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Chapter Two:

Into Hell Itself

By Anami1x

The area that was known to many as HFIL, or Home For Infinitive Losers was a dark place. The place where the evil ones resided after their usual, untimely demise. The sky was painting a horrific blood red colour, that resembled that of blood. The surrounding area was rocky, cavernous and dangerous, the blood red pond that was the centre of HFIL, gleamed maliciously, almost daring anybody to take a dip in it's waters and take a dip to the regeneration furnace. Overall, HFIL was dark and desolate, the place where nobody wanted to be, especially those pure as Goku and Gohan.

They were falling down a large tunnel of darkness, until Gohan bumped his head on something, extremely hard, and lost consciousness, he didn't even feel himself hitting the ground hard, nor did he feel the heavy body of his father land on top of him, with a dull thud. His body jerked upwards, but he didn't feel any pain, that was until he started to have trouble breathing.

Gohan gasped and awoke from unconsciousness with a start, he tried to jump up, but found he couldn't, his father was laying on top of him, one of his foot jammed into his solar plexus. Gohan started breathing heavily, trying to dislodge his fathers foot but he was out cold. Seeing no other way, Gohan powered up slightly, then seeing no advance, powered up to super saiyan, causing his father to go flying off Gohan with the wind that his super saiyan transformation gathered. He quickly powered down, knowing Cell's ability to sense power levels, he didn't want to fight Cell, not yet at least.

Goku smashed into the tree, his eyes fluttering open just as his face made contact with the trunk of it. He never got a chance to give a yelp of surprise before his face ploughed right through it. He looked comical, his only visible part of his body, his two legs, that were sticking out of the tree, waving frantically in the air. There were muffled cries of help from inside the tree bark, as Gohan slapped a hand to his head and walked over to help his father out of his … predicament.

After helping his father, Gohan then fingered the throbbing lump on the top of his head, all the while scowling at his father. Goku laughed sheepishly and raised a hand to scratch the base of his neck, a typical son gesture, "Dad how hard is your head?" Moaned Gohan, attentively rubbing the throbbing lump. Goku laughed before waving it off, "Listen to the boy who done more damage to his uncle, using his head, than Piccolo and I could the entire fight," Goku teased, sticking out his tongue in a childish manor. Gohan rolled his eyes and was about to retort when a sudden power level jump to the east made him snap his head in the direction, judging by his fathers hardened face and blank emotionless face, Goku could tell he felt it too.

"Will we go, help them I mean?" Gohan questioned, facing the general direction of the impending battle, but glancing at his father out of the corner of his eye. Goku nodded and concentrated more, "I recognise that power, it's the Ginyu Force," Goku said solemnly. Gohan couldn't help but laugh, at the mention of the ballet dancing elite force of the universe.

"By the time we get there, they'll have made their opponents laugh to defeat," Joked Gohan.

Goku flashed a goofy grin, before lifting up into the air, Gohan followed his father, casually glancing around the landscape as he flew, so this was what hell was like? He'd be here for a year, may as well get used to it, although it wasn't exactly the most appealing of places.

-Dead And Gone To Hell-

The Ginyu Force were currently in the middle of demonstrating a series of embarrassing poses that looked more like ballet poses and a bad imitation of swan lake, some 'elite fighters of the universe'. They were trying to show how all powerful they were, to the gathered group of saiyans, who were currently asking themselves, is this what we've been afraid of, a bunch of ballet dancers?

Scouter's started beeping, the saiyans looked to the sky to see two incoming power levels, both at 5,000 even. Two dots of white light closing in on them, they eventually took the shape of two humans, or saiyans, whatever way you want to look at it. One was a man, one was a teenage boy, both bore some resemblance to each other. They both dropped to the ground in silence, right in the middle of the battle field.

Both had raven black hair that stood up on end and defied the natural laws of gravity, their coal dark eyes were fixed on the Ginyu Force. There was silence for a few minutes while the Ginyu Force scrutinized the new arrivals. The saiyans merely scoffed, what good could two weaklings with a power of 5000 do? Either way, it was going to be a show, so they just sat back and watched.

