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A/n This Chapter is just a bunch of little snippet scenes to address things that will become important latter so be patient.

Plots and Deals

Want Tower: 2:20 pm a month after the Funeral of Harvey Dent

Bruce Wayne looked over the information on Lex Corp. for the meeting he had scheduled for next week. He notated that Luther seemed to buying a lot of property that had previously been victimized by a string of arson attacks. From what Mr. Fox had gathered many of those sites had been low income housing or organizations that helped the needy. From what both men had gathered that Luther had hired the Alleged Arsonist to burn those buildings down to displace the residence so he could buy up the land and develop it himself. The Metropolis DA's office had to drop the investigation against Lex Corp because the Star witness had died in prison which meant the case had to be dropped until more evidence could turn up.

"Looks like we won't be forming any kind of partnership with them," Bruce Wayne said as he put the file back on the table.

"Not Necessarily" Mr. Fox replied. "We can always do some more research between now and when you go to Metropolis next Week. "

"Ok have someone look into this."

With That Bruce left to b go put on another one of his Playboy charades.

Commissioner Gordon's House Same Day:

"Jimmy I Your mother told me your teacher called today", Commissioner Gordon looked at his son since the incident involving the former District Attorney Jimmy had been very withdrawn from the other kids at school .He had Also been getting into fights with the other kids regarding the Batman question. "Jimmy is there something you want to tell me.

"No Ser."

"Ok Then Go do your homework"

Jimmy walked into his room but did not start his homework right away. He turned on his computer and typed in the email address for the Metropolis DA's office, He had gotten the information from a file his father had left on the kitchen table when he went to take Barbara to gymnastics. "He typed a Quick email. "Ok Loren Dent let's see how you like this little piece of info. He hit send then went to write his history paper.

Undisclosed location In Gotham same day:

The Joker looked at the paper in annoyance "They are still chasing the Bat, the police covering up the five murders committed by Harvey Dent. I wonted anarchy and the police and city just banded together more."

"Well puden you could always try something else somewhere else." A woman dressed up like a harlequin came up behind him and put her arms around his neck. I

"I like it hear people only need the right push and they break all the Rules that define order and then you get absolute anarchy.

"That strategy did not work on the Bat." Harley pointed out.

The Joker was a little annoyed by the ex therapist. It was true that Harley had helped him escape. But the fact was he was only planning to stay at Arkham until he could prove he could corrupt a member of the staff. It had taken him about two days. "If it was easy it would not be fun. Why not focus on a different target for the time being? I wonder how Face's little sister is doing without her happy pills."

Harley cringed at the memory last month at the hospital she swapped the visiting DA'S anti-depressant out with a placebo at the time she thought that was pushing it and she still kind of did. "Are you sure that we should have done that Mr. J?"

"Harley, Harley you know I don't fully plan these things I just set things in motion and watch the results. How about a vacation I hear Metropolis is nice this time of year."

The two clowns were so raped up in their planning that they did not know that a dark figure on the roof had recorded the entire conversation.

A/N Bruce in Loren have their second encounter.