Sabrina glanced at her sister uneasily, "Are you sure this is a good idea

This is part 1 of 3. Each part with be about Puck reacting to Mountain Dew in a different way. This story was co-written with findthefourth. Dumb name I know, but hey she's my cousin what am I suppose to do?

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Sabrina glanced at her sister uneasily, "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Oh come on! We'll never know if we don't try," replied Daphne.

Puck grinned. "Awesome." Then he picked up the unopened can of Mountain Dew in front of him.

For Sabrina, time seemed to slow to a crawl as he popped the tab, tilted his head back, and took his first-ever gulp of the energy soda.

As he set the drink down, his eyes glazed over for a moment. Then they cleared.

"That was delicious," he said… in a British accent.

Daphne giggled.

"What's so funny?" Puck asked, confusion clouding his face.

"Your voice sounds silly," she said.

Puck looked offended. "That's so rude!" he said stiffly, still with the British accent.

Sabrina had been giggling with Daphne, but now she realized that the boy might not be joking. "Um, Puck… I think what Daphne means is that she doesn't understand why you're speaking with a British accent."

Puck raised one eyebrow curiously. "Am I? How very odd…" He sighed. "Yet another mystery I'm sure we'll have to solve." He got out of his chair and made his way to the stairs.

Sabrina gaped. "Wait… so… you're not joking?"

"Of course not, why would I joke? It's not dignified," Puck said in a bored voice.

"This is freaking me out," Daphne said. One look at her face, and Sabrina believed her.

"All right, you go upstairs, Daphne. I'll figure this out," Sabrina soothed.

Puck rolled his eyes. "Don't be stupid. Obviously the sugar rush sent me into shock, causing me to develop an entirely new personality."

Sabrina still wasn't sure if she believed him, but it seemed like the only explanation. "Um… okay… so if you have a new personality, then you're not interested in training chimpanzees for the military, or throwing me in gross stuff, or stuff like that."

"Nope," Puck replied cheerfully. "I've realized that my acting out like that was because I was in love with you and knew no other way to show it. But I'm far more interested in science and other such studies now."

Sabrina gaped again, but the boy pushed her lower jaw up gently. "Well, I'm off to research the life cycle of the Gypsy Moth now. Toodle-oo." He kissed her on the cheek and walked off – in a dignified manner, of course.

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