"It's that monkey from Namek!" Jeice declared after eventually recognizing who it was. There were a series of nods from the rest of the Ginyu Force as they looked on warily. Guldo, the smallest and weakest of the crew, took a step back and managed to place Recoome's leg in front of him and the saiyan.

There were a series of furious whispers from the saiyans, monkey was a direct insult to saiyans. They said this man standing in front of them was a saiyan, well he did look like a saiyan. "He look's like Bardock," One saiyan hissed to the one standing next to him. The saiyan looked closer at Goku and gasped, he did look like Bardock. It was hard not to know who Bardock was, he was the second strongest after King Vegeta.

They also only knew three saiyans who had been on Namek at the time of Frieza's defeat. Every saiyan, or mostly every being in hell watched that battle that day, the day one of their own defeated Frieza, the day one of their own rose to the status of legendary. Of the three saiyans gathered on Namek that day, one was Vegeta, the arrogant Saiyan Prince, but they were pretty sure it wasn't him.

Another was the son of Kakarot, the small child that displayed unbelievable power to one his age. The child who did what even King Vegeta couldn't, he landed a punch on Frieza, his third form no less. That child was amazing, said the saiyans themselves, and it wasn't like them, to praise another saiyan except themselves.

Then there was Kakarot, the one to successfully defeat Frieza in combat, the one to achieve the legendary, the one to become a super saiyan, to avenge his people. That's how when Frieza did come down to HFIL, they refused to become his puppets again. It wasn't out of fear that he'd turn on them and kill them, he couldn't kill them, they'd just be re-grown in the furnace.

Another one of the many perks of HFIL, you never died, it was always eternal suffering, so blowing yourself up and trying to send yourself to oblivion never worked, you were just re-grown and suffered the pain of that blast for weeks on end. To put it nicely, HFIL sucks.

What the earth-raised Saiyan done next shocked the saiyans, "Hey guys, long time no see!" Goku chirped, raising a hand and waving it at the team who had very nearly killed his son, his best friend and Vegeta at one point in time. Gohan slapped a hand to his forehead and groaned loudly.

"No time for reunions dad, remember we're here to sort something out," Prompted Gohan.

The saiyans stood in disbelief, this was certainly not like any saiyan they knew. Well then again, Goku was not like any saiyan they knew, for one, he denied his heritage after a bonk on the head as an infant. Also, he spent his whole life protecting the planet he was sent to purge, ironic, isn't it?

"I'm telling the King about this," One saiyan said, after observing the exchange between father, son and the Ginyu Force for a few minutes.

Reaching up, the saiyan pressed a button on his scouter, trying to link up with the King, it took a few seconds, but the strong voice of the King soon came on the line. "What is it Commander, I told you not to contact me unless it is important?" Snapped King Vegeta.

"Sorry sire, but it is important, it's about the battle with the Ginyu Force it's-," The Saiyan was cut off by his King.

"Did you and your squad defeat them?" Asked the King, excitement in his voice.

"No sire, two people arrived and the-," Interrupted again by the King.

"Who are they? What do they want? Whose side are they on?" Snapped King Vegeta, firing question after question at his warrior.

"Sire, we believe it to be Kakarot and his son," The warrior replied sheepishly.

There was silence on the other end of the scouter, there was no sound coming from the King which unnerved the warrior to no end, the King always had something to say, he was never quiet.

"What are they doing just now?" The King questioned eventually, after minutes of silence.

The warrior took a glance at the two saiyans and sweat dropped, some saiyan warriors these were.

"Ehh sire, they're playing rock, paper, scissors." The soldier replied confused and dumbfounded.

There was a loud groaning on the other end of the communicator which the soldier assumed the King was cursing the two saiyan's stupidity, or bashing his head against a wall.

"Just bring them back when they're finished," King Vegeta ordered before cutting off the communication.

Just as the commander said, when the gathered saiyans took a glance at the two newcomers, they were indeed locked in a heated game of rock, paper, scissors. The Ginyu Force was eyeing them precariously wondering what in Kami's name they were doing, albeit they were nervous, the last time they'd ran into Goku, they ended up in HFIL, even though it was not directly by his hand, also that boy looked familiar as well.

