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Story Type: Round Robin

Main characters: Mark Calaway, Jeff Hardy (Others in time)

A/N: Well I found a vict...I mean a great writer to go in with me on this Round Robin idea. I want to thank Isilofthedark for being willing to give this a shot. She's a very busy writer, but one of my favs so this is a big honor.

A little bit of an explanation for those new to the idea of a RR. This is a story that Isil and I will be writing, I write one chapter then Isil will be writing the next. (Note, if anyone else wants to jump in on this feel free to drop me a line, the more the merrier and the wilder these things can get. ;) )

For those concerned about World don't be. I'm just using this RR to keep my mind sharp and avoid long blocks like I tend to get. I'm hoping this will allow me to be able to keep focus with World, it can't hurt now can it. LOL

Be assured I will do my best to make this fun to read for everyone and I am sure Isil will do the same. And, as I said, anyone else wants in just let me know.

Well that's enough of that, lets get this puppy started.

(Side Note: Oh so ppl know, Isil will be handling Jeff as her main character. I am sure I don't need to tell ppl who I'll be taking the reigns of LOL. Also this story is neither Het or Slash, in that it could go either way, or both ways...hey that makes this story Bi! LMAO)



You and a friend have won an all expense paid trip with the WWE for


Come meet and greet some of your favorite WWE Superstars on the luxury cruise ship STAR DELTA. Along with the 7 day, 6 night trip to the wonderful Bahamas, you will get to experience the island hospitality and fun of St. Durma, Vince McMahon's private island in the sun for another 7 days and 6 nights, so bring your swim suit, but leave your wallet at home.

Come meet Superstars like John Cena, Batista, 'The Game' HHH, The Great Khali, CM Punk and Kane as well as many more. Dine with a Diva like Micky James, 'The Glamazon' Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool or Kelly Kelly.

Join other devoted WWE fans in attending a special Q and A session with Smackdown's own Jim 'JR' Ross and Raw's Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

Be there for a WRESTLECRUISE exclusive

Raw vs Smackdown vs ECW supershow.

All this and much much more will be offered exclusive to all attendees of WRESTLECRUISE. So get your paperwork in by May 18th and we will see you July 1st for the greatest wrestling experience of your life.

(All official autograph signings must be paid for in advance of the departure date. Souvenirs shall be billed to the Credit Card on record. Photocopies of Passports must be sent in no later then 3 week before scheduled departure, and a confirmation number will be mailed to the address on the contest entry form. No one will be allowed on ship without his or her official confirmation number certificate. The WWE takes no responsibility for lost or stolen property, injury or sickness, before, during or after the cruise, or the stay at the island. All rights reserved WWE Inc.)

"Ok Mr. McMahon, the last of the official letters to the contest winners have gone out. I've also have confirmation that all the wrestlers scheduled to go on the cruise have sent in all their documentsā€¦" The slim young woman standing in the large well appointed office of Vince McMahon, president of World Wrestling Entertainment, stops talking looking a bit nervous. The sudden surcease of her voice draws a look from her boss, who had been going over papers as she gave her report on how the upcoming cruise was going.

"Ok what?" He asks with a long drawn out sigh. He knew he was not going to like what she had to say. In spite being the boss, sometimes his 'employees' tend to forget who writes their paychecks. "Who's dragging their feet on getting their stuff in?" he shakes his head as he watching her chew her bottom lip and swallows nervously. "Never mind I can guess. Just see to what you have so far. I'll give him a call."

The girl breaths a sigh of relief, nods and leaves the office, glad she was not going to have to be the one to deal with this problem. Noting Vince picking up the phone as she closes the door.

For his part Vince was getting really fed up with this. This guys mood swings of late, were starting to effect the company, at least where it came to his bookings. Still he was one of Vince's top draws and this trip might break him out of this brood he was in. Picking up the phone he quickly punches in a number, waiting as the phone rings.

"Mark, it's me Vince. Susan says you haveā€¦.." He sighs annoyed as the man on the other end interrupts him, "I said," he continues, "Susan, said you have not sent in your paper work. So before you start in on me, or give me excuses or ultimatums neither of us will take kindly to, I'll tell you what going to happen." He smirks, as the other end remains quiet. "You're going to fax over the paperwork. Then you're going to arrange for someone to look after the ranch. You will then call Susan back, confirm she got the fax. After that you can head back to your dark corner and sulk about McCool and all the other things going wrong in your life, both real and imagined. Am I understood Mark?" He waits for a replay, which comes after a few held breath minutes. It is short, and the phone is hung up right after. Shaking his head Vince sets the receiver down in the cradle, wondering to himself, just why he puts up with any of them.

In Houston Texas, the 'Mark' from Vince's phone call, is violently dialing his fax machine, grumbling to himself as he watches the document's Vince has insisted he send, slowly get sucked down into the machine. "Why the fuck do I have to go? He knows I hate these things." Deciding he was not going to waste time making sure the papers go through, figuring he can check on it later and call it in when he was ready, he walks out of his office and into the kitchen, grabbing a beer from the fridge, then heading to the den, to watch some TV. While watching a baseball game he can't help but think about the cruise he is being forced to attend. She'll be there. A reminder he let his dick do his thinking, again. Grunting he sighs and takes a long swig of beer.

"Oh well, it's over. I move on." A sad look crosses his face for a moment "I always move on."