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The pool party had unwound a few hours ago, many had gone back to their cabins to take naps, get changed, or just relax after such a busy and exciting moring. The boys, Shawn Paul, Mark and young Arik, made plans to have lunch together. Mark had made it clear he was not going to join them without a quick shower and change of clothing; something the other three men agreed they all required. So now three of the four strolled along the poolside refreshed and dressed in clean clothing. Paul wore a pair of cream colored Bermuda shorts topped with a pale blue Banana Republic shirt and opened toed brown sandals, his long hair tied back in a loose ponytail. Shawn had chosen some tight fitting white shorts that barely came below his butt cheeks and a salmon colored tee shirt with a small palm tree on the breast; he too sported a pair of open toed sandals, only his were white like his shorts and his hair was also pulled back in a ponytail. As for Arik, his wardrobe was nowhere as extensive, so he wore blue cargo shorts that Shawn had loaned him and not much more, allowing the Heartbreak kid a clear and unobstructed view, of the young man's luscious physique.

Seeing as Mark had not arrived as of yet they made their way over to a large table that had yet to be claimed by any of the guests or wrestlers; taking their seats just as one of the waiters from the nearby bar walks over to see if the wanted anything to eat or drink. Arik was taken aback at the large order that both Shawn and Paul made. He, on the other had, not wanting to overstep his boundaries and not wanting to seem greedy, asked only for a bowl of fruit and Guava juice which drew chuckles from his two table mates, as Shawn told the waiter to bring the younger man the same things as he and Paul.

Once their meal came the trio settled down to eat and some light conversation.

"So, is anyone going to tell me what happened last night when you and the Undertaker left?" asked Arik between taking a sip from him.

Paul nod as he took a bite from his steak sandwich and looked over to his blond friend, "Yeah I've been wondering that to." He swallowed so the rest of his words were not as mumbled as the first, "All you told me is that you and he had reconciled, you didn't tell me what you did to get to that point, not in detail at least."

Shawn, the person the question was obviously directed to, grinned a bit as he took a quick sip of his cappuccino, "Oh nothing really big." He then took another swig of his drink before getting a fork full of his Texas Omelet and shoving it into his mouth, chewing slowly well aware the other two were expecting more, completely enjoying their looks of frustration. He could not help but replay last night's fun with Mark over in his mind. Remembering the feel of Mark besides him waiting for Vince to leave the pool, or the euphoric feeling as he once more hears Mark's words…."Hey Shawn, looks like it's true what Vince has been saying all these years, he does have grapefruits."…It's a moment he almost wants to keep to himself, his moment with Mark, but to be truthful, it's also a moment he can't help but want to share, the moment he got his friend back, the moment that Mark "the Undertaker" Calaway made a sexual joke about his boss.

Just thinking about it causes Shawn to smile and chuckle softly to himself, drawing confused looks from both Arik and Paul. Both men, now, well aware Shawn is keeping something from them about last night's sojourn with Mark, and whatever that was, they were going to find out.

"Ok Boy-Toy, time to spill," says Paul as he reaches over and puts his hand on Shawn's preventing him from eating another bite of his food, "I know that look and that laugh, your keeping something from me…us" he corrects eyeing Arik, the young man nods a bit and blushes at being included. "No more stalling, what happened last night?"

Deciding he has made the two wait long enough Shawn sets his fork down, taking one more sip of his drink before leaning in so his words do not move past the three of them, forcing the other two to follow suit, making those around them wonder what the trio is up to. The other wrestlers are well aware of the trouble Shawn and Paul are capable of and seeing the two, along with a fan, in such a conspiratal tableau, elicits more then a few nervous glances among the present wrestling roster.

Glancing one more time around to make sure no one is close enough to hear his words Shawn grins once more before diving right into revealing the prank he and Mark pulled on Vince last night. Once he was done he pulls back to take another sip from his cappuccino giving the two startled men a calm, mischievous, smile enjoying the stunned and shocked look on both their faces. He knew Hunter could not believe what he had just heard, and it was clear Arik just had his whole world turned upside down. After all, to the kid, this was Mark Calaway they were talking about, the Undertaker; this man does not go around punking his boss, or anyone else for that matter. He watches as Paul shakes his head in denial, till he sees the light of acceptance shine in them. It has been a long time since the reign of the Disastrous Duo; the name may still be known by those that were around back then, but why that name existed clearly had not. A lot of bridges had been crossed and nearly burned since then.

"So how did Vince take it?" asks Paul, once he had recovered from his shock at hearing Mark had participated in a punk on Vince, "When that man does something he doesn't do it halfway, now does he." He thinks to himself, :I'm not sure I can top that, but I sure as hell intend to try, I'm not letting the Deadman outshine me in that department as well."

Shawn shrugs as he retrieves his fork and goes back to eating, "No idea, we laughed and left." He takes another bite of his omelet and frowns finding the eggs had already gone cold, "I think its safe to say, he won't be inviting us to the captain's table anytime soon." He laughs and is joined in by his two tablemates. He lowers his voice once more so as not to let his words leave the table, "On the way back to the room, Mark started to go into stuff he has been dieing to do for some time," he chuckles before continuing, "I think he's gonna keep us busy and Vince on his toes for the rest of this trip."

"Who's gonna keep Vince on his Toes?"

All three looked up to see Mark, Glen and of all people, Sean Waltman, standing behind them. Smiling they worked to make room for the added guess of Glen and Sean, as Shawn responded to Mark's question.

"We are big man." He smiles while waving the waiter over to take the new arrival's orders, "I was just filling in these two nosy nellys what happened last night. I think they want in on anymore outings."

Mark said nothing save to give his order to the waiter. Glen on the other hand gave Mark a curious look, "Ok, what did I miss last night?"

"Nothing," said the older man, not looking anyone at the table in the eyes as he lowered his signiture shades.

Shawn frowned setting his cup down. Could Mark now be regretting last night? Were things going back to the way they were before their outing? He thought what happened at the pool was an indication that Mark was fully back to his old self, what could have happened in the short time he had gone to wash and change.

The others started to share glances as the mood at the table became somewhat tense. Glen wanted to say something, but since he did not know what happened between his brother and Shawn he had nothing to go on. Sean wondered if his presence was causing the tense he felt, while Paul and Arik, wondered, like Shawn, what had happened to make Mark so withdrawn.

As the waiter returned with their orders the tension at the table become unbearable for one person and they could no longer hold it in anymore.

So Mark burst out laughing.

He laughed so hard he nearly fell off his chair, as he gazed at the open bafflement around the table.

"Look at the lot of you" he choked through his laughter, "All squirmy and tense, wondering what my deal was." He slapped Shawn on the back, "And you, looking all sad. Sorry but I had to do it. You were looking so smug when I walked up, it was too tempting not to mess with all your heads." He shrugs as he takes a bit from his Rubin, "After all I am the Master of the Mind games."

The amount of food that came his way on the heels of that statement made sure he would have to visit the showers again sooner then intended.