"Rock, paper, scissors," Goku said, making the correct hand movements behind his back, "HAAA- Wahhh!" Goku yelped, looking from the scissors gesture in his hands, to the rock gesture in his sons hand. He made a pouting face and whined.

Gohan made a victory sign, while sticking his tongue out, "Told you I'd beat you, you're no match for me," Gohan gloated, flashing a cheesy grin.

Goku crossed his arms and sulked, "You're starting to sound like Vegeta. Next you'll be going around calling me Kakarot, clown and third-class-fool," Mumbled Goku, more to himself than others, but Gohan heard it and chuckled.

"Come on dad, you get every fight," Reasoned Gohan, putting on the puppy dog eye technique he'd spent years perfecting.

Goku relented and waved his hand, "Ok, but hurry up, I'm hungry," Grinned Goku. Then twin loud rumbling noises echoed round about them. Goku turned to Gohan with an amused expression on his face, "Sorry dad, I guess I'm hungry too," Beamed Gohan, rubbing his stomach.

The saiyans jaws slackened then dropped, almost hitting the floor. They were talking about food? At a time like this? Sure Saiyan's love food, no contest, but they also love the thrill of a good fight, and this fight wasn't only a fight to get the blood dancing around your veins, it was also a dangerous fight. And he, the great Kakarot, was sending a boy?

The Ginyu Force looked at the hybrid saiyan with curiosity, Jeice raised an eyebrow, Recoome let a loud booming laugh rip from his throat, Burter rolled his eyes and Guldo. He still hid in his hiding place behind Recoome's long, muscular legs. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead and an audible gulp was heard.

"A little kid, they're sending a little kid?" Jeice asked disbelievingly, blinking a few times to see if he was seeing right.

"I'm hurt, you don't remember me?" Gohan said in a mocking voice, watching as realization flashed across each one of their faces.

Goku could be heard mumbling, "Yep, definitely like Vegeta."

"You're that little brat from Namek, I broke you're neck!" Recoome announced, blinking back confusion. Then he burst into hysterics again, wiping away tears of laughter, "You. Expect to beat us?" He asked through laughter, as the rest of his team joined in on the laughter, all except Guldo, who was nervous.

"I've gotten a lot stronger since then Recoome, I'll warn you now, leave." Gohan stated, slipping into a confident stance. The stance was a mixture between the demon, turtle and the saiyan style of fighting. The saiyan style taught by Vegeta of course, who was adamant that Gohan learn about his heritage.

Gohan gave a roar and began powering up, a bright white aura flared up around him, kicking up dirt and debris and making it swirl around him like a tornado. His power began to pick up and start rising, but Gohan stopped it just a bit over Recoome's power level. He saw the smirk on Recoome's face and rolled his eyes, he'd teach him never to underestimate an opponent, the hard way.

Recoome confidently stepped forward, gloating to his comrades how the kid would be begging for mercy at his feet in no time, but that didn't happen. If anything it was the other way about. As soon as Recoome stepped forward, Gohan fazed out. Using pure speed to dart around faster than anybody could see. Goku could see it, but only because Gohan wasn't using his fool power, if he did. He'd have no chance.

Recoome panicked, his scouter picked up nothing, his head snapped to the side as a reading came up on his scouter, but it was a false reading. Gohan fazed back in, right in front of Recoome and delivered a hard punch to his gut. Recoome doubled over from the power in the blow, gasping for breath and spitting up some salvia mixed with blood. Retracting his fist from the belly of the beast, Gohan used his hands to flip backwards, catching Recoome in the chin with his heel. Recoome's head snapped backwards from the blow, but failed to notice Gohan's next move as blood sprayed out of his mouth. It was only when he felt excruciating pain in his ribs that he knew Gohan was beating on him again.

Blow's rained down on his body. Fists, kicks, knee's, elbows and even the occasional ki blast was fired at the great brute, who couldn't even defend against the onslaught. Blood trickled from his many wounds, bruises and broken bones made his body ache so much that it was hard to move. Blood clouded his vision as it trickled into his eyes, he couldn't raise his hand to wipe it, as that would be giving Gohan more places to attack, he fought blind, well not fought, was beaten.

