Summary:Sakura is a therapist that has a short temper,and can get her patients to be scared and caring atthe same time,that's how she curr's them,then ask her out,but,she says Uchiha,crazy nut job that locks himself in hisroom because of his face and feature' day Sasuke's mom calls a therapist and ask one of them to cure they picked the wrong one.

Sakura Haruno:

Personality:Outgiong,caring,bad temper,Punk.

Looks:Shoulder lengthen PINK hair with white highlights and black,red ends ,emerald sparkling glowing eye's,heavy bags that look like black eyeshadow(I have that too!)HUGE forehead,admits it's not rare skin.A flower tattoo on her shoulder and a tatoo that looks likea huge wings.18 yrs-old.Does for living:Therapist at Kohana hospital center.

Lover:no one yet.

About her:Sakura shows up like it's an normal job,she wears her black long shirt and ripped marked jeans and black,white converse with marker works with Ino Yamanaka,Ten-Ten Kunai,and Hinata patients ask her out but,there not right for her, She says she wants a guy who is tall dark handsome,awesome,fantasious,adventurous,and doesn't give a shitty,shit,that's what she thinks that people aren't monsters.

Sasuke Uchiha:

Personality:One word,EMO,admits that he's a monster.

Looks:Yellow eyes with a tint of black,bluish purplish wild hair black lips.Gray purple skin(I'm talking about his curse mark),Claws and purple .

Lover:no one,yet

About him:He had a rough time,when he was little,a SNAKE named Orochimaru cast a spell on him or somethinglike that and made Sasuke look at what he was today,Orochi took Sasuke into one of he's hideouts,and abuse,teas and hurt Sasuke when he was Sasuke has nightmares at night(So sadddddyyyyy).His mom comes to check on him,but seems afraid that he would give her that death glare husband and oldest son,Itachi Uchiha,got in a car accident.All that Sasuke wears is his long sleeve white shirt,and blue black jeans(He has tons of them in his closet.)He had a girlfriend once,she seemed to didn't care what he was,but he always wore a long hooded sweater,but Sasuke showed her
his true face,Then his girlfriend ran off he locked himself in his room.21 yrs-old.

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