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No Memory


I woke up to my annoying alarm clock. I reached over but my arm throbbed in protest. I tried again and I couldn't find the table. That was strange. I opened my eyes slowly to see too much white surrounding me. White walls, white sheets, white floors, and a man standing by my bed in a white robe.

"Hello Ms. Swan. Do you know where you are?" He grabbed a pen and paper and handed it to me. I tried to talk but I couldn't. "Sorry, but you won't be able to talk. We had to hook you up to a ventilator."

A ventilator? I took the pad and pen and wrote, 'So I'm in the hospital. Why?'

He read it quickly and looked back up at me with confusion. "You don't remember?"

I thought for a while. I remembered the party that Alice dragged me to. It was pretty awesome, but when did I get home? The doctor handed me the paper again. 'I was at a party but I don't know how it ended.'

He finished reading it and looked up with sadness in his eyes.

"This is really hard to tell you. Ms. Swan, someone attacked you. You have a few cracked ribs, a broken wrist and you suffered head trauma. That's probably why you don't remember it happening."

I stopped listening. Someone attacked me? How could that be true when I don't even remember it? It was too confusing. My vision blurred with the tears. I wrote, 'Who did it?'

He hesitated at first. "The police don't know yet. There wasn't really any evidence to help."

They're still out there! I could hear my heart rate speed on the monitor.

"Don't worry Bella! They're working very hard to find whoever did this! A police will keep a close eye out on your house every day and night. You'll be fine." For a second, I almost believed him, almost. "You have some visitors."

"Bella! Are you okay? I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have dragged you to that stupid party! Are you in pain?" As soon as she burst through the door, she bombed me with 50 million questions. She was turning around heading for the door. "I'll tell the nurse to get you some morphine." I wish I could talk right now. Luckily Jasper was coming through the door.

"Whoa Alice! I think Bella's fine." I laid back down in the bed. "Hey, dad." I looked at Jasper questionably. "This is my dad, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I guess he hasn't told you."

"How was I supposed to know my patient knew my son? Well, as you now know, my name is Dr. Cullen. If you need anything just ask me. Everything will turn out fine, Bella." He walked out of the room, leaving Alice to ask more questions.

"Are you sure you're okay? Do you need anything? Want me to call anyone? Anything and-" Jasper gently put his hand over her mouth. If only I could say thank you. He seemed to understand though.

"Maybe you should let Bella rest." He was about to drag her out when I motioned for the pen and paper. There was no way I wanted to be left alone.

'Do not leave!' I double underlined and triple exclamation pointed it.

"I'll stay here as long as you need me!" Alice was always there for you, no matter what. She and Jasper stayed for about 30 minutes talking about random things, until Jasper's phone started ringing.


"Oh, opps. Sorry something came up."

"A friend needed me."

"Whatever, I'm coming." He hung up the phone. "Sorry guys, I got to go. Need to pick my brother up from the airport. I'll be back in an hour or so." I quickly wrote goodbye and he was out the door.


Jasper's PoV

Opps, I didn't mean to forget but when I'm around Alice, it's a while other world. How could I fall in love so quick?

Yes. I was in love with Alice Jane. I loved everything about her. It was a love-at-first-sight thing. I guess I got so wrapped up in Alice and me that I forgot about my brother!

He has been in LA working on his music. He was an amazing piano player. I was supposed to pick him up about 45 minutes ago. But again, I forgot.

I searched the airport for a while. I couldn't find him anywhere. After 5 minutes of looking I took out my cell phone. Just as I was dialing his number, an arm reached over me and put me in a headlock. "You were supposed to pick me up an hour ago!"

"Geez Edward! Give me a heart attack!"

"That was the point. What was so important that you forgot about your brother?" He let go of my head and we headed for the car.

"Hmm. Where do I start? A lot's been going on. Well, one I got a new girlfriend."

"Another one? Dang Jazz. Take a break every once in a while, huh?"

I just rolled my eyes. "Anyways, there was a party and a girl got hurt. Alice and I went to see her in the hospital."