Gohan tossed the body aside after a few minutes of the beating. Recoome passed out, his body weary with pain, right at the feet of Jeice, who was staring at Gohan with a feared expression. He hastily took a step backwards, "L-let's get outta' here," Yelped Jeice, turning on his heel and fleeing into the distance.

It was lucky for Recoome that Burter decided to pick him up before fleeing, or he'd be at the mercy of the saiyans. As for Guldo, he was gone as the fight started, not wanting to hang around and face a beating.

Gohan pouted as the Ginyu Force flew away, he turned to his father and sulked, "I wanted a fight," He grumbled, kicking up the stones and dirt at his feet, with a pout.

The Saiyans gathered, blinked, then blinked again. Then they sweat dropped. The commander cleared his throat to get the attention of Goku and Gohan, they turned and regarded him with curiosity, until Gohan noticed the furry 'belt' wrapped around his waist.

"Dad, he's a saiyan," Commented Gohan.

Another saiyan, a rather aggressive and bulky one, that reminded the earth raised saiyans of Nappa, barged forward, apparently forgetting the conversation the saiyans had earlier about regards to this being Kakarot, "How the hell would you know what a saiyan was? You're weak," He snapped.

Goku narrowed his eyebrows and was about to retort when his son did for him, "It's because we are saiyans, and if we're weak, how come I, a kid, can chase away the Ginyu Force while you're standing back their doing nothing?" Gohan snarled, baring his teeth for emphasis. The bulky saiyan could of swore that Gohan's eyes flashed teal for the briefest of moments.

Oh yes, Gohan had been spending too much time with Vegeta. Defending his pride was only the start.

The bulky saiyan bit his lip and took a step back, lost for words. Some saiyan's sniggered at the fact the saiyan just got told off by a kid. The commander narrowed his eyes at the Saiyan before coughing to regain everybody's attention, "What are you're names?" He questioned.

"Gohan," Gohan answered dully, keeping his sights locked on the bulky saiyan.

"Goku," Goku answered cheerily.

There were a series of groans from the gathered saiyans, before the commander again spoke up. "Goku and Gohan aren't saiyan names." The Commander stated.

Goku grinned the famous son grin, "Well, Gohan's only half saiyan. I was raised on Earth my whole life, but Vegeta calls me Kakarot," Goku explained, much to the delight of the Saiyan gathered who started whispering furiously.

"Half breed," Sneered the bulky saiyan.

Gohan narrowed his eyes and allowed his power to spike just enough to appear on the scouter, then lowered it again. It was enough for the bulky soldiers face to pale a few shades and look at the demi-saiyan with a look of disbelief, before shaking his head and mumble something about the scouter malfunctioning.

"King Vegeta requests your presence," The commander stated, it was more of a blunt fact than a question if they actually wanted to go. Without saying another word, the squadron of Saiyan's took to the air and began flying, expecting Goku and Gohan to follow them. Shooting a look at each other, father and son shrugged before lifting off into the air, in hot pursuit of the saiyan's, both thinking the same thing, 'It couldn't hurt,' Right?

-Dead And Gone To Hell-

"Lord Frieza! Lord Cell!" Jeice squawked, flying at full speed and skidding to a halt in front of Frieza and Cell, who were currently talking in hushed voices to a figure in the shadows. The remainder of the Ginyu Force landed soon after, panting and trying to gulp in life giving amounts of oxygen.

Burter peeled the still unconscious and beaten up Recoome off his shoulder and threw him down at the feet of Frieza and Cell, who looked at him with equal looks of curiosity and disgust. "What happened? Explain!" Frieza barked, crossing his arms and tapping his foot in impatience.

Cell just gave one last look at the fallen Recoome before turning and continuing his conversation to the shadowy figure, who was currently providing all the information on their enemies. "They're planning an attack tonight, King Vegeta's leading the attack, it may be the perfect opportunity to capture him," The shadowy figure explained to the android.

