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This is my first ever fan fiction, my first ever crossover. Weird, huh? After reading The Sin of Existance's fanfic, Know Your Place, (which was an awesome read, for those who like an awesomely powerful Naruto, but was DELETED) I started reading all of Rosario+Vampire. After that I wanted to make ma own fanfic…sadly. Then I became unenthusiastic after reading the other splendid fanfics of the same crossover. But, luckily, most of them are Harem fics or taking Tsukune out of the picture. So, I decided to go on with it either way. I mean, I'm gonna try to do something a bit different then what many of the others are doing. I hope you enjoy it…and if you don't, I apologize for the minutes of your life you wasted reading this filth.


Everyone gets terrified once in their lifetime. Whether you deny it or not everyone has experienced fear once, some more than others, some less than others. In Uzumaki Naruto's case he claims that he has experienced fear less than many, note 'he claims'. Just like many other proud ninja he wasn't one to submit to such feelings, duty and work comes first to a hardworking shinobi. Weakness was never to be an option. Though, there are exceptions.


His eyes fluttered open only to see a ceiling and room without light. He felt the chill sensation of steel welcomed his back. Grunting tiredly, the blond made an effort to move his arms forward but was stopped by metal bonds; soon he found his legs were also strapped down. Despite the fact all his limbs were tied down, Naruto rose his head as high as he could and squinted through the darkness. He found himself in one of the more solitary rooms of Konoha's hospital. He knew, of course, of the unmistakable tiles that laid flat above him. Though, he had no idea why he was strapped down to a steel bed or why they had used the bare steel beds in the first place, wasn't there optional straps and bonding in the regular mattresses?

"The hell did I do this time..?" he muttered to himself. He noticed, unlike the other times he would wake up at the hospital, the memories of what had caused him to be unconscious didn't flood back to him.

Lost in his thoughts Naruto almost missed the soft chuckling that met his ears.

"Who's there?!"

Whoever it was, they didn't answer.

Naruto's eyes blindly ran across the part of the room he could see. His eyes failed to dilate in the dark. He thought with a scowl whatever happened before he was knocked out must've gotten him good.

"Show yerself!" he said with a shudder. A sudden chill ran down his spine.

"My, my, Naruto," a voice said in faux surprise. "You look so scared! What would ever bring you in such a state?"

Naruto's head violently jerked up as several deranged giggles met his ears. There was no way he could tell where the voice came from, each and every syllable came from a different angle. He put it off as some sort of sick illusion.

"I said who's there?!"

A parade of giggles was his only reply.

"Let me out so I can kick yer ass!" he barked, squirming ferociously. "If you think bindings and shit are gonna stop me, think again, bastard!"

"Now, now, Naruto," it chided, unfazed by Naruto's harsh words. "Is that anyway to treat a friend?"

"Stop hiding and show yourself, coward!"

There was a pause. The temperature dropped tremendously. Naruto quietly shivered as the frigid air and the icy metal both met his naked skin.

"Coward?" it asked. Naruto watched in startled awe as the room's lighting rose enough for him to see. His eyes shot to the large black mass on the far right corner of the room. "Coward?"

"H-Holy…!" Naruto choked out.

The black mass seemed to turn to him, two bright orbs stared right back to his blue eyes. A pearly white smile grew as Naruto's form shook heavily. "You are the one scared Naruto…and I'm terribly sorry to say…"

It crept towards him, it's legs dragged on across the floor.

Naruto stared with wide eyes.


"You are the coward." It's chuckling turned to full blown laughter as it came closer.

The blond's body moved in a motion very similar to that of a fish out of water. His body shaking wildly to be free of its confinements, but his eyes glued to the creature approaching him. He gulped before mustering up some courage.

"What have you done with the others? Where're Sai and Sakura?! What have you done with Yamato-taichou?!"

The figure stopped, its eyes turning towards the wall.

"What have I done with Sai, Sakura and Yamato-taichou?" A giggle escaped its unseen mouth. "I wouldn't know."

"You bastard!" Naruto screamed.

"Na-Ru-To~!" it whined. "What did I tell you about treating your friends that way?" It began dragging itself towards the blond.

"S-Some…" An arm stretched out towards him. "S-Someone he-help—" If possible, the creature's mouth grew wider.

Its chilling hand slapped itself on his shoulder. "We'll have to fix that, won't we?"

"SOMEBODY GET ME OUTTA HERE!" he yelled, sealing his eyes shut.


The sound of lights flickering and frantic footsteps met the blonde's ears.

"Naruto! You're okay!" Naruto opened his eyes to see Sakura smiling over him.

