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Summary: Rewritten, previously known as But I'm already dead, now known as Dead and Gone To Hell. Goku and Gohan are sent to hell to sort out a war between the saiyans & Cell and Frieza.


Chapter One:

I Died Again?!

By Anami1x

Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan and Goku all rushed in and attacked the large alien, each one giving everything they had. They weren't sure how exactly it got here, but they all agreed on one thing, the thing had to go. Goku flew up and upper cutted the monster, but it slapped him away, then the unexpected happened, it had been preparing a mouth blast. As Goku shot in for another attack, the monster opened its mouth and out shot a massive powered ki blast. Goku wasn't ready for it. The last thing he heard was his twelve year old son screaming his name with agony. Then blackness, Goku was dead.

Gohan erupted in rage, that thing, it killed his father. It had to die. "MASENKO HAAAA!" Gohan raged, firing his beam, but it swatted it away like nothing. Then Gohan knew what he had to do, he would self destruct, taking it with him. Gohan shot in and attached himself to the large monsters back, Piccolo and Vegeta also charged in, but Gohan powered up to his full, making the full blooded saiyan and the namekan go sailing backwards from the power put out. Piccolo's eyes widened in realization, "Gohan!" He whispered, then stood up ready to charge again, but he never got far. There was a large flash of bright light and a scream of agony, then silence. Gohan or the monster was nowhere in sight.

Gohan had killed him, but at a cost. He was dead, like his father. Piccolo looked to Vegeta, his face was a picture of disbelief at what the young demi saiyan had just done. They both nodded to each other, knowing what had to be done. Then they both shot off to Capsule Corp in search of the dragon radar. Then they both froze, and hung their head. They'd just used the dragon balls, they would have to wait another year. Then they'd have to wish themselves to Namek, to use their dragon balls, since Goku had already been resurrected. Vegeta then paled, he wasn't going to be the one to tell that harpy, her son and husband had just died. Piccolo's eyes widened in fear, that woman's frying pan was lethal. He shook his head then flew off to the son household, muttering curses under his breath.

-Dead And Gone To Hell-

There were golden clouds as far as the eye could see, a large road with the head of a snake at the start. Then there was a building in the clouds, where hundred of little puffs of smoke were lined up, all waiting to be judged, to where they would go in the afterlife, yes this was the afterlife. The place was fairly neutral, for this was the place where all of your deeds in life added up to one thing. This was the place where the Lord of The Otherworld, King Yemma, decided your fate. Only a few minutes did it take, where your fate would be decided for the rest of eternity.

The skies were painted the brightest, purest blue you could ever see. The clouds were like the souls that were gathered, puffs of white in the vast ocean of blue. Yes, this was the first place you went when you died, to be more specific, this was King Yemma's place, where you were judged, but that wasn't what the ogre was busy looking at. He was busy prodding a figure lying on the ground, a figure that had earned a name for himself, both in the afterlife and in the living world.

The figure was clad in an orange gi, with blue undershirt, wristbands and a tie cloth belt, along with black boots. He was known by his friends as Goku, the saviour of earth, and it's protector, but to those that knew his heritage, and refused to address him by his Earth name, mainly Vegeta, he was known as Kakarot, the third class clown of a saiyan.

Goku, had a sort of boyish innocence about him, this came from bonking his head as a baby and forgetting his true heritage, his saiyan nature. He was quite a handsome man, with pale skin and dark charcoal coloured eyes, his ebony hair stood up in eight unruly spikes along his abnormally hard head. He had a lean, yet muscular frame, with muscles most men would die for, but those muscles only came with years of strenuous training and numerous times saving the planet from near destruction.

As the red skinned ogre prodded the unconscious figure of Son Goku, the full blooded saiyan let out a loud snore which practically made the ogre jump ten feet into the air, shaking furiously. Goku's eyes slowly opened, he squinted as they got used to the light that flooded into his newly opened orbs. He pushed himself up onto his hands, his face consorting into a confused look, as he took in his new surroundings. One question ran through his mind at that precise moment, 'Where in Kami's name was he?'