Edward interrupted. "Wait, who's Alice and why did you visit the girl?"

"Alice is my new girlfriend and the girl in the hospital is a friend of mine, and best friend of Alice."

"Explain these things ahead of time."

"Back to what I was saying. Police are running all around town trying to find out who hurt the girl. So in all that, I forgot to pick you up." I didn't feel like mentioning how Alice was the main cause since I love her. He wouldn't shut up for the upcoming week. "Now I'm going back to the hospital because I left Alice there with no car. So you're stuck with me."


Back to Bella's PoV

They finally took the tube out. Now I can talk! My mom walked in shortly after Jasper left.

"Hey sweetie. How you feeling?"

"I've been better." My voice was hoarse and my throat was sore from the tube.

"Do you need anything? Water, food, pain medication?"

"No thanks mom. I'm fine. How's the baby?"

"Kicking as usual." Although her voice showed annoyance, her face glowed. She was like a teenage girl in love!

"Let me see!" I reached my hand over her stomach and felt the baby kick immediately. I wish I knew the sex of the baby, but Renee wanted it to be a surprise! It killed us all not to know! "I can't believe I'm going to be a big sister!"

"I can't believe I'm having another baby!" We stayed there for a while just feeling the baby kick, until I heard a soft knock on the door. Jasper was back.

"Hey Bella, have you see Alice?" On cue she came up behind him.

"Right here! Oh my gosh! The baby's kicking? Oh, let me feel!" She was squealing by the end. She pushed by Jasper and placed her hand on Renee's stomach. You would think it was Alice's baby.

"Don't be shy, come in Jasper."

"Nice to see you're off the ventilator."

"Yeah. I was sick of passing notes!" He chuckled and walked in to hug Alice. Someone else entered behind him. He had bronze hair that went every which way and beautiful emerald green eyes. "I assume you're Jasper's brother?"

"Oh, sorry. Bella, this is Edward. Edward, this is Bella."

I reached out my hand. "Nice to meet you, Edward."

He shook my hand and just simply smiled at me. Only Alice would think that we should be left "alone". Always trying to set me up with someone. "Okay, well I think that we should grab a bite to eat for the baby!" They slowly walked out, one by one. Alice winked before closing the door, leaving Edward and I alone.

"You don't have to just stand there. Sit, sit." He walked over to the only chair in the room.

"I heard a party went wrong? What happened?"

"I would love to answer that, but I don't remember anything about that."

"Oh, sorry to hear that." He looked truly sincere.

"It's nothing. I'd rather not know what happened. I just wish the guy wasn't still out there. It's kind of freaky, but it helps that police will keep an eye on me."

"Oh, they didn't catch him?"

"Not yet. There wasn't really any evidence." I took a pause to get a cough out. My throat was really tired. "So where did you come from? Didn't Jasper just pick you up from the airport?"

"Yeah, I was in LA. I play the piano. I went there to work on my music for a while." He didn't seem much like a piano player. But I guess there's more of him than meets the eye.

"Oh, cool. Maybe I can here you play something sometime."

"Yeah, when you get out of the hospital that is. Which is when?"

"Actually, I'm not sure."

Just then, Dr. Cullen walked in. "That will be very soon Ms. Swan. Hello Edward, welcome home."

"Hey dad. I guess I'll head out. See you later, Bella." He made his way out, almost hitting Alice.

"Uh oh Bella! You like him, don't you!"

"No Alice, I just met him." She would have argued but Dr. Cullen gave me some morphine and I was drifting to sleep.


Edward's PoV

Poor girl. She was completely bruised up. Her wrist was broken and had just gotten off a ventilator. There were bandages around her head and I was sure there were more wounds somewhere else. What is wrong with people?

I was glad to be back home. I started a load for my clothes and unpacked my cds. After that I headed downstairs for a snack then went back up to my room for my cell phone. I promised my girlfriend, Ashley that I'd call her when I got back home.

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