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Metropolis is exactly a twelve hour drive from Gotham City. Being on the east cost of the United States Metropolis is an Hour ahead of Gotham. So When Metropolis DA Loren Dent was sitting at her desk at the DA's office at 8:00am and reviewing her case files her Brother, Gotham DA Harvey Dent would just be getting into his car and on his way into work. At least that would be the case usually. Today however Loren had a feeling of foreboding.

It was exactly 9:15am when the call came, with a very loud Ring. Loren let her secretary get it, she was in the middle of an important meeting with Mayor Jones at the moment "So I do understand you were only just elected and you have a lot on your plate right now but where are you with the Johnson family Murder case?"

"I can assure you sir. This Arsonist will get locked up for a very long time this one is an Ace in the Hole," Loren assured him.

"Well that's good News I mean I know we don't exactly have the crime rate that other cities have, though some of these people are just as crazy as those nuts in Gotham. By the way how is your Brother Dent?"

"He is stressed over this whole Joker thing. The clown almost killed him last month."

"Well that's-"

"Excuse me Miss Dent." Her secretary was at the door "You might want to take this it's the Commissioner."

"Can you Tell Commissioner Stone I'll call him back I'm in the middle of something."

"No maim Its Commissioner Gordon in Gotham City Your Brother has been found dead. As next of Kin they need you their eminently."

Everything happened so fast after that. Loren did not remember leaving the office. She did not remember asking ADA Mathews to cover for he in court for the next week. She did not even remember how she got back to her apartment. The only thing she did remember was calling her boyfriend and asking him to come over.