His very own question seemed to answer itself when he spotted the cowering ogre, then King Yemma's check-in centre, then he noticed the fluffy yellow clouds, which at one point, the first time he'd came here, he'd actually eaten out of desperation, for he was that hungry that his stomach was practically chewing on itself. Then he noticed the large, yet grand and magnificent landmark that was snake way and he audibly gulped, he was in the otherworld. He was dead?!

This time it was Goku's turn to leap into the air in a panic, his arms and legs flailed wildly as he leapt at least twenty feet in the air, talking so fast that most of his speech was inaudible. The ogre that was watching the whole spectacle, fell backwards onto it's rear end and began to slowly edge away, of course he recognized the saiyan in front of his eyes. Everybody knew Goku. He was the man to defeat the Red Ribbon Army, the Demon King Piccolo to send him to the otherworld once and for all, to also defeat the Demon Kings Son, Majunior, who now, was a valuable ally to the saiyan warrior, to be the first one to match Frieza's strength, the first super saiyan in a millennia. To put it one way, he was a really powerful guy who defeated a lot of enemies. All of which now resided in the pits of HFIL, the Home For Infinitive Losers.

Goku finally stopped his ranting like state and accepted it, he lowered back to the ground and flashed a cheesy grin, that made the ogre that was slowly backing away, sweat drop.

"So I guess I'm dead then," Goku chirped innocently, all the while scratching the back of his head with one hand. The ogre groaned and was about to reply when Goku shrieked like a small child and then started looking about wildly. The ogre raised an eyebrow curiously as to what could have such a strong guy like this so scared. He listened in intently and had to hold a hand over his mouth to stop from bursting out laughing.

Goku was panicking, "I can't believe I'm dead again. Chichi's going to kill me, she warned me about dying again. Man, she'll use her frying pan and then-," His voice broke off into a whisper as he visibly shuddered and he imagined all the things she would do to him to punish him. She wouldn't feed him, she'd done that the last time. He whined as his stomach rumbled, so much for not being able to feel anything in the otherworld. He was starving, or maybe he was just an unusual case. He had been wished back more times than any other dead person.

He could just imagine her shrill- er soothing voice ringing out in his head, 'Son Goku, how dare you go die like that again? Do you think I enjoy picking up the pieces ever time you decide to go and get yourself blown up? It's not easy for me Goku! Out of the house, I'm not cooking your food for a week, out!' Then the frying pan of doom would come crashing down on his head, giving him another lump on the head, he swore that thing hurt more than a punch from Frieza.

"She'll kill me," The spiky haired saiyan mumbled, lowering his head in defeat, he couldn't beat his wife. Then an all too familiar voice behind him made him snap his head up and whirl round rapidly, his mouth agape in shock. There stood a boy, no older than twelve, many battle scars criss-crossed his body, lasting proof of his past battles that no young child should have had to endure. His spiky hair stood up in all directions, though not as wild as the man in front, charcoal eyes bore into Goku, but they weren't malicious, they were warm. It was Gohan.

"You're already dead dad," Gohan chuckled, raising a hand to rake a hand through his ebony spikes. This time Goku's face paled a few shades, his skin had a rather greenish tint to it. Gohan looked at his dad curiously, "What's wrong dad?" Gohan questioned, arching an eyebrow at the same time. During Gohan's question, Goku was busy mumbling about 'how much Chichi would kill him.' Gohan snapped his fingers in realisation. "It's mum isn't it?" He asked, for his answer he received a brief nod.

