Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, or favorited this fic. I am currently working on a lot of different story ideas that will be posted soon, as well as a sequel to this which will be called L and Light's Crazy Trip to Candy Mountain. There will be crossovers galore and more crackyness. So keep your eyes open for that. I am also working on multiple yaoi stories such as:The Yaoi Muffin, it's prequel the Yaoi Chocolate Bar, I Blame You and the Muffin (Sequel to Yaoi Muffin), Princess L and Prince BB, L is a Pretty Princess, and my biggest project Yaoi Foursome in the Sky!(The title is still in the works, and I need reinforcements on that last one!) I will also be writing a few KH stories. One that is currently in the works still has no title but it will be interesting to say the least. Once again I thank all of you that have read this story and I hope you will read and review my others that will be out soon!