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BY THE WAY, this is in Ledger Joker world. I really enjoyed Dark Knight (seen it thrice!), so I chose to write this with a more Heath Ledger Joker.

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"Alrighty, Bats, I get it." The clown, head pressed against the hard metal table, coughed out blood, glancing up at the masked vigilante with a sour face. Batman had thrashed him down, demanding the information he sought. And who was the Joker to stop him? He grinned, turning so he was lying against the table, face up to stare at the masked man.

"Then you'll tell me what I need to know." Batman's deep, grating voice growled out, fist ready to land another punch.

"If I can even remember! Ya punched the livin' daylights outta me!" Joker turned his head up, taking a few raspy breaths and coughing again. He sat up, using his arms for support. He was not in the position to be levering himself out of this situation. He and Batman knew that.

Bruce knew that Gordon and his men were watching in the double-sided mirror, but he was running out of things to do. He had so much strength… and what was he doing? Punching some creep who enjoyed every minute.

As if to prove his point, Joker motioned for the Batman to come over again. "C'mon, you can hit harder than that!" He cackled, his scarred grin stretching wider, the red makeup smeared across his face. When the hero stood motionless across the room, as if debating what to do, the Joker gave a contemplative frown. He seemed to be thinking hard, as if also trying to decide what the next move would be.

Finally, Bruce stepped forward, fist up. Brute force, again.

"Now wait just a minute! I think I've got a plan." The Joker said with a grin, still lying splayed out on the table, stretching his legs as if tanning on a sunny beach. He finally sat up, fixing his olive green vest and tucking his shirt in a bit. Batman waited, impatient. "I will BRING you to the bomb. And I will even give a hint for the detonator. Since you're being so nice to me."

"Hardly." Batman snapped, glancing at the other. "You're going to trick me. You tell me the information."

"I gave you my proposition. You'll have to accept it, if you wanna save all those people… though you still don't know WHAT people, and where, do ya?" The clown prince sat down leisurely, crossing one leg over the other and getting comfortable, sitting atop his metallic throne.

"…Where?" Batman tested, wondering if the other would tell him if he asked once more. The Joker shook his head, stubborn to the grave.

"You don't listen, huh? Get me in a cop car… handcuffs or no, I don't care! But…" He made a small guttural sound as he pushed himself to his feet. He was sporting more than a few bruises, and his lip was bleeding, split from a badly aimed punch. He looked a bit tender on one leg. He grimaced, chuckling under his breath. "But." He repeated, as if for emphasis.

"…But…?" Batman mumbled, getting just a BIT impatient.

"I'll only lead you to the bomb, kay? And then a teeny hint for the detonator. Then you're on your own!" The Joker grinned, leaning against the table heavily. Batman had gone hard this time. "C'mon, I need a car… and we don't have much tiiiime…" He sang with a slight smirk. Batman growled, walking out of the fortified interrogation room.


"We'll get him in a cop car. Follow in yours?" Gordon asked, stroking his mustache in thought before walking off, fixing his glasses on the way. Batman simply nodded, walking into the small room, grabbing the Joker by the arm, who giggled through his pain.

"Here." The hero deposited him to the three police guards accompanying them. "Get him in handcuffs." He mumbled angrily before rushing off to his bat mobile.

The car ride went smoothly enough. Luckily for everyone, Joker had been examined much more thoroughly for any knives, guns… anything he might be able to salvage into a weapon.

"Alright Joker, where-" Gordon was cut off by the scarred man, who began to walk. They were in front of a large church, the steeples high up in the sky, a few stained glass windows in the front along with large wooden doors. It was a beautiful building. But the clown was walking right up to the doors and pushing his way in. Batman was quick to follow, watching the other with a grimace. He glanced back at Gordon, motioning for his men to stay out there and circle the perimeter. Just in case…

"Lesse… where did I…" The clown seemed to contemplate where he had placed that bomb, tapping his marred cheek. "Oh my… Bats, I forgot." He frowned, looking like a neglected puppy.

"…" The hero before him was seething with rage. "…Joker, I swear, if you don't find that bomb…"

"Hey, hey!" The Joker hurried over to the other, limping a tiny bit. This wasn't as bad as when he was turned over in the huge truck he had been driving when Batman pretty much turned the thing upside down… but he was still not feeling too hot. "I DO know where the detonator is… and the bomb's in here somewhere! So, no hard feelings!" He giggled. "The detonator… well…" He seemed to be thinking of something to say.

Batman was so close to just punching the creep's lights out. He watched, fists clenching and unclenching as he controlled himself.

"…Ah ha, got it! Okay okay… SO. What's black, white, and red all over?" He smiled brightly, waiting for the Batman to answer him.