Gohan chuckled softly, knowing how dangerous his mothers frying pan was to saiyan kind. "It wont be that bad will it?" He tried to reassure his worried father. His father threw him a look which clearly said, 'are you serious?' Goku eyed his son curiously, wondering if like him, he'd rattled his brains as a tot. Maybe all that rough training with Piccolo at four years old had done something to the young demi saiyans. All was quiet for a few moments, as they both took in their surroundings, of course, being dead had quite a large effect on Gohan, after all, it wasn't every day that a twelve year old boy died was it? This was his first time being dead, but like most, he would soon be alive again.

Gohan groaned audibly, "We're going to have to wait a year til we can come back dad," Gohan said softly, looking at his feet sheepishly, he heard another groan from his father as he to came to the same realisation as his son. They'd just used the dragon balls, so that meant a year in heaven, Goku's smile returned, "Well put it this way, we have a year to train our heads against your mothers frying pan," Goku said cheerfully.

Gohan did a face vault anime style.

Goku and Gohan went on to talk about pointless things, not acknowledging the red ogre behind him, who had a forming sweat drop on the back of his head. 'How can these guys be so calm about dying. Damn saiyans' He thought mentally. He then cleared his throat with a gruff cough. "King Yemma wants to see you," The ogre stated. The ogre was lifted up off the ground and thrown a good few feet backwards. His rolled into a ball and his arms flew up in defence as Gohan and Goku, being caught of guard whirled round with such force that it knocked him flying. They were also holding their arms up in defensive stances, with battle hardened expressions, void of emotion etched on their faces.

Those same expressions soon faded away as they realised they weren't being attacked. Goku's carefree nature returned as he rushed over to help the ogre to his feet while Gohan just chuckled, his father had told him stories about the ogres and he envisioned them to be more fearless and powerful, after all, how else could creatures like Cell and Frieza be kept at bay in hell? Shaking his head in confusion as he gave up trying to come to a resolve, Gohan followed his father as he followed the ogre into the large building that was the check-in centre.

-Dead And Gone To Hell-

The check in centre was large and elegant. The Lord Of The Otherworld, King Yemma was seated behind an extremely large wooden table, well King Yemma was in fact an extremely large person. He was busy sending souls to their final destination. Little puffs of white smoke littered the check-in centre as souls eagerly awaited their fate. King Yemma was doing two things at once, he was stamping papers with a large red-inked stamp half-heartedly, while every one and a while he would cast a glance back to the small television set, which was currently showing the carnage happening in hell. Every time he looked at the tv, his face would pale considerably in colour and he would shake his head sadly, then go back to stamping papers.

King Yemma's eyes lit up as he saw Goku and Gohan enter through the door, a wide, toothy smile spread across his face. Yemma pushed his chair back, it made an eerie, screeching sound across the tiled floor. The two saiyans in the vicinity doubled over, holding their bleeding ears in sheer agony, sometimes Gohan cursed his saiyan hearing ability. Yemma stood up to full height, which was an imposing sight for those gathered, the puffs of smoke floated backwards, away from the extremely large man, who looked like he'd have no trouble crushing them. Of course they didn't know the two saiyans standing a few feet away from them could do it just as easily, perhaps easier.

The little puffs of smoke, that, in one lifetime, where actually people, soon realised that there was no danger and went back to doing whatever it was dead people done.

"GOKU!" King Yemma almost squealed, maybe his prayers had been answered. He'd sent his best fighters down to hell to try and sort out the carnage, every last one of them had been defeated, well when all else fails, pray to Kami. Yemma beckoned for Goku and his son to approach then he lowered his large backside to his seat, glancing at the tv wearily.

Goku waved cheerily up at the large man, who in turn frowned down, and wondered how a saiyan could be so naïve even if they did bonk their head as an infant. He could distinctly remember the day the saiyans arrived here. They were like blurs shooting around with monkey tails sticking out their backsides, it was safe to say they weren't happy bunnies-er monkeys when they were sentenced to the dark, desolate place that was HFIL. Not that they expected to go to heaven anyway, they were just pretty pissed that they died.

