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Sabrina glanced at her sister uneasily. "This is so not a good idea."

"Oh come on! We'll never know if we don't try," replied Daphne.

"We already tried! And it turned out badly!" protested Sabrina.

Puck frowned. "I still don't remember that. What exactly happened? All I remember is waking up to a room of evil butterflies that ate my clothes."

Sabrina blushed. "Um… nothing. At all. Just… forget it. But you really shouldn't drink that." She moved to take the soda from him, but Daphne pinned her arms behind her back and shrieked, "Drink up quick!"

Puck grinned. "Awesome." Then he picked up the unopened can of Mountain Dew in front of him.

For Sabrina, time seemed to slow to a crawl as he popped the tab, tilted his head back, and took a gulp of the energy soda.

As he set the drink down, his eyes glazed over for a moment. Then they cleared.

"Ow. My tummy huwts, 'Bwina," Puck whined.

"Well, at least it's not a British accent anymore. But why is he talking like a little kid?" Sabrina wondered, with Puck continuing to whimper in the background. Fortunately, the noise subsided a bit when he started sucking his thumb.

"He did drink quite a bit of it at one time. The sugar overload must have given him an extremely painful stomachache, and now the pain is making him psychologically revert to a childlike state," Daphne explained matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, probably," Sabrina agreed. "… Wait, what? Where did you learn this stuff?"


"'Bwina!" cried Puck. "I wanna piece-a candy! And a teddy bear! And a monster truck!"

"No," Sabrina said.

Puck looked up at her innocently. "Then how about a hug?"

"Daphne, give him a hug, please," said Sabrina, backing away.

"YAY!" shrieked the fairy, and tackled Daphne. "HUGGLES, DAFFY!"

Daffy? thought Sabrina. Maybe getting him to sleep will help. It worked last time.

"Naptime, buddy!" she announced. "Let's go upstairs!"

"'K. Wiw you cawwy me?" Puck asked sweetly.

"Sorry, Tweety Bird. You'll have to walk," Sabrina said.

"Noooooo!" he whined. "Daffy, cawwy me!"

Daphne looked at him disbelievingly. "Are you KIDDING me?"

The fairy started crying. "I wanna be cawwied!"

"For crying out loud…" Sabrina muttered. "Daphne, grab his arms. I got the legs." Staggering, they somehow managed to carry the fairy boy upstairs. He happily curled up on his trampoline, snuggling an irritated monkey- sorry. Chimpanzee.

"I wove you 'Bwina," Puck said drowsily, then fell asleep.

Sabrina looked affectionately at him. "Love you too, Puck." Then she caught herself and screamed in horror.

-To Be Continued-