"Too many things." The bat answered in anger. That wasn't a good hint at all. But then again, the Joker wasn't trying to HELP him. He had to come up with something hard. The hero seemed to think slowly of any place in the town, in the area, where the Joker had been recently. They had arrested him on Bort Boulevard… right across the street from the newsstand…

The Joker's eyes seemed to glow as he saw the other slowly understand. He laughed, clapping his hands with gusto. The whites of his eyes illuminated in the slight darkness enveloping the city, as well as the long black circles against his eyelids and down onto his cheeks. A glimpse of stained teeth peeked out from his blood red lips.

"… newsstand…" Batman glanced at the Joker, who simply nodded, beaming at him, as if he were… proud? Bruce glared at him. "…How long?" He asked, wondering if the other knew how much longer until the bomb blew.

"…Let's just say that I suggest we leave this church." He laughed excitedly, looking around before starting to walk off.

Oh, Batman wanted nothing more than to shove him into the church and let him explode with the rest of the place. He grabbed the other's arm, however, and pushed him roughly out of the place through the back entrance. That meant he didn't have enough time… they were too late.

Within a second more, the explosion crashed into existence. Fire burst from the windows, now broken into shards of quickly melting color. Holes in the old cobblestones caused the whole place to set into flame. Batman flew forward from the powerful blast, falling atop of the Joker, staying over him as the debris bounced from his cape.

The clown beneath him frowned, hands still handcuffed, now pressed against the other's hard chest. He could hear the debris falling around them, and he glanced his dark eyes upward to see the faraway feet of policemen walking over. They stayed back to make sure they weren't hit with debris, watching as the hero stayed over the criminal.

"...Awww, you're too much, Bats." Joker finally murmured with a slight adoring smile, watching the other with a new sort of look that Bruce couldn't put his finger on.

"Shut up. I was-"

"Saving my ass, I know." The clown winked up at him, suddenly pulling his arms around the other's neck in a comfortable embrace. His hands were locked together, so he let his arms rest on either side of the strong hero's neck. Batman growled, watching the other settle himself in. "But despite your attempts… I think ya busted somethin' in me. Like a rib." The Joker stared up at the other.
It was clear that the other couldn't move too much- he winced as his arms circled the hero's neck. Batman rolled his eyes. What, he had to carry the man now? He hadn't even gotten them to the detonator in time, the useless creep. But Bruce was unsure, now. The Joker had seemed appreciative, for the first time. He sighed, grumbling and reaching under the Joker to lift him up.

The clown quirked an eyebrow, not daring to mock the other in case the hero decide to drop the wounded villain. Batman stepped over some debris once the church had finished exploding into pieces.

Gordon glanced at Batman without saying a word, simply raising an eyebrow. Joker looked quite comfortable with his arms pretty much stuck around the other's neck- thanks to the handcuffs of course. He leaned his head back, his eyes closed with a peaceful grin on his face, though he looked a bit smug.

Batman felt… defeated. He hadn't gotten there in time- the church had blown sky high. All the people who gathered there together would have their spirits crushed… the priests and churchgoers… what would they do now? Go to a new church, maybe… but he felt responsible for this. If he had been faster, stronger… why hadn't he just started searching, instead of spending all his time sitting there, beating the crap out of that stupid clown!?

"Bats… Baaats…" Joker mumbled, waiting for the other. He sighed, bringing his finger up and poking the hero in the side of the face. Bruce started from his reverie, glancing at the other with a glare.

"What?" He asked angrily. What did the other want now?

"…Weeeeeell… I kinda need to be put down sometime." The clown told him with a light chuckle, the scarred lips parting in a large smile. Bruce blinked, seeing now that they were standing at the police car. He tilted his head to pull the Joker's arms from his neck with a small frown, glancing over at Gordon.

"…He needs medical attention, Gordon." Batman finally said. He didn't want any way for the clown to have a possibility of escaping, but he knew the other wasn't ready to sit in a cell without receiving some sort of treatment. If he had a broken rib, he would definitely need at least a quick bandaging.

The commissioner sighed, nodding. "Yeah, I'll call the hospital. We can get him a private room…"

"Just keep him strapped down." Bruce growled out, glancing at the Joker so he knew he wasn't playing around. The villain simply grinned slightly, nodding. Batman deposited him in the car, and Gordon got in the front seat. "I'll follow. Make sure you don't have any trouble." He murmured, glancing at the car skeptically. He didn't trust the Joker, even if they had checked for any weapons… he could make use of anything.

The Joker blew a kiss to the hero with a wink, mouthing the words 'thanks Bats!'. Bruce rolled his eyes, getting onto his motorcycle and letting it spring to life. He would make sure that clown wouldn't do anything too horrible… he was scared for Gordon already. But, with a broken rib, hopefully the Joker would take his own health into consideration.

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