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Gordon rolled over under his duvet, blinking sleepily at the alarm clock on his bedside table. It's nearly seven o'clock. That means that Alan and Scott'll be up already. John will get up exactly at seven, 'cause he likes to do things according to his schedule, but Virgil won't wake up for another hour a least. He can be kinda lazy in the mornings. Oh well, I'd better get up. My stomach's grumbling.

Heaving himself out of bed, he rubbed a hand over his face and sighed, looking around at his bedroom. The last of his belongings had finally been unpacked, and the large room had actually begun to feel like his bedroom. His walls were covered in posters of sharks and dolphins, and glow-in-the-dark fish were stuck to his ceiling. Everything was laid out just how it had been in the old house. Scott had seen to that. He had personally helped Gordon to organise his room the way he liked it, and had done the same for both Alan and Virgil. Only John had wanted to do it on his own, as the star-loving Tracy had set up a solar system on his bedroom ceiling, and he'd wanted to lay it out as accurately as possible. As Scott's knowledge on the stars was rather limited, he had gladly permitted his younger brother to work on his own.

Gordon walked across his room, hissing in pain as he stepped on something sharp. Hopping up and down on one foot, he looked at the floor to see what the offending item was. A small metal bolt sat innocently before him, it's pointed edges gleaming triumphantly. Gordon frowned in annoyance, picking up the bolt and dropping it into the box on his desk. The object was part of his 'make it yourself' remote-control speed boat set, which he had received as past of his birthday present. It was a great kit, but the large number of pieces meant that Gordon often found himself stepping on nuts and bolts that had somehow escaped his eye when he searched for missing parts.

Gordon sighed again as he entered is small bathroom. He still wasn't happy. They had moved to the island nearly three weeks ago, and still their father was always hard at work in his office. After a couple of days of unpacking and organising furniture, the Tracy patriarch had slipped back into his usual routine of working, eating and sleeping. Gordon did not see him except at mealtimes, and often Jeff would slip off before he had finished his food to answer a dozen phone calls or emails from Tracy Industries clients. Nothing had changed.

After showering swiftly and changing into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, Gordon quickly brushed his teeth and headed out of his room. He walked down the corridor and descended a flight of stairs, jogging in the direction of the dining room. As he neared his destination, the smell of toast hit his nostrils and his stomach growled loudly. Rounding the corner, he entered the room.

"Morning, squirt!" Scott smiled, setting down a jug and handing the glass of juice to Alan. The smaller boy accepted it with both hand, spilling a few drops as he put it down heavily beside his cereal bowl.

"Hey, Gordy!" Alan smiled. "Did you have nice sleep?"

Gordon smiled and came to sit beside his younger brother. "It was okay. The birds woke me up pretty early this morning, but I managed to get back to sleep after that. How 'bout you?"

Alan grinned and picked up his spoon again. "I waked Scotty up this morning 'cause I wasn't tired, and he wasn't very happy about that. He made me go back to bed."

Scott stood up and rounded the table with the jug of juice, ruffling Alan's hair as he passed by. Leaning over Gordon's shoulder, he poured the yellow liquid into the boy's glass.

"That's because you woke me up at four-thirty, Sprout." he chuckled, setting the pitcher down again and returning to his seat. "That was a little too early to be starting breakfast."

Gordon grinned and grabbed a piece of toast and the peanut butter. "But Scotty, you love getting up real early in the morning!" he said sweetly.

"Not that early, Gordo." Scott frowned. "I may be an early riser, but I do have to draw the line somewhere."

"You can't draw a dot, let alone a line!" joked John, striding into the room. "Virge stole all your artistic talent."

Gordon giggled as Scott shot a glare at the blond teenager. "That's not true, Johnny." Gordon stated around a mouthful of toast, choosing to defend his eldest brother for once. At Scott's warning glance, he swallowed before trying to speak again. "Scott can draw planes and stuff when he wants to."

Scott beamed at him proudly. "See, John? At least one of my brothers loves me!"

Alan looked up in shock. "I love you, Scotty!" he declared sincerely. Scott smiled at him affectionately.

"Thank you, Allie." he said. "I love you, too."

Gordon made retching noises, earning himself a clip around the ear from Scott and a giggle from his younger brother. Gordon grinned and, when Scott returned his attention back to his breakfast, proceeded to pull ridiculous faces at the eldest Tracy son. Alan covered his mouth with his two little hands, trying not to giggle out loud. Without looking up from his plate, Scott sighed deeply and shook his head.

