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The morning after the fight, Kurama woke to find Hiei gone, even though they'd both fallen into bed almost as soon as they'd returned from The Bronze the previous night. Kurama would have bet one of his tails that the Emptiness Amulet was gone as well. He smiled a little, Hiei was cute when he was predictable. With that thought, Kurama put on a long green tunic over a light yellow shirt, then left the motel. Hiei would be experimenting with the amulet somewhere deserted, which meant he was probably in the forest bordering one side of the town.

The forest wasn't large, so it didn't take Kurama long to find him. Hiei sat at the mouth of a cave, his shirt and headband both off, and his Jagan eye open. The emptiness amulet sat in his lap, where its blue facets glinted in the sun. Hiei held his katana in one hand and with an almost surgical precision stabbed himself in the stomach.

Kurama flinched even as what would have been a deadly wound healed. "We completed the mission successfully, Hiei," said Kurama. "There is no need to commit Seppuku."

Hiei did not reply as he pulled the sword out of his stomach.

Kurama walked up to stand next to the smaller demon.

"It amplifies the Jagan," said Hiei, sounding as if he was slightly drunk with the power. "They both want more."

Kurama stooped and scooped the amulet out of Hiei's lap. Hiei did not protest, so Kurama sat down next to him, and the two stared at the trees in companionable silence. Nothing more needed to be said. Hiei would not go after the amulet again. He'd learned his lesson with the Shadow Sword, and what happened when the Jagan began to make friends with old Reiki artifacts. Even Hiei wasn't that crazy.

They lay their together in the sun, enjoying the warm weather and a breeze that felt as if it was right out of Makai. Neither of them felt the need to go anywhere. Kurama had a meeting with Giles in a few hours, but until then, he planned to thoroughly enjoy his morning.


Yusuke and Kuwabara were just leaving their room to see what Sunnydale had in the way of arcades when there was a knock on their door. Yusuke answered it to, once again, reveal Buffy, only this time she was minus the crossbow and backup.

"Hi," she said in Japanese.

"Uh, Hey," said Yusuke. He wasn't really sure what to say. Lucky for him, Kuwabara was seldom quiet.

"Hey, how come you can talk to us without your friend?" he asked. "In Japanese, I mean."

Buffy held up her hand to reveal a plain silver ring. "Willow put her translation spell on a ring for me. You're speaking English, to my ears."

"Oh," said Kuwabara. "Uh, there any arcades around here?"

Buffy looked confused by the question. "Um, I don't know. I guess, I just, what are you? See, the last Slayer I met went kind of crazy, like, homicidally insane, crazy, so I guess I was just curious. You have those powers..."

Yusuke fidgeted and walked past Buffy and out the door. He didn't really want to talk to her.

"Hey the lady's talking to you, punk!" yelled Kuwabara after him. "I'm sorry, he's been really moody since the tournament. We should just follow him. He'll have to talk to you eventually."

To Yusuke's disappointment, Buffy seemed happy to follow this advice. Yusuke didn't know where he was going, so as he wandered through the town, he listened to Kuwabara and Buffy chat behind him. The talked about their histories fighting demons. How Yusuke was Spirit Detective and Kuwabara helped him out. How they'd won the Dark Tournament. How Buffy was "The Chosen One", and some of her cases.

Eventually Yusuke found himself in a park. He finally stopped walking and turned to face Kuwabara and Buffy, his curiosity getting the better of him. "How do you fight demons without using any of your spirit energy?"

"I have super-strength, that helps," said Buffy. "But I need to know more about my power. You guys seem to know more about it than I do."

"Eh, that was just Kurama. He always acts like he knows more about whatever," said Yusuke.

"Oh," said Buffy. She paused for a moment then added, "Can you teach me that gun thing?" she mimicked Yusuke's spirit gun. "Or your sword?" she asked Kuwabara.

"You don't want to know what I went through to learn that," said Yusuke. "I still have nightmares about it."

"It just sort of happened for me," said Kuwabara. "I was about to get killed, and it just appeared."

"Koenma can just give you the power but then you have to work for him, and he's really annoying," added Yusuke.

Buffy narrowed her eyes. "I've almost died a lot of times," she said. "No fireworks." She paused then added, "Okay, no fireworks unless there was dynamite, or a rocket launcher, or something of that sort."

"Maybe your power just works differently then ours then," suggested Kuwabara. "If you ever come to Japan though, you could meet Genkai."

"If she likes pain, anyway," grumbled Yusuke. "Stupid hag."

"I see," said Buffy. She smiled at them. "Call me if you ever come back to Sunnydale. We'll fight more of the bad." With that, she turned and left the way they'd come.

"Man, she got a rocket launcher?" asked Yusuke a few minutes later. "Months of torture to defeat Toguro, and not one of us ever thought of using a rocket launcher."

"Wonder where she got it," muttered Kuwabara. "Let's go find that arcade."


Kurama left Giles's house feeling like a cat in the cream. Tucked under his arm was a large tome on western magic and demonology. In return, he'd told Giles all about Makai Knuckleberries and Woodroot, Makai weather patterns, and a few other tidbits that any being who'd ever so much as set one foot in the Makai would know. Yes, this had been a very productive trip. If he'd been in his fox form, he would have been wagging all five of his tails.


When Kurama had left his house after their long and fascinating tea, Giles carefully pulled out Yama's Guide. He had learned more from his discussion with the demon than Kurama had guessed. Carefully, he opened the book to the page on "Yoko Kurama", picked up a pen, and added a second annotation beneath the first. "While some believe that the Spirit Fox was killed fifteen years ago, there is good evidence to suggest that he survived in the form of a human teenager. Those who encounter him should take care, and remember that a being of immense age and power lies behind his seemingly innocuous human face.