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Chapter I

A Day to Remember

It was noon in Hyrule. The Sun hung high in the sky, and a few stray clouds lazily floated by. Life was going on as usual. It was a peaceful end for such a catastrophic event. Only a few hours before the evil King (if you could call him a 'King') Ganondorf had been vanquished. The young hero who had defeated him, Link, was preparing to return to his normal life after returning the Master Sword to its rightful place. Of course, maybe he could make one exception to his normal life…

"You're returning to Ordon already?" Princess Zelda asked, astonished. After all, Link had just saved the entire Kingdom of Hyrule, and he was going to return to his normal life, just like that? It wasn't right.

"Yeah, pretty much." He replied as he got on the saddle of his horse, Epona.

"But it's not right for you to just leave after all that you've done for us. You've saved me, the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Twilight Realm, and citizens of both. I could-"

"You're very gracious, Princess, but the people of my village are safe and that's all I want. I don't need anything else." He turned to leave but Zelda grabbed his arm.

"At least stay in the castle for a few days, until Midna leaves. Think of it as a way of me repaying you. Everything will be taken care of for you. I can have my workers take care of your village."

"Well, I guess it couldn't hurt anything…" She let go of him.

"Good." Zelda smiled. "It will be my honor to have the man who saved our Kingdom residing in my castle."

"It's roomy in here." Link thought to himself as he looked around the throne room. It was. The last time he'd been in that room, that castle, was to confront Ganondorf. Those few, short hours seemed like ages ago. Now officials, soldiers, and peasants lined the walkway, their applause echoing through the room. "I didn't know there were this many people in the entire Kingdom, let alone this town." Link thought as he looked at the people who had come to greet him.

"Welcome to the royal life." Zelda whispered in his ear as they continued down the walkway.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Star Destroyer Tyranny was in the heat of battle. It was engaged with the Rebel Blockade Runner Tantive IV, and its support fighters. Onboard were the plans to the Death Star. It had to be stopped.

"Sir, Rebel fighters have knocked out our tractor beam!" an excited officer reported to Lt. Commander Sarkli, commander of the Tyranny.

"Scramble fighters and knockout the Runner's engines! Don't allow it to escape!" He ordered. He couldn't let the Tantive IV escape. Failure would cost him his life.

"Sir." another officer reported. "The fighters have been scrambled. And the Rebels have hit our septic tanks."

"Get a cleanup crew down there on the double!" Lt. Sarkli ordered. Outside Imperial TIE fighters engaged Rebel X-Wings, drawing them away from the Tyranny. Explosions and fireballs lit up space as fighters from both sides were destroyed. The Tyranny focused on the Tantive IV's engines.

The officers onboard the Tyranny's command deck watched anxiously to see what would happen. A few antagonizing minutes later, they watched as a tremendous explosion came from the Tantive IV. The ship seemed to slow down. Then the official report came from the battery commander.

"The Tantive IV's engines have been destroyed!" he radioed.

Lt. Sarkli breathed a sigh of relief. Then he ordered, "Prepare to board the Tantive IV.

After a glorious speech by Zelda (which was far too long for this writer to write.) and everyone had left, excluding a few of the soldiers and officials, everything was put in order.

"…so the workers will leave for Ordon tomorrow morning." Zelda finished, "Now that that's in order-"

"Princess Zelda!" A man's voice called out. As he reached the top of the stairs he called out again. "Princes-" The man slipped on the carpet, tumbling back down the stairs taking out three soldiers, two servants, two officials, and an ambassador before he finally hit the bottom.

"That had to hurt." Link said aloud.

"I'm O.K.!" the man said. "But Ambassador Williams has a terrible concussion, and one of the soldiers is unconscious!"

"That voice, it can't be!" Zelda said, bewildered. Both she and Link took a few steps forward. The man reached the top of the steps, again, and wiped himself off.

"Siegfried, you're alive!" Zelda said in disbelief as she ran up and hugged him.