"Gordo, quit looking like a baboon and eat your toast." he said calmly. Gordon forcefully shoved the last of his toast into his mouth and did a mock bow towards his older brother.

"Who looks like a baboon?" Virgil asked, walking into the room and running a hand through his hair. Scott, who had been about to scold Gordon over his less than desirable table manners, turned to smile at Virgil.

"Hey, man! You're up early." he commented, clapping the younger boy on the shoulder as he took the seat beside him. Virgil sighed and nodded, rubbing his eyes wearily.

"It's against my will, trust me." he said, pouring himself a glass of orange juice. "Those stupid parrots or whatever they are keep screeching the house down right outside my bedroom window!"

Scott chuckled softly. "You'll adapt, Virge. You always do. Soon, only one of us screaming will wake you up in the morning."

Virgil gave him a playful shove, sipping at his drink as his eyes glanced around the table. He frowned at the empty seat. "Where's dad?" he inquired.

"He had his breakfast in his office." Scott replied. "He said he had some work to do."

Gordon, who had just finished swallowing down the last of his juice, slammed his glass onto the table-top moodily. "What a surprise." he muttered darkly.

"Gordon." Scott said quietly. "Don't start."

"Don't start what, Scott?" the copper-haired boy retorted. "Don't start tellin' the truth?! Don't start saying just how unfair it is that dad doesn't care about us any more?!"

"Gordon, that's enough." Scott warned, frowning at him sternly. But Gordon had now worked himself into a temper, and Scott's command only served to heighten his anger.

"No, it's not enough!" Gordon shouted, throwing his napkin onto his empty plate and standing up. "You lied to me, Scott! You said that dad would change when me moved here, but he hasn't! I hate you!"

With that, he ran out of the room, missing the hurt look that passed over his eldest brother' face. Flying down the corridors to his bedroom, he slammed the door loudly and fell onto his bed, pulling his soft toy dolphin towards him and crying silently. Immediately, he began to regret what he had said to Scott.

I don't hate him, honest I don't. I love him a lot. But sometimes I just get so angry with him! Why doesn't he see the way that dad's ignoring us? Am I the only one who cares?

Gordon lay on his bed and stared out of the window for what felt like hours, his guilt burning through him like fire. Why couldn't he just keep his mouth shut like John and Virgil? They never yelled stuff like that at Scott when they got angry. And John hardly ever lost his temper. It just wasn't fair!

Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the door. Gordon pulled his pillow over his head and huffed moodily.

"Go 'way!" he mumbled.

"Gordy, it's me, can I come in?" came the high and innocent voice of Gordon's only younger brother. Gordon sighed and sat up. Alan didn't do anything wrong. And he's only little. I don't wanna make him upset, too.

"Yeah, Allie, you can come in." he called, sitting up and wiping his eyes hurriedly, swinging his legs over the side of the bed so that he faced the door.

The door opened, and Alan shuffled into the room, closing the door again behind him by pushing his back against. The small boy smiled at him happily, before looking concerned and running up to the bedside.

"Gordy, you've been cryin'!" he cried worriedly, heaving himself up onto the bed beside his brother. He put his two little arms around Gordon's waist and leaned his head against the older boy's side. "It's okay, I'll make it better."

Gordon smiled tearfully down at his baby brother, feeling his heart warm. "Thanks, Allie." he said softly. "You're really good at doin' that."

"I know." Alan replied simply, patting Gordon on the back. Gordon sighed and put his arms around Alan's body, holding the little boy closer to him. After a long and comfortable pause, Alan raised his head and stared questioningly into Gordon's eyes. "Why did you yell at Scotty?"

Gordon bit his bottom lip and looked away. "I was mad, Allie. Not at Scott, but - I was just mad, that's all."

Alan nodded in apparent understanding. "But you made Scotty sad when you yelled at him. He didn't even finish breakfast, 'cause he went to his room and he looked real sad when he left. I think you hurt him on the inside when you yelled at him."

Gordon felt his guilt increase painfully. "I didn't mean to hurt him, Allie. Honest I didn't."

Alan nodded again, hugging Gordon tighter. "I know, Gordy. But you need to say sorry and make him feel better like I'm doing with you, 'kay?"

