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Mitchie was still standing behind the door as the tears keep running down her cheeks, she just couldn't believe what she just saw, how could be Shane kissing Tess, Mitchie wanted to think that Tess was obligating Shane, but she knew what she heard, and Shane, her Shane was in love with Tess, that wasn't right, Shane was supposed to love her, she was the girl of the voice, she was the one who sang with him, and even after that Shane left her for Tess…

The girl wipped the tears away and started her way to her cabin, or well the cabin that she shared with Tess, Ella and Peggy, she looked inside the place, there was Peggy and Ella, that was perfect she was going to make Shane love her, and she had a plan, she opened the door crying like crazy:

Peggy; OMG what happened to you?

Ella: Yeah, what happened?

Mitchie: I ca…nt believe it, I was in the kitchen and when I was going to talk with Shane… Tess jumped and kissed him when she saw me…..Shane didn't know what to say!

Peggy: I cant believe Tess….

Ella: She always want to win

Mitchie: Yeah … but that was just terrible…

The door of the cabin opened and Tess appeared smiling when she saw an angry Peggy and Ella, and Mitchie crying:

Peggy: I cant believe it Tess

Ella: Yeah that's just low

Tess: What are you talking about

Ella: Don't play dumb Tess

Peggy: You cant loose right?

Mitchie: You are a bitch

Tess: Whats wrong with you? I apologised

Mitchie: Yeah and then you just jump into Shane

Tess: Where? How? You don't know what are you saying

Mitchie: Why don't you just understand that Shane doesn't love you

Tess: You are really lost

The loud screams from the cabin alerted Caitlin and Nate who were talking a few steps away from the cabin:

Nate: Whats that?

Caitlin: One of that voices s Tess's one, I think the other one is Mitchie

Both teens approached the window where they could hear better, listening the whole fight:

Caitlin: I cant believe Tess did that

Nate: She is right, Shane love's her, I saw them talking by the lake and kissing and all, don't you remember last camp, they were a couple

Caitlin: Oh that's right, I complete forgot about that

They stayed by the windows while inside Tess was crying like crazy while Peggy, Ella and Mitchie were still screaming at her, the blond girl opened the door and was received out by Nate who catch her before she fell to the floor:

Nate: What the hell is wrong with you?

Mitchie: Leave her she is just a bhc

Caitlin: I tough you were smarter Mitchie

Nate and Caitlin hugged Tess who was still crying her eyes out and and walked with her to the dinner:

Tess: Tha…nks .- Tess tried to talk between sobs but she failed

Caitlin: Don't worry

Nate: You don't deserve to be treated like that

Tess: Yes I do, I'm horrible, I deserve to be treated like this and more

Nate: No you don't, no one does

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