat.

"Hina-chan?" "Nani?" "Never mind." And they went back to eating. When they were finished Naruto said: "Hey Hina-chan I'm gonna take the first watch okay?" she nodded and went into the tent. She zipped up the tent and sighed 'Naruto-kun how am I ever going to tell you? You only see me as a friend, a good friend, but a friend non the less. I want to be so much more than that to you. I see your lonelyness, I've seen it all through the years. Although it became lesser after graduating from the academy, you still have that mask. I see right throug it naruto-kun, demo I'm too scared that you will push me away if I try to say somthing.' "Hey Hina-chan?" Hinata shook. "Y-yes Naruto-kun?" "I'm gonna walk for a bit okay? You go to sleep, I'll still watch for you." "Okay N-Naruto-kun." "Oyasumi" "Oyasumi"

After 4 more days of traveling they got to het whrilpool country without many problems.

"Finally we're here!", Naruto said with a foxy grin. They went to the gate. "state your name and business" "We are Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata from Konoha and we are here for our mission from the Feudal lord." "Aahh, yes the ninja's from Konoha, come I'll escort you to the feudal lord." As they walked away the two gate watcher's that were left thought the same 'Uzumaki?'

They arrived at the room where the Feudal lord was.

"Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata from Konoha are here for there mission, sir!" "Very well, let them in." The guard opened the door.

Naruto was surprisingly calm. They sat down. Feudal-sama we are here for our mission." "Yes, your mission is to find my daughter, the princess of the whrilpool county. Her name is Mitsuki and she looks quite a bit like you, Hyuuga-san was your name?" Hinata nodded. "Feudal-sama you m-may call me H-hinata." "Very well Hinata-san, please find my daughter for she is presious to me." "Was she taken or did she run away?", Naruto asked, he didn't really like this feudal lord. "We belief she has run away." 'At least he is honest' "You two will be tired, take a bath, get some sleep" "We will feudal-sama as soon as we get back from trying to find your daughter." And gone they were.

They had split up and asked everybody in the village, but no one had seen her in the last week. They met up again. "And?" "N-nothing, n-nobody has s-seen her." "Tomorrow we'll surgethe woods. Let's go back." Hinata nodded ones and went after Naruto.

They went to find the Feudal lord. "And have you found my daughter?" "No sir, nobody in the village has seen her." "Very well, take a bath and go to sleep."

They went to there assignedrooms and got ready for bath. When they were both in bath with a fence between them. "Silents no jutsu" "N-naruto-kun, why d-did you d-do that?" "Because I want to speak with you without somebody hearing it." "Do y-you suspect a-anything? Is t-that why y-your so polite?" "I know very well how to act around that sort of people. Ero-sennin made me go through a howl cours!" "Really? But w-what did y-you want t-to speak to m-me about?" "What do you think about Feudal-sama?" "I-I don't know, I-I have a-a feeling i-it's not really h-him." "What do you mean?" "W-well when I was l-little we v-visited here and h-he seemed so d-differend. So much m-more kind." "But now he lost his daughter." "Still…" "I think he is too layback. We need to figuere it out and we'll start with it tomorrow. Now let's rest. Ojasumi Hina-chan" Hinata blushed. "Ojasumi Naruto-kun", Hinata said softly. 'He has grown up', Hinata thought with a smile and blushing even more.

A week went by, they had searched day and night and they still hadn't found Mitsuki.

When they woke up they began searching immediately. Naruto made 40 clones and they began searching the compound, the village, the woods and some went to other towns to look for any sign of the little girl. The real Naruto and Hinata searched the woods.

"W-where can she b-be Naruto-kun?" "I don't know Hina-chan and didn't I say to stop stuttering?" "Gomenne Naruto-kun!" "It's okay Hina-chan, you really don't have to be nervous around me, I'm not gonna hurt you, yah know," he said with a small smile, "I'm not gonna rest untill we find her!"

They had been searching all day. Naruto had already dispelled his clones and it was almost time to report back to the Feudal lord.

Naruto and Hinata made way to go back.

"Naruto-kun Matte!" "What's wrong Hina-chan?" "SHH!" Naruto shocked by her firsness kept his mouth shut.

"Mitsuki naze sou akarui? Yuube kanashii yume wo mita."

"Do you h-hear that N-naruto-kun?" "Yeah, what a sweet voice."

They walked over to the singing voice to discover a bundel of blankets under a tree, very well hidden. Hinata walked towards the bundel and the singing stopped.

"Don't worry we're not gonna hurt you. My name is Hyuuga Hinata and my friends name is Uzumaki Naruto." The bundel moved. "What's your name?" The bundel moved again and Hinata saw two dark blue eyes comming from of the bundel. "My name is Mitsuki." "Mitsuki, really?!" Hinata said on the venge of tears. "Hey kid!" Naruto yelled. Mitsuki shook and jumped into Hinata's arms. Hinata threw a glare at Naruto and continued talking to Mitsuki. She found it easy talking to the child without stuttering. "It's okay Mitsuki-chan, we're here to help you." "Hontoni?" Mitsuki asked looking in Hinata's eyes and she cried, she cried for a long time. "Hina-chan maybe we should bring her back to the compound." "NO!" Mitsuki cried out with a shocked face. "What's wrong Mitsuki-chan?" "I don't wanna go back!" Mitsuki said crying even more. "Why not?" "Because there is a mean old man and daddy said not to come back!" Both Naruto and Hinata were dumpfolded.