Disclaimer: I don't own Cardcaptors

Disclaimer: I don't own Card captors.

Summary: AU We weren't friends. In fact, we hated each others, at least that how we acted. An incident made us confess. But you know the saying, 'Life is a bitch'. And it is. The next time I saw him, I was not the girl he love. No, I wasn't even a friend, an ally, an enemy. I wasn't anything to him, just a stranger. When I saw him, he looked at me, confusion in his eyes and he asked me something that broke my heart, 'who are you?'


'You don't die of a broken heart, you just wish you did.'

Ch. 1: Kimi O Ai Shiteru

I was scare. No, that would be wrong. Frighten would be a more fitting word. My whole body was shaking uncontrollable. I could barely dial the right number. All my thoughts were focus on him.

The phone kept ringing. With every ring, my mind created a different story. All with the same result. His demolish. The voice mail answered. I start screaming for someone to answer the phone. Begging him to pick the phone and tell me everything was fine, that he was fine. And it finally did.

"Hey! Are you ok? Are you hurt? Don't worry I send someone to hel-" He interrupt me with a weak "Sakura" I patiently waited for him to continue. "Y-you k-know I re-really care f-for you, r-right? You k-know I n-never meant a-all the t-thing I s-said to you. T-that I l-love you." I was mad. No, no mad, I was furious! I have always dream of him saying this. Every single night. But life was cruel. Why now? "I love you too! I always did. Since I met you. I am s-" "Good" Then I heard a noise. The worse I have ever heard. Even know I still remember it. His house had just fallen, him in side.

I still remember me screaming his name. Hoping, praying, begging this was just a nightmare and nothing more. Tell him to stop, that this wasn't funny.

I called Eriol and ordered him to send people to his apartment. They kept looking for him. half an hour later he called me back. "Sakura, we found him." He barely whispered. "What's wrong? Eriol, don't tell me is too late. Don't tell me he's dead." He couldn't. He has always been so strong. He would not die so easily.

"Sakura, he's in critical condition. There are no many chances he will make it." I was about to tell him that he was wrong. About to scream at him for doubting him, his closest friend, but he interrupted me. "I was the one that found him."

"Eriol, what-" "He was smiling. I have never seen him so happy in my life." I heard him said in a shaking voice. Tears start to roll in my cheeks. "He was still conscious; he looked at me and asked me to take care of you. Sakura if h-" I knew what he was about to say, and I would not let him. "He will be fine. He will." I said before I hang up. He had to. I don't know what I would do without him. He was so important to me. He was my life line.

Another half an hour later, Tomoyo called me. She said to come to the hospital. I did. Now I regret it so much.

"He is alive. He just woke up." She told me. My heart was so happy. But it didn't last long, my already broken heart completely shatter with her next words. "But… he has amnesia. He has forgotten everything that happened in this year." She told me softly, trying to

Comfort me. "Even you," Eriol said sadly and giving me a sympathetic look but I couldn't careless.

One whole year. That's how long I have known him. Those are my most precious years. And he forgot it. Every fight, every smile, every conversation, every memory, everything, he forgot it all. He forgot me.

I rush to his room. He was awake. He first looked at Eriol. He greeted him like always. They had been friends since little and it look as if nothing had change. After that he turns to look at Tomoyo. Been Eriol's fiancée, he had met her six years ago. He gave her a small smile. Then he focused those amber orbs that made me fall in love with him on me.

He wanted to say something. I could tell. And I wondered what he would say. Would he get up and hug me? Or would he smile, the way he only smiled at me? Anything. Anