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Chapter 5 summary: Jamie and Ramza are in the 7th qualifier together, and they manage to fight a tough battle and win. After that, in the 11th qualifier (the winners of the 1-6th and 8-10th qualifiers are not important), Jamie reveals a godlike technique called Lightspeed, which enables her to travel at the speed of light. Using it, she manages to kill two idiot brothers who had declared that they were going to win. After that, she kills a moogle. All of this happened before anyone else could even react. And on with the show...

Chapter 6

Three were dead, and the battle had just started.

This was due cause for panic for the other four participants.

Well, at least it should've been due cause. However, a big man, six feet tall at least, with muscles the size of barrels, laughed uproariously and swung his massive Ogun Blade in a circle above his head, before planting the tip into the arena floor.

The fact that the floor was made of stone three feet thick was not missed by anyone.

He planted his massive hands on the grip of the blade and shouted, "I am Lu!"

Unlike the two idiot brothers, the others could tell that this man was strong. All you had to do was take a look at his muscles, and you'd know that.

"Show me a good time!" Lu shouted, and he yanked the blade out of the ground, pulling up several chunks of rock at the same time. He turned to a viera Fencer and swung a downward slash at her with both hands. The viera dodged, but the sword left a huge gash in the stone floor several feet long.

"Don't run from me!" The huge man lumbered off to follow her.

Jamie, now perched over a fourth dead moogle body, calmly watched Lu chase one of the viera. The second viera, hoping that the amazingly quick Thief was not paying attention, quickly dashed at Jamie to eliminate her quickly with a stab to the chest.

Just as the Assassin was about to hit, Jamie snapped her head up, staring into the viera's eyes, and disappeared again.

The Assassin, expecting an attack from behind, spun around, only to see Jamie standing where she had been only moments before.

"Lightspeed," Jamie whispered menacingly.

The viera flinched, expecting to be eliminated right then, but when a cry of pain came from her left, she quickly spun her head to the source of the outcry. There the viera found the quick Thief on Lu's back, knife plunged in between his shoulderblades.

The man was so packed with muscles though, that it didn't do much to him. Instead, he tried to swat her off with his giant blade.

Jamie leapt away, and a small amount of blood spurted out. Lu spun to face her, but that left his back wide open for the Fencer.

"P-piercethrough," the shaken viera declared, shooting a wave of energy at Lu's unprotected back side.

By announcing the name of her attack though, she had given away the element of surprise, as Lu smashed the flat side of his enormous blade into her side, propelling her way off the arena and into the stands. There she lay, unconscious, and with an awkwardly twisted arm.

She was immediately teleported by the judge to the side, where she would be left until the match ended.

And that left three. The Assassin then decided to attack Lu, hoping that her luck against him would be better than her luck against Jamie.

"Wild Swing!" Lu shouted as he began to spin with his sword out. His attack turned him into a lethal tornado that would slice up anything that approached. The Assassin, using her superior speed, stabbed at Lu when the man's sword was facing the other direction, but the large man proved his superiority by nimbly sidestepping it (still swinging his sword around in a circle, by the way), and slashing at the viera from shoulder to hip.

The viera flew back and hit the ground, sending blood flying from her wound. Lu freely approached her with a smile on his face.

"Sorry, you lose," he said.

Bringing his blade up, he prepared to slam it in the viera's stomach when a blur appeared in front of him. It was Jamie, and the girl had snuck in at the last moment, using her knife to end the viera's life.

There was a pause before the judge announced them as the winners, causing a huge cheer to erupt from the crowd.

What a way to end the last match of the qualifying round!

"Hey, that was my kill!" Lu yelled angrily.

Jamie flipped her red hair over her shoulder as she looked up at the looming Lu. "Sorry," she said with a shrug. "I guess I'm just better."

Lu yelled angrily, but the surprising Thief left before he could do anything, leaving him to rant to the air.

She was met by her clan and the Outlanders, all of whom were praising her with astounded looks on their faces (except Jordan, who's face was one of pride). To celebrate, they once again went out for a night of partying. This time though, Ramza was smart enough to not get totally plastered.

It was nighttime. Jamie was on the roof of the bar, where her friends were out cold below.

The bartender, used to this kind of behavior, warned them that they were only allowed to stay here until nine in the morning, or they'd either have to get out or buy something.

Her legs dangled precariously over the edge of the roof. Her hands were planted firmly at her side as she stared up at the full moon above. It was a peaceful night.

Suddenly, there was a creak.

She ignored the sound, and continued looking up into the night sky.

"What you did today...that was awesome!" Vaan exclaimed as he sat down beside her.

She grunted in acceptance of the praise.

"You remember that day when we fought?"

She nodded silently.

"Were you really holding back on me? A lot?"

She nodded again.

"Wow..." Vaan sighed. "You're so strong. So fast! You think you can umm...teach me a few things?" he asked quietly.

Jamie turned her head towards the white-haired Thief. Her sharp, blue eyes stared into Vaan's own hazelnut eyes. "Ok," she whispered, even more quiet that Vaan.

She got up and beckoned Vaan to follow her. She took three steps away from the edge of the roof, spun around, and leapt off onto the ground.

Vaan stared at her, jaw hanging down to the ground.

"Come," she whispered. "Follow."

Vaan gulped and nodded. He stepped away from the edge and prepared himself, both for the physical impact and the mental impact. Taking a deep breath, he ran right to the edge and jumped. The moment he hit the ground, instincts forced him to bend his knees and roll, taking away the momentum that could've hurt him.

When he got back to his feet, Jamie took off. She leapt up into the air and placed her foot on a wall, before pushing off onto the adjacent wall. Continuing, she managed to get herself all the way back to the rooftop of the building next to the bar.

Vaan sighed, before he attempted to do the same. It took him a few times (he kept falling), but he eventually reached the top. Continuing onwards, she slipped around metal bars, leapt over various box-shaped implements, climbed up more walls, and other feats that seemed extraordinary.

By the time they returned to the roof of the bar, Vaan was doubled over, hands on his knees, inhaling great amounts of air. He started to sit down, but Jamie stopped him.

"Don't. Keep standing. Sitting after a lot of exercise is bad for your body."

Vaan groaned loudly, returning to his previous position. Taking in a deep breath, he asked, "Is this how you got so good?"

She shook her head, her red hair sent flying everywhere. "It's only part of my training."

"Part?!" Vaan tried to ask incredulously. Instead, his one word question came out more like a squeak.

"I'm an insomniac. I can't sleep too well, and the most I ever get to sleep at once is an hour. So, I tend to just stay up and practice throwing the dagger around, I practice my speed, my agility, my flexibility..." she slowly trailed off. This was the only other person besides her sister Jordan that she had ever really opened up to, so it was natural that she would be a bit hesitant and shy about it. Taking a deep breath, she continued, "I practice and practice. I guess that's what helps me get so good."

"Wow," Vaan commented. "Do...do you think we can keep training? At night?"

"...I'll think about it."

The next day was the start of the first round.

The first and second matches of the first round were over quickly. For the third match, it was Ramza and Jordan's turn. They were up against the winners of the eighth and ninth qualifiers: a Ninja, a Paladin, an Assassin, and a Dragoon.

Looking around warily, Ramza and Jordan split up, running in opposite directions. Being friends and all, it was agreed that they would not target each until other until it's necessary (which would be during the finals).

Swinging his Silver Sword, Ramza managed to lightly cut the Ninja's arm, but the Ninja growled and swung his katana back and thrust his hand out.

"Metal Veil!" A flash of gray appeared before Ramza, but he closed his eyes before the effect could take place.

When the technique subsided, he opened his eyes again and quickly tried to stab the ninja. At that moment, the Dragoon, a blue bangaa, stepped forward and released a Fire Breath, hoping to eliminate two contenders at once.

Feeling the rush of heat to his side, Ramza abandoned his attack and opted to retreat, leaving only the Ninja to be burned to death.

Jordan, on the other side of the arena, engaged the Paladin in a sword fight. The Paladin was an experienced warrior, and thus gave Jordan an extremely hard time. She swung low, and he swung high, both missing as the other evaded. With a clang, their swords met once more, and they began to struggle for dominance.

While all this happened, the Assassin calmly stood off to the side, watching the others fight, waiting for an opportune moment to eliminate her foes.

Luckily for her, her moment came when she saw Ramza's back unprotected, as he fought off the blue bangaa.

Forming a seal with her hand, she shouted, "Rockseal!"

Ramza cursed when he suddenly noticed that his mobility was cut in half. The bottom half of his left leg was petrified! The bangaa smirked at Ramza's sudden disadvantage, and pulled his spear back for one last attack.

The Soldier tried to back off, but when he suddenly tripped over some rubble, the spear went flying right over his head.

'That was close!' he thought.

Landing on his butt, his sword clattered out of his hand, and he watched as the spear descended on him.

Suddenly, a shout from to his right was heard.

"Holy Cross!"

The Paladin released a wall of holy energy from within him, which pushed Jordan away and sent her flying to the edge of the arena, before expanding even further to hit Ramza, the Dragoon, and the Assassin.

Only the Assassin was sent out of the arena, disqualifying her immediately.

Ramza, on the other hand, felt like he had been punched in the face and the stomach. Repeatedly.

Moaning, he continued to lay where he was.