That meant that they practically ki blasted everything in plain view and nearly barbequed a large number of ogres before King Yemma eventually stepped in, opening a tunnel and just dropping them all to hell where they belonged, leaving the paper work to later on when he didn't have about a million monkeys on his back.

Yemma made a brief gesture to Gohan, standing quietly and obediently by his fathers side, glancing up at the Lord Of The Otherworld curiously. "Who's this?" He questioned, mildly interested. He knew the boy bore some resemblance to saiyan, and to Goku at that, he was sure it was Goku's son, but he just wanted confirmation.

"Oh, Heh heh, well you see this is Gohan my son," Goku said merrily, happy at introducing his son. He ruffled his sons hair affectionately and beamed down proudly, before looking up at King Yemma, who, judging by the facial expression on his face, he was deep in thought. Goku was right, for once, King Yemma was thinking, about where he'd heard that name before.

Yemma snapped his fingers in realisation, because of the size of his fingers, the noise it made was like a firecracker sound, which startled quite a few people. "Gohan, you're the one that defeated that overgrown cockroach, Cell aren't you?" Asked Yemma, his voice getting a little high and squeaky. Gohan nodded his conformation. "I figured as much, so you're the one that sent that cockroach to us, do you know how annoyed he was when he got here, destroyed this place. He kept ranting on about how much he'd kill you if he ever saw you again. That wont make the mission any easier then," He mumbled the last part in a whisper, but thanks to their superior saiyan hearing abilities, Goku and Gohan heard it, they looked up intrigued.

"What mission?" Goku chirped in his usual childish demeanour.

King Yemma mentally slapped himself, "Saiyans," He mumbled under his breath, unlucky for him, both saiyans heard this also. Goku just chuckled, while Gohan, who was used to Vegeta shoving knowledge about half his heritage down his throat, raised an eyebrow in annoyance. He had come to respect his heritage, and defend it if needs be.

"Well you see, hell has kind of run into some trouble-," King Yemma started, but was interrupted by Gohan. "How can hell run into trouble?" Gohan questioned. King Yemma narrowed his eyebrows, his grip tightening on the arms of his chair, "I'm getting to it!" He snapped, much to the surprise of Gohan and Goku, "Well anyway, it's Frieza and Cell, they've gathered up an army and are at war with the saiyans," Yemma explained, he looked over at Gohan, to see him, fists clenched at his side, teeth gritted with an angry expression on his face, he looked ready to kill, Cell that was. "Cant he ever learn?!" Growled Gohan, digging his finger nails into the palms of his hands.

Goku placed a reassuring hand on Gohans shoulders before looking up at Yemma, "Why is there a war? The saiyans are no match for Freiza, never mind Cell," Goku stated the obvious.

Yemma nodded, maybe Goku did have a brain after all, "Yes, I'm not sure how it all started, I think it was the fact that the saiyans, as you know long for a good fight, it's in their blood. Frieza was trying to get back at the saiyans, for basically being defeated by one, you Goku. So he basically just started blasting them all, sending them back to the furnace, where they'd re-grow so to speak. When your son sent Cell down here, he pretty much had the same idea, he decided he wanted to be in charge of the saiyans, but the saiyans weren't having any of it. They refused the offer of accepting Cell and Frieza as their new rulers. They didn't want to be under the thumb of that tyrant again. That's when Cell and Frieza started to demand it, and it turned into a war for dominance, most saiyans ended up dead, but they were re-grown and it seems Cell and Frieza forgot they get stronger after every injury, so they came back stronger. The strongest saiyan, now is as strong as Frieza's first form." Yemma explained.

Goku nodded, understanding the situation, "So you want us to go down and sort everything out. Put Cell and Frieza back in their Cells?" Goku said smiling, he then grabbed his son and prepared to transport straight to hell, but a smirk from King Yemma made him feel uneasy, he soon realised why as he and Gohan felt the floor disappear beneath their feet and found themselves plummeting, both forgetting they had the power of flight.

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