It had been 3 months since the infamous tragic romantic affair between the beautiful Christine Daae, the handsome Viscount De

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It had been 3 months since the infamous tragic romantic affair between the beautiful Christine Daae, the handsome Viscount De Changy, and the mysterious Phantom of the Opera. It seemed that Christine and Raoul forgot all about the lonesome soul beneath the Paris Opera House, but Erik did not forget things easily. He still fretted over his lost love, his Christine. It seemed as if he would spend the rest of his days wallowing in misery, until that day. The day his life changed forever. All because of a girl.

The day started the same as every other one, waking up, eating a bit, trying to compose but being too depressed to think, and a random time traveler landing in his lake.

…wait, what?

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" SPLASH! That was what woke Erik from his spot on the organ. Shaking his head, he stood up and looked around. Seeing nothing, he figured he simply imagined the scream. Until he heard the high pitched voice again.

"Oh my God, did it work? Am I in the lair? I better go see. Mousier le Phantom? Erik? Are you in here?" The next part she seemed to say to herself. "Geez, I'm going to kill Ofelia if this thing didn't work. I mean, what if she sent me to, like, Japan or something? Hmm…that WOULD be cool…ok Norah, back to the matter at hand. ERRRRIIIIKKK? HELLOOOOOOOOO?"

Erik sighed. Whatever this little girl was muttering about, it couldn't be good for him. Disregarding the fact that she knew his real name, he decided to scare her, in hopes that she would leave his lair like a sensible person would. Using his ventriloquism, he threw his voice directly into her ear, saying:

"And what, mademoiselle, would you do if I said that I were here?"

The next thing the girl did shocked Erik.

She squealed. He heard her running footsteps getting closer and closer to him. Cursing under his breath, he fled from the front area of the lair, and into his room. Surely, she wouldn't follow him there.

Oh, how wrong he was. The next thing he knew, the door was thrown open, and there she stood.

She was short, only about 5 feet tall, maybe a few inches shorter. Her short, black hair seemed to stick out in all directions. She was wearing a strange looking outfit, in Erik's opinion. Her teal shirt had stripes zigzagging around it, and it went just above her knees. She was wearing black leggings, and black flip-flops. Her wide, bright green eyes stared at him with a mixture of excitement, disbelief, and something he couldn't identify. Insanity, perhaps?

She looked at his face for a few seconds; her eyes lingering on the mask that covered the right side, grinned wider than Erik thought the human mouth could stretch, and threw herself onto him.