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Chapter 1: Just a little project

Twenty-one years had passed after the war with Aizen Sousuke and all was peaceful in Seirentei

"WHAT?!" The taichous of Gotei 13 screamed

"Who said that…?"

"When was this decision made?!"

"I Absolutely REFUSE to be a part of this!"

Questions could be heard from the taichou meeting room all the way to the vice-captains' meeting room.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Asked a certain short bun haired girl.

"I don't know but it can't be good. I even heard Kuchiki taichou."

"Do you think that another war is starting?" Asked Kira

"No, probably not, don't worry it's probably a ban on weird clothing or something." Hisagi said.

Later that day


HItsugaya chose to ignore it. He had grown over the last twenty-one years. He was much taller than he had been and his features had become polished, making him attractive to the eyes of every female shinigami.


He knew it was worthless to glare at her because she had become immune to it.

"Ne, Taichou, answer me! For crying out loud just tell me what all that screaming in the meeting was about!"

HItsugaya finally gave in, "The sou-taichou just told us about a… little project he's trying."

"Ooh, sounds interesting. Taichou tell me about it!"

Ok, now hitsugaya knew he should just shut up. He couldn't tell her about the project, but she would probably find out soon…

"You'll see…"

"That's no fair taichou."

HItsugaya thought about it. If she was going to know then he might as well tell her.

"OK, but you can't tell the others. The commander-captain wants to do a TV. show with all the captains, but since we still haven't found anyone that could take a captain position, he decided that the Vice- Captains will also join."

"Sounds interesting. Ne taichou, what kind of TV show is it?"

"That's just it, the commander-captain won't tell us."

Meanwhile at the same time…

"You must promise not to tell anyone." Unohana said as her vice- captain nodded and walked off. Unohana just sat there wondering what had gone through the sou-taichous' head that he would get this kind of an idea. Maybe it was time for his yearly check-up…

"Tch, seriously what kind of idea is that. That old man's gone crazy, it'd better be a fighting show or else I'm not doing it."

"I don't know Ken-chan, it sounds fun to me! I wanna play!" said Yachiru

All around Seirentei word was getting out and spreading faster than lightning that a TV show would be coming out featuring the Gotei 13's very own captains and vice captains.

Next chapter just what kind of show?