W-Was it some sick nightmare?

With an observant eye, he noted the keys jammed in-between her fingers and the tears threatening to fall off her eyes.

"S-Sakura? Sakura! You're okay!" He rubbed his wrists after she freed them. "W-Where are we?"

"We're in the hospital; we arrived back in Konoha some time ago." She answered after unlocking the rest of his bonds. She threw herself into the chair right beside him before looking back at him. "You…you don't remember anything do you?"

"Remember…?" He scrunched his face up, thinking. Memories finally hitting back at him. Sasuke. "Sa…Sasuke…! Sasuke! Where is he?! What happened to Kabuto and Orochimaru!?"

Sakura continued looking back at him.


"What happened, Sakura?"

"You really don't…"

"Don't what?"

"Don't remember?"

He shook his head. "I remember on the bridge… The bastard snake started saying things, pissing me off an' junk."

"After that?"

Pursing his lips, he answered, "I think…I went after him, might've landed a punch, I dunno. I blacked after that or something. Nothing afterwards comes to mind."

Her face crumpled into a rueful grimace.

"Naruto, you-"

"Through your directed anger towards Orochimaru, the Kyuubi was able to take control over your body. You began attacking all in sight, friend or foe, all was a target to you."

Naruto spun to his left, gawking at the same two glowing lights that stared back at him. A ghostly pale man in torn, white robes smiled at him. The man's shaky hand played with the peculiar looking cross on his chest.

"YOU! Sakura! Wegottagetouttahe—" A gloved hand covered his mouth.

"Naruto. This man saved you, you really should thank him," Sakura interrupted.


The man made his way towards the door without looking back at either teenager. "When you are ready, hurry on to the Hokage's office. She would like to speak to you, Naruto."

Where the hell does he get off, acting so familiar, calling me 'Naruto-kun' and all?

The man shut the door leaving Naruto and Sakura. The whiskered youth turned to his saddened teammate in question.

"Sakura…? Were you crying?" Sakura didn't answer. Instead, she handed him pants to cover his orange and green frog-covered boxers. "Ah. Thanks."

"WHAT? You want to send me out of Konoha with HIM?!" Naruto cried. One meeting with the creepy man was more than enough for the blond. "How can you hand me off so easily like that? I thought you loved me!" he finished, only to receive a paperweight in his face.

Tsunade pinched her eyebrows tiredly. Despite what the blond said she was less then willing to give up Naruto to the man. Honestly, if she had any other chose she would've easily kept him in Konoha but now wasn't the time for second thoughts.

"We don't have a choice, Naruto. We've already gone over it with the council and—"

"Why? WHY don't I have a choice?!" he wailed back. "I don't even know who this creepy guy is…!"

The man coughed an incoherent reply back.

"Please speak up mister…?" Tsunade stated.

"Please call me 'chairman', Lady Tsunade."

Naruto growled at the robed man. "Even so, 'chairman', why should I go out alone with a stranger like you?"

"Naruto!" The boy looked back in question at the Hokage. "Shut it. Chairman—"

"The chairman, please. The director works too and if you feel like it, the 'headmaster'."

There was a short, meaningful silence within the room; but Tsunade continued on with sweat on her brow. "He and the Sandaime were close acquaintances many years ago. Why? I have no clue, but I do now if that doesn't satisfy, he even helped the Yondaime with the development of the 'Corpse Spirit Sealing Method'; you know too well what technique that was."

"Uhhh… No, I don't?"

He received an empty sake bottle to the stomach.

"Naruto," Shizune said, interrupting Tsunade. "You have to understand the seriousness of the situation! You have to go with the chairman, no questions asked!" Tsunade nodded along.


"Sakura didn't tell you what happened, did she?" Tsunade murmured gravely. Naruto shook his head, watching the woman as she turned her chair towards the window. "I thought as much."

"What happened, Gramma?"

Instead of acting in anger she continued, "From what Yamato reported, Orochimaru provoked you into sprouting the fourth tail."

Naruto's eyes widened.

He remembered what happened last time he'd gone through the transformation. Pervy sage… He almost killed the man.

"H-How bad was it?" he dared to question.

"Bad enough that I had to come along, Naruto," the chairman replied coolly. "The fool almost aggravated you enough to grow the fifth tail." He paused thoughtfully. "It was very fortunate of Lady Tsunade employ that Yamato man. Without him you may have paid a heavy price."

"Whaddya mean…?"

Tsunade continued to emptily stare out the window.