"Well, I guess this is one way to be greeted by the Princess." Siegfried said as he embraced her. "I am alive and kicking." Siegfried was slightly taller than Link, with long brown hair that dropped down in bangs across his face. He had blue eyes and a medium build. He was probably in his late twenties.

Link didn't have a clue who he was. He just watched and kept quiet.

"Everyone told me you'd been killed during the Battle of the Eastern Hyrule Field. What happened?" Zelda asked, still holding him.

"I was wounded and taken prisoner." He pause for a moment, then sighed. "If only General Fredrik had been as lucky as me." Zelda gave him an inquisitive look. "He was killed by Zant's archers."

Link faked a cough. Siegfried let go of Zelda, then they both looked over at Link.

"Oh, yes. Link, this is Siegfried, my Chief Advisor. Siegfried, this is Link. He's the man who saved the Kingdom.

Siegfried walked over and bowed. "It is my honor to be in your presence, Link." Link lifted his hand. Siegfried rose.

"Siegfried, why don't you show Link to his room?" Zelda asked. "It's the one on the third floor."

He turned and bowed. "Yes, my Leigh." He turned to Link. "Link, follow me."

The Tyranny moved over the Tantive IV. It was going to force the ship into its hangar, where Stormtroopers, Officers, and Darth Vader himself prepared to board the enemy ship. But it was taking a very, very, very long time.

"What is taking them so long!?" Darth Vader demanded, taping his foot impatiently.

The problem was on the command deck.

"Left!" an officer pulled the control stick left.

"Right!" an officer pulled the stick in that direction.

"Forward!" another latched on and pulled.

"Back!" said another.

"Diagonal!" said yet another.

"Three-Sixty!" the sixth and final officer yelled out as he grabbed the control stick and spun the ship around in circles. Officers and Stormtroopers were flung about the ship as it spun like a top. But some how, the Tantive IV was placed perfectly in the Tyranny's hangar when it stopped spinning.

"We're… good." One of the officers managed to gasp into the speaker. He was space-sick. Below, Darth Vader puked in his mask.

"They… had better… not… do… that again." Darth Vader managed to slip out. He emptied his mask and prepared to board the ship. Only now they faced a new problem...

"The door won't budge!" a Stormtrooper said as he struggled to open the door.

"Great…" one of the officers said.

"So, how did you break out of prison?" Link asked Siegfried as they walked through the castle.

"Funny story, actually." Siegfried said. "You see, one of the guards was busting his father out of prison. So he had the guard in the bubble, you know the control for each house? Anyway, they sent all the prisoners to the courtyard. Somebody just walked up in the middle of the crowd, grabbed a guy and yelled 'Hey everybody, RIOT!' And I managed to escape in the following chaos."

"Really?" Link said.

"Yeah, the guard said he was friends with some avatar guy…" Siegfried finished. They were quiet for a few minutes. Then Link broke the silence.

"So… are you and Zelda-"

"No, no." Siegfried cut him off, knowing what he was going to ask. "We're just friends. I mean, I've known her before she was born. My father was an ambassador and my uncle was commander of the Royal Guard. I've lived here practically my entire life."

"Do they still work for the Princess?" Link asked.

Siegfried got a solemn look. "They both died defending her. They were killed in the throne room. My father was killed instantly. I was told that, as my uncle's lay dying, his last word were, 'You shall pay for the suffering you have brought upon this world.' Then Zant finished him off. He was refering to you, Link."

"I'm sorry." Link said.

"It's O.K. I've come to accept what happened." He looked over. "Ah, here's your room."

"Stand clear!" A Stormtrooper shouted as the entrance of the Tantive IV was blown off.

"Move!" An officer ordered. Stormtroopers rushed in, firing E-11 blaster rifles. Rebels returned fire as they took cover throughout the vessel. Both Rebels and Imperials were killed as firefights broke out all over the ship.

"The Rebel Blockade Runner has been boarded." A voice radioed to the command deck. The second battle for the Tantive IV had begun.

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