Gordon smiled at Alan's ability to calm a situation down. His younger brother probably had no idea what the argument had been about, but his innocent affection and lack of complete understanding always helped to smooth out an argument.

"Okay, Allie, I'll go and apologise." Gordon said reluctantly. Alan smiled happily.

"See? I made it all better!" he stated proudly. Gordon chuckled and hugged Alan again.

"Thanks, Al." he said affectionately. Alan stretched upwards and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"You're welcome, Gordy." he replied. "Now go and say sorry to Scotty, then you and me can go swimmin' on the pool, 'kay?"

Gordon grinned at his little brother. "Now that sounds like a great idea, Allie! You go get your swim-shorts on and ask John and Virge if they want to come too, alright? I'll meet you by the pool after I've talked to Scott."

Alan smiled in excitement. "'kay, Gordy, I'll go put on my swim-shorts. Can we play with the ball when we go swimmin'?"

"Yeah, sure thing." Gordon agreed, standing up and taking his little brother's hand. "C'mon, let's go."

They didn't have to go far. Alan's bedroom was next door to Gordon's, and Scott's was just beyond that. After making sure that Alan had found his shorts, Gordon walked slowly up to Scott's bedroom door and knocked gently.

"Come in?" Scott called. Gordon pushed the door open and peered hesitantly into the room. Scott sat at his desk, a pen in one hand and a science book in the other. He glanced up at Gordon as the boy entered, and set the objects down slowly.

"Hi, Scott." Gordon mumbled, staring intently at the floor as he pushed the door closed behind him. He felt the guilt rising up in him once again, and fresh tears pricked at the corners of his eyes. Looking up again, he noticed that Scott was gazing at him steadily. Slowly, his older brother opened his arms towards the copper-haired boy, his gentle face soft and loving. Gordon ran into Scott's embrace, hugging him tightly as tears spilled down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Scotty." he sniffed. "I didn't mean it, really I didn't. I don't hate you, I promise I don't! I was just mad and - and - I'm sorry!"

Scott scooped the younger boy up and settled him on his lap, rocking him gently. "I know you didn't mean it, Gordon." he said softly. "I know you were just upset about dad working all the time. It's alright, I forgive you."

Gordon sniffed again, leaning his head on Scott's shoulder. "Are you gonna punish me?" he asked timidly. Scott sighed and hugged him closer.

"I think you've punished yourself enough." he said thoughtfully. "You've apologised to me, which shows me that you really are sorry. So no, I won't punish you - this time. But I don't ever want to hear you telling somebody that you hate them, alright? It's rude and hurtful, and I won't allow it, d'you understand?"

"Yes, Scotty." Gordon murmured. "I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

"That's more like it." Scott smiled, resting his chin on top of his brother's head. "Now, what are you gonna do this morning?" he asked, rubbing Gordon's back gently. Gordon wiped away his tears with the back of his hand and smiled.

"Alan and me are gonna go swimming." he replied.

"Alan and I, Gordo." Scott corrected fondly. "That sounds like a good idea, the weather's pretty humid today. It's been over an hour since breakfast, so it's safe for you two to go swimming now. Just remember that Alan is only little, and he's not as good at swimming as you. Be gentle with him, okay?"

"I will, Scotty." Gordon said sincerely. "And I always make sure that there's a float in the water in case he gets tired or something. I'll look after him."

"Good boy." Scott replied, kissing his copper locks and setting him down on the floor again. "Now, off you go. I want to study for a little while."

"'Okay. Love you, Scotty." the younger boy smiled. Scott ruffled his hair affectionately.

"I love you too, kiddo. I'll be out in a little while to play with you and Alan in the pool, okay?" he grinned. The smaller Tracy nodded and bounced out of the room, being sure to close the door behind him so that Scott wouldn't be disturbed whilst he studied.

Gordon trotted off happily, his heart feeling light once again. Scott loved him, and hadn't even punished him for his rude outburst earlier on. He had the best older brother in the world.

Even if dad is too busy to look after us, at least we'll always have Scotty. Maybe I'll just give dad a little more time to settle down. Scotty's always right about everything, so dad won't always behave this way. I'll just be really good, and maybe he'll want to come play with us later.

His mind at peace, Gordon changed into his swim-shorts and grabbed his inflatable ball. The pool was calling to him, and he was all too willing to obey it's commands. Sometimes, he mused, it seemed that John was right about him. Perhaps he was half-fish after all.

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