"Your body can only take so much of the Kyuubi's chakra, Naruto. The outer layer of your skin evaporated when the fourth tail developed." With that said, Naruto studied the tanned skin on his left arm and…hello? A silver chain with a sort of lock was tied around his forearm. Why had he not notice before? "Just think of what would happen if fifth tail emerged!"

"What's this, jewelry?" he thought aloud, ignoring Tsunade's rant. A throbbing vein appeared over her head. "REAL men don't wear jewelry."

"Said the boy whom wore a necklace valuable enough to buy a mountain. Excuse me, I meant to say, 'who still wears a necklace valuable enough to buy a multitude of mountains'," the chairman chuckled out. Naruto glared back in return. "By the by, that is a 'Holy Lock', an item created to block demonic energy. I had it specifically altered to suppress the Kyuubi's malevolent chakra; you should really thank me."

The blond glowered.

"Even so, I can't understand why I have to leave the village," he argued, trying to find a way out of his current predicament. "Could you at least explain that to me?! You guys need all the help you can get! Especially when we're dealing with the Akatsuki!"

Tsunade could not endure it any longer. She threw herself out of the chair, startling both Shizune and Naruto. Taking the boy's shoulders, she picked the hapless teenager off the ground and violently began to shake him.

"You idiot!" she yelled. "The Akatsuki are after the Tailed Demons. Meaning you with all the other Jinchuuriki out there! From what the chairman and Jiraiya have inferred, the Akatsuki already have SEVEN out of NINE Demons!" She stopped, with her hands gently cupping his shoulders. "You're the last one, Naruto. You're the Kyuubi's jailer. We have to do everything in our power to make sure they don't get to you," she finished leaving an uncomfortable silence in the room.

A sneer touched the corners of his lips, he wanted to retaliate, but knew too well she was right. Shooting a glace at robed man he saw the man's wide grin remain. Naruto gulped loudly as he stepped towards the man.

"E-Exactly where are you taking me, again?" he asked nervously. He got a pleased smile in return, which terrified him even more.

"Ah, the moment we've been waiting for, eh, Naruto?" Naruto remained completely silent. The man started to dig through both his sleeves for a moment. His eyes, unfortunately, never moved off of Naruto. He pulled out a large white box and handed it to the blond. "There is an envelope within the box and within that envelope is a piece of paper. Upon that piece of paper is the exact location where your ride will be tomorrow. Please be prompt about it."

"Tomorrow? Ain't that a bit too 'prompt'?" he complained. Naruto opened the box, inspecting the many papers and booklets. Digging further within he found a…green what did people call it again…'blazer'? He dug deeper to find matching pants. "Hell's all this for?"

The chairman only chuckled.

"I shall see you at the opening ceremony at school, Naruto," he laughed while turning to the door. Neither Tsunade nor Naruto made an effort to stop him. Something then hit Naruto.

"School? SCHOOL?! Why the hell am I going ta school for!?" he screamed. "I demand an explanation!"

A vein popped on Tsunade's forehead, blood gushing out wildly as Shizune began to panic. Ignoring the blood flow, Naruto continued to fume as if nothing happened.

"Ha! What's with the monkey suit, Naruto?" Kiba asked as he gave a light punch to Naruto's shoulder. "And what's with all the bags? You goin' on some sorta mission?"

Naruto grimaced, remembering the beating he received after calling his 'uniform' the same thing yesterday. He recited the same words that Tsunade ordered him to say. "I'm going on an undercover mission to some civilian school. I don't remember much of the details, but it'll be pretty long."

Kiba whistled as he exchanged looks with his giant dog, Akamaru.

"Wow. It must suck wearing that thing. I'll never understand why civilians hafta wear stupid things to school," he said. Akamaru barked for a moment before Kiba finally answered back, "You said it, boy."

Naruto shrugged while messing with the red tie annoying his neck. He wore a heavy pine green blazer accompanied with brown dress pants and a pair of uncomfortable shoes.

The only time one should wear such shoes was during the winter. Not summer! Your toes shouldn't be jammed in a hot, stuffy, ugly-ass shoe!

Being ordered to remove his Konoha forehead protector during his stay, he quickly replaced it with a simple red headband; leaving a single lock of hair in-between his eyes. With a heavy hearted sign, he continued to walk with Kiba and Akamaru strolling right beside him.

"I take it you have no idea when you'll be back?"

"Nope," he replied casually as possible. "The old crone gave me the mission right after I woke up at the hospital."

Kiba frowned with his eyebrows.

"Yeah, I heard about that…you were out for a long time, I heard." Kiba paused to scratch his tattooed cheek. "Some creepy-looking, priest guy was with your teammates when you arrived back. What happened anyway? Sakura seemed really bummed out."

