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Spring 2015

The sounds of footsteps echoed from down the hall. They seemed to be approaching. A small figure wrapped in a green hospital gown shivered. She was strapped face down to a hospital bed. It quivered slightly as she fought to control her body. The monitoring machine next to the bed started beeping more quickly, matching the beat of her racing heart.

'No more pain. No more needles, not yet.' She whimpered in her mind.

The footsteps stopped outside her door. A small sound escaped her clenched lips before she was able to swallow it. She felt the pull of the stitches in her back as the cold air from the hallway hit her exposed skin through the gap in her gown, causing chills to dance along her spine. She could sense two people at the door.

As the door swung open into the small white room, one male scent hit her like a ton of bricks. He was one of the ones who enjoyed causing her pain. She squeezed her hands into fists and jerked on her arm restraints. Nothing. She heard a snicker as two men entered the room. She knew one of them was him. She could feel his dark eyes on her as they burned with anticipation.

"Mommy…" she whimpered softly before she bit her chapped bottom lip to stop herself.

A harsh laugh came from that one man before he moved into her line of sight. Through her own long dark matted hair she could see him. Greasy brown hair partly covered dark eyes that burned into hers from a pale scruffy face.

"She can't save ya now, kitten." He barked harshly. "She's dead."

"No…" she whispered nearly in tears.

"Yes kitten, I would know. I finished her off myself." He gloated.

"Stop it Quinn! You know we aren't supposed to talk to the test subjects." said a stern voice from behind him.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever!" Quinn scoffed. "We ain't supposed to touch them either. But I sure gave her momma a touch or two before and after she died."

The girl didn't totally understand what he meant, but the thought of him touching her mother in any way made her feel funny inside. Like she was burning deep down, but without the pain. Just a pulsation that started getting stronger.

A low growl was heard in the small room. The heart monitor started sounding out more swiftly. She saw Quinn look at her in surprise.

"Was that her?" asked the unseen man.

"Hell if I know!" he retorted but his voice had a bit of a waiver to it now.

She felt the burn getting stronger, but it didn't hurt her at all. She embraced the fire, as she felt it making her stronger. There was a sound of creaking metal and then a loud splintering crack sound. The monitor was going ballistic now with the warning alarms sounding out also.

"Shit man! Look at the restraints. She just tore through them like they were made of paper!"

"Quinn, we need to leave now!"

"Ah hell man. What's she gonna do?" Quinn smirked slightly as he tried to cover the shudder of his shoulders.

"I'm not waiting around to find out. Shit look at her eyes. They are glowing green! I'm outta here!" shouted the unseen man.

The sound of running feet didn't distract her from the man standing in front of her. The one that had hurt her mom. Another deeper growl ripped through the air. Then, ominously, the monitor went to the flat line tone.

He never saw it coming. One minute she was crouched on the bed and the next instant she was on top of his prone green garbed body with blood running down both hands. Hands with nails that looked like large cat claws. His throat was gone. Ripped out. A shocked confused look locked on his lifeless face.

Another alarm brought her head up in surprise. On instinct she glanced at the open door. Then she dashed out, running for her life. As she rounded a corner she slammed into a figure just a little bigger than her ten year old form. Red and violet/amber colors flashed in front of her sight before she felt herself falling. Her head hit the ground hard. Black spots danced in front of her eyes as she tried to get up, only to fall down again. The red headed figure moaned softly as he rolled on the ground holding his head. Police sirens hit the young girl's sensitive ears just before she started to go under.

'Daddy! Dad is coming!' was the last thought before the darkness swallowed her.