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Sakura's POV

The Ambulance took Sasuke to our hospital by my job,I was in the ambulance,holding onto Sasuke's
hand as he screamed and held my hand as his claws were digging in,the only thing that calmed him down
was my other hand stroking his wild hair.

"Is he o.k back there,"The driver of the Ambulance said

"Does he look alright to you!,"I said

"Don't worry miss Sakura,we'll get him to the hospital on time,"The driver said.

'I hope,'

We were at the hospital as Tsunade came in with a bed thing that you put your patient in.

"Sakura,you go get ready,your operating Sasuke,"Tsunade said

"What,I can't Tsunade I can't,what if I...kill hi-,"I can't I just can't.

"Sakura,look at me,look at me!,"Tsunade said as she faced me.

"Sakura,do you care for him,"Tsunade said

"He looks like he wants you to only do it,look,"Tsunade said.

I saw Sasuke look at me,he was in pain,the other doctors tried to take him but
he showed his fangs very viciously and the doctors backed away,or ran.

"Ok,I will,"I said.


I put on my white doctors coat and my medic gloves with my hair tied up
saw Ino there to to do the operation.

"Ready Saku,"Ino said

"Yeah,"I said

I let the pink glow from my hands and I traced where the poison was coming down to,
OMG,it's going down to his lungs,and fast,I looked up at Sasuke and saw his eye's were
black,creepy black.

"INO,you take out the poison from his lungs,Tsunade-sensie,you go get the instruments,"I said

"Ok,"Tsunade and Ino said

"And I'll take of the mark and the poison that's going to his mind,"I whispered as I put the
laughing gas on Sasuke's mouth for him to fall to sleep,it just came back
with the instruments.

"Ok Ino,you trace the important part were all the poison is usually going in his lungs
and open that part with the instruments,Tsunade and me will take out the poison in his
brain that poisons the memory system and the important one that makes him live,"I said.

Tsunade's hands glowed green as mine glowed white.

"Sakura,your giving him,"Tsunade said

"Yes,I'm giving him some life Tsunade,"I said as I put the poison out that was taking away his life spams
and some of mines in.

"O.k,"Tsunade said

(Author-ok I'm just going to skip a little to the end of the operation,sorry)

After the operation

I waited in the waiting room sitting in the chair when Ino came back out with some blood
on her medic gloves and a sad look on her face.

"Sakura I'm sorry,but,you took out some of his memories out of him,which means,he won't remember you,"She said

"no,Ino,I-I-sobbing,"He has to remember me,I love him so

"I know Sakura,"Ino said as she hugged me.

He's not going to remember me,I can't believe it.

7 years later

I was on my way to my new job,I was a artist at my new company that was very popular now,
the Haruno Art,nice ring to it.

As I walk to the station,I remember Sasuke,my half lover I guess,I loved him so-

"Uh,"I grunted

"Watch where your going,"The person who bumped into me said

"Your the one who bumped into me,"I said

I looked up and,OMG,it's Sasuke,for so many years I,wait he can't remember me.
I didn't know that I was staring at him impolitely until he said something.

" . ,"Sasuke said

"Sorry,I'm Sakura Haruno,you are,"I said

"Sasuke,Sasuke Uchiha,"Sasuke said as he smirked

"So where are you going,"I said

"Haruno Art,I need a job,"Sasuke said with a static face

"That's where I work!,"I said.

"Hn,"Sasuke said with a bored face.

Well,this was the new Sasuke now huh,I'll be looking forward.

The End


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Best friends foeva:

"O.k,the first song is what Neji wrote,jackass,it's called I woke up in a car,Naruto your supposed to sing and
play the piano to this,Sakura you play the drums like always and everybody else,play the guitar,"Temari said.

(I woke up in a car by Something Corporate)


I woke up in new york city
from my sleep behind the wheel
caught a train to Poughkeepsie
and time stood still.

She wrote me a letter from San Diego
to quilafy her luck
these flights connect through Arizona
but I think I'll stay stuck


So here I am
here I am
well I woke up in a car
I traced away the fog
so I could see the Mississippi on her knees
I never been so lost
I never felt so much at home
please write my folks and throw away my keys
I woke up in a car
I woke up in a car

(Chorus ends)

Naruto looked at Hina and grinned a wild grin as Hina blushed,
but Kiba was to busy as he admired how Shani played her guitar.

(Back to song)

I met a girl who kept tattoos for homes
that she had loved
If I were her I'd paint my body
until all my skin was gone

She wrote me a letter as we passed through Rockford
she said she won't forget
maybe I do maybe I won't
but I know I haven't yet

(Chorus ends)

and maybe I could live forever
if that ever I had known
that you'd be waiting there
whenever I'm alone

But here I am
well I woke up in a car
I trace a way to fall
so I could see the Mississippi on her knees
I've never been so lost
I've never felt so much at home
please write my folks and throw away my keys

Well I woke up in a car
I trace a way to fall
so I can see the Mississippi on her knees
I've never been so lost
I've never felt so much at home
please write my folks and throw away my keys
I woke up in a car
I woke up in a car
I woke up in a car

(song ends)

"That was awesome,"TenTen and Naruto said

"I know,the next one is Neji wrote,again,is called writing on walls,the second version
he says,"Temari said


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