Naruto's shoulders slumped in return. Not only for what Kiba said…they arrived at the southern gates. He saw Tsunade, Shizune, and each member of Team 7, save the boy who ran away years ago. He drew in a long breath and let it hiss out of his mouth.

"Why aren't they wearing any uniforms?"

"They aren't coming. It's a LONE mission. Jealous?"

"Coming from a Genin? Not really."

"Stuff it, mutt."

"There's something you should know, though. I heard ALL the school civilian girls are forced to short, skimpy skirts!" he leered. One of Naruto's eyebrows rose. "Not only that, they wear REALLY short shorts and TIGHT shirts during a class called, P.E., I think that stands for…'Physical Education'…?"

Kiba emphasized 'tight' with a circular groping motion over his chest.

Both eyebrows were arched high on the blond's face.

Naruto said goodbye to his friends and a meaningful threat to Sai if he didn't take care of Sakura while he was gone. He turned to the…very large, very weird metal box with wheels that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"Is that a train?" he asked to the group behind him. They all shrugged in response. The doors opened with a loud, shrill squeak; revealing a smiling man wearing a strange blue outfit smoking a cigarette. The man waved for Naruto to come in.

"Is called a 'bus', kid. You ride in it," the 'bus' driver drawled. "Now come on in, wouldja? I'm running on a schedule here." With that said, the man turned to Naruto, showing his eerily glowing eyes to the world.

The blond jumped.

"There is NO WAY am I going in there!" He turned to run but was grabbed and pulled roughly inside. The doors shutting before he could rush back outside. He gaped as his goodbye party, each sharing a look of mortification; except for Sai, he just smiled as he always did. He violently hit the walls of glass. "HELP ME! GET ME OUTTA HERE!"

They all gave a strained smile; except for Sai, he just gave the fake smile as he always did.

The bus started up and slowly began to head down the dirt road, they watched as Naruto's face disappear then reappear behind the back window. Yamato leaned towards Kakashi who stood beside him.

"Do you think we should help him, Sempai?" he whispered guiltily. Kakashi shook his head.

"Naw. Just act like you can't hear him from here. He'll understand," he said before making several faux gestures with his hands and ears, wearing a look of confusion on his face. In return, Naruto's look of distress became a crestfallen one. "See? It worked."

"Would you look at that?" Yamato declared in awe.

Sakura shook her head before asking, "Lady Tsunade, do you think Naruto will truly be safe at that school he's heading to?"

Tsunade let out a long sigh. "I can't say for certain, but, he'll be safer from the Akatsuki over there than here; that's for sure."

"How can you be so sure, Hokage-sama? Where exactly is this school of his anyway?" Sai questioned. Tsunade turned back to the village as the 'bus' was out of plain sight.

"A place you can't find on a map and where it's virtually impossible to reach. THAT'S where."

Sai blinked as the new information he received processed in his mind. "Sounds like Naruto's going to be trapped there for awhile, huh?" Sai stated as he, too, left.

Sakura remained quiet before turning towards the village gates. "I wonder how it'll be, in a civilian school and all. Sounds too normal for Naruto, he'll probably be bored out of his mind!"

Tsunade, who was still in earshot, frowned at the irony within Sakura's statement. A school with that sort of name and title would've changed the girl's opinion quite significantly.

Naruto hugged his luggage as he stared at the back of the bus drivers head. There had at least been a good half hour of silence between the two. With a nervous gulp he asked, "So…how long will it be till we reach this school, ol' man?"

The bus driver chuckled causing a shiver to run down the blond's back. A chuckle he knew too well.

"It won't be too long, just be patient, boy. We'll be there soon." Naruto immediately knew that he could tolerate this man more than that 'chairman' he had the displeasure of meeting. "Though, I will be honest with you. It will be a bumpy ride." He began to laugh. "I'd tell you to put a seat-belt on…but we don't have any!"

Naruto found himself nervously laughing with the man.

What's a seat-belt?

Just as the man had said, the bus started to shake and the outside world became nothing but blurs and questionable glowing lights. The man gave a few more giggles until he began to cackle before speaking up, "Next stop…"

What's going on?!

"…Youkai Academy."


Ha, ha! My first fanfic. I'm sort of proud and disgusted by it. I had the idea for awhile now. A few months or so, I guess. I got too anxious and decided on typing it anyway. I hope I'll find the strength to work on the next chapter. If you've actually read the entire thing to this sentence, I'd be surprised if I knew or cared. If you're going to review, please use as less 'l33t' as possible. My internet lingo sucks…not as much as I suck at English, though…