Jordan and the Dragoon pushed themselves up, grabbing their fallen weapons and preparing to fight, despite obvious signs of fatigue. The Paladin was also just as tired, as he had released one of his strongest attacks. The Dragoon took two steps forward and prepared to lean down on his spear, which would've buried itself into Ramza's gut, but the blond Soldier managed to weakly kick out at the Dragoon's knee, causing him to lose his balance, and the spear to plunge into the rock a few inches away from his head.

"Nurse!" the Paladin cried, throwing his free hand into the air. The magic gathered in his palm spread around himself, healing his fatigue to a minor degree. "Defend!" With that technique, he bent down to one knee and crossed his sword over his chest, his free hand crossing over the sword. He glared at the two standing, daring them to attack.

The Dragoon, weak from the Paladin's Holy Cross, finally collapsed, unable to continue standing any longer.

This left the match down to a weak but still conscious Ramza, Jordan, and the Paladin.

"Ramza, hurry up and get up!" Jordan hissed as she stared at the Paladin.

The blond moaned again, and finally pushed himself up onto his elbows. Another moan, accompanied with a groan of exertion, and he was on his feet, although he was swaying a little.

"First Aid!" Ramza called, and he his wounds slightly lessened. "First Aid! First Aid!" He managed to shout out the technique two more times, restoring more of his health, until the Paladin decided that it would be a bad idea to let him continue.

With a roar, the Paladin rushed at Ramza and slashed downward. Ramza sidestepped it and brought his Silver Sword to chest level and swung horizontally. The Paladin managed to bring back his weapon and block the weapon, pushing it away with a greater force and causing Ramza to lose his balance. The Paladin sought to end it with a final thrust, but unfortunately, he found a second Silver Sword protruding from his chest. Craning his neck around, he saw the other Soldier.

"Fuck, I forgot about her," he muttered before he fell, dead.

Ramza sighed audibly in relief, but it was drowned by the cheering of the crowd as the judge announced them as the winners and healed the participants.

"Final match of the first round! Participants, please step forward!" the judge announced once everyone left.

Jamie, one of the six contenders stepped past Ramza and her sister, who whispered a quick good luck, before hurrying back to where their friends were to watch the next match.

"Who do you think is going to be the winners of this one?" Ramza heard a man ask as he walked by.

"The Thief girl and Lu. Definitely," the man's companion answered confidently.

"Want to place a wager on that? I bet you..."

The rest of the two's words were lost as Jamie and Ramza moved on.

"Final match of the first round. Begin!"

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List of all the places in FF Tactics Advance:

Cyril: Busy town. The monster bank is on its outskirts. Ramsen Armory, The Prancing Chocobo
Sphrom: Bangaa mountain town. Home to the prison.
Bervenia Palace: Capital of Ivalice.
Muscadet: Mainly viera town hidden deep in the woods.
Cadoan: Nu mou town. The seat of knowledge and alchemy.
Baguba Port: Moogle town with a large mercantile airship port.
Nubswood: Deep, dark forest. Popular hideout for thieves.
Giza Plains: Rolling grassy plains. Muscmaloi grows here.
Kudik Peaks: Towering peaks. Home to an endangered tiger.
Uladon Bog: Deep and dangerous bogland dotted with islands.
Jeraw Sands: Hot sands blow in this largest desert in Ivalce
Lutia Pass: Much-traveled pass, with the occasional roadshop.
Koringwood: Refreshing wood filled with ambient pure magic.
Ulei River: Largest River in Ivalice. Winds through swamplands.
Aisenfield: Plains where the thirteen knights of legend fought.
Roda Volcano: Volcano asleep for 300 years. Recently active.
Eluut Sands: Dangerous desert home to many fiends and treasure.
Nargal Cave: A cool wind blows from inside this cave. An ancient city is said to sleep in its depths.
Salikawood: The chirping of birds can always be heard here. An abandoned keep stands in the middle of the wood.
Delia Dunes: Desert area famous for its barking sands. Said to be formed from a celestial beast's bones.
Gotor Sands: Desert famous for its mirages and red chocobos.
Ozmonfield: Gently rolling plains with occasional insect plagues.
Deti Plains: Flatlands of yellow sand and red earth. Amber can often be found here among the rocks.
Siena Gorge: Deep valley. A source of amber, like Deti Plains.
Materiwood: Lush green forest famous for its materite ore.
Tubola Cave: These caves were once mined for their mythril.
Jagd Dorsa: Lawless jagd. A deserted town.
Jagd Helje: Lawless jagd where ghostly voices are heard.
Jagd Ahli: Lawless jagd destroyed by its own wild magic.
Ambervale: Beautiful valley where rocks glow amber. The kings of Ivalice had a summer palace here.