A/N: I started this a long time ago, and I finished this a long time after that when I randomly stumbled across it while sifting through my folder of many scraps. I decided to upload this one because I put more effort into it than my other scraps and it also feels more complete, in spite of its briefness.

To those who expect fluff, please turn back. Included are only the meditations of Roxas, Namine, and Kairi. Sorry, Sora fans.

After rereading this now, I found that it makes little-to-no sense. Ah, well. If you see any mistakes on tenses, I would appreciate it greatly if you would point them out for me. Enjoy.



- Corrected the spelling of 'Naminé' by adding the accent above the letter 'e'.

- Made some tweaks in the writing; changed it from past- to present-tense.

- Changed the title from Contemplation into Identity.


By indistinguishable

I had a dream one night. I had completely forgotten about it, but then it all just came rushing back to me. I replay it in my mind:

A blinding white envelopes me, but I can see a figure. Standing not too far away from me is a boy about my age. He has blonde hair, and his attire is predominantly white. His back is turned to me, so I can't see his face. But strangely enough, he feels familiar while at the same time he is a stranger to me. Nevertheless, I can sense a warmness radiating from his presence, one that's similar to Sora's.

And then it hits me.

He is Sora, and yet not. The young man turns around and gazes steadily at me, blue eyes slightly somber.


I know that isn't my name, but somehow I don't feel the need to correct him. Naminé… It actually feels a little right. Suddenly, a delicate adolescent girl walks through me – no, out of me. She, too, is blonde and is clad in a simple white dress.

"Yes, Roxas?" she answers.

He looks away.

"I know that you and I… are halves of Sora and Kairi, but do you think that, at the same time, we're our own person?"

Naminé gives herself a moment to think. "Yes, I do. I think we have our own thoughts and memories, therefore our own personalities."

"So even though we are a part of them, if you distinguish Sora and Kairi from us, we aren't exactly like them."

"Right," she nods.



Roxas breaks the silence. "What do you see when you look at me?"

She gives him a small, sad smile. "I see Roxas. What about you?"

He does the same, his own smile mirroring hers. "I see Naminé."

It then fades into black; I can remember nothing more.

I sit up on my bed and listen to the faint chirping of songbirds outside my window until I can hear them no longer.

"Roxas… and Naminé…"

I think they deserved to be whole again.