"This is very unfortunate, I planned to use tonight to open the portal to the living realm and bring Goku and Gohan down here, but to do that I need everybody to donate their power, and I can't do that if we're under attack, I'll need to send my men in, and I need every ounce of power I can get to break the veil," Cell muttered angrily.

"My Lord, why don't you just destroy the saiyans outright? I know you have the power to do so," The hooded figure suggested, watching Cell's features carefully, in case he had to avoid a potential killing blow for suggesting a ludicrous idea.

Cell didn't respond with violence, just a calm patient voice, being in HFIL, did make you more patient, for some unknown reason, maybe it was the fact that you knew you were going to be down here for the rest of eternity so you knew you didn't have to rush things, or maybe it was the fact that there was nothing else to do other than polish up on your manners, yeah right!

"Didn't you learn your lesson the first time?" Cell asked slowly, he paused for a moment in contemplation before continuing, "Even I don't hold the power to destroy a soul completely. I can only destroy their body, not their spirit. It takes a pure spirit with an incredible amount of power to send a spirit to oblivion, and there's only one person I know of that can do that," Cell said scowling as he thought of his humiliating defeat at the hands of one, Son Gohan.

"So that's how you want to open the portal, to bring that little brat into the underworld? So he can wipe out the whole saiyan race, genius, but one problem. How will you force him to destroy them.

From what I remember of the brat, he's soft," The figure said intrigued.

Cell just merely flashed a rather evil smirk, then a malicious glint shone in his eyes, "Do you honestly think I'd never thought of that, the portals just not for him you know," Cell grinned, flashing his pearly white things, before continuing, "Now hurry up and get back, I don't want any suspicion arising not yet anyway," Cell commanded before waving his hand and turning his back on the shadowy figure, who took this as a time to fly off into the sky, back toward the saiyan home base.

Cell caught the tail end of the conversation with Frieza and the Ginyu Force, well mainly Jeice, since Recoome was down and out, while Burter was poking him with his foot and Guldo was nowhere in sight. "… And then that monkey from Namek showed up with his brat, that couldn't even defeat Recoome before, and he took Recoome out, we didn't even see him move!" Jeice babbled, but Frieza had lost him when he mentioned that monkey from Namek, that could only mean one thing, Goku. He was so wrapped up in his own plans for revenge that he didn't hear Cell laughing like an idiot.

"This is perfect," Laughed Cell manically.

Frieza turned and eyed Cell curiously, raising an eye ridge as he laughed, "What's perfect?" Frieza questioned.

"Gohan, he's here with his father, so that means that nobody is protecting his family, we strike now! Gather you're soldiers Frieza, I'm opening the portal," Cell grinned before bursting into more maniacal laughter.

-Dead And Gone To Hell-

Goku whistled lowly as he landed and took in his surroundings, it was a large cliff, but it was a palace carved into the cliff, it was magnificent, and the amount of saiyans gathered was maddening, especially for the saiyan named Goku who had only known three full blooded saiyans in his life, two of whom where dead and probably here.

Goku laughed nervously, he didn't want to face Raditz again, not that he was scared Raditz would kill him, well he couldn't, he was already dead, it was the fact that he didn't know if he would be able to trust any of the saiyans, after all, his encounters with Raditz, Nappa and even Vegeta led to betrayal at least once.

Every saiyan gathered were wearing the traditional saiyan armour, in different colours and designs, according to class. There were saiyans with different types of gravity defying hair, different types of muscle mass, different heights, but one thing all the saiyans had in common was the brown, furry belt wrapped around each waist, this was the saiyan's pride and joy, their source of power, their tails.

"King Vegeta will see you now," The official informed them, not looking up from the notes he was carrying.

Goku brightened up, then flashed a goofy grin, only a Son would be capable of doing, "Oh boy, Vegeta's dead, let's go see him Gohan," Grinned Goku, rushing off indoors, ignoring the commands of others telling him to stop.

Gohan groaned then slapped his hand to his head, "Dad, it's not Vege-" He stopped considering that Goku was no longer there anymore, "This can't be good," Mumbled Gohan before taking off in the direction his father went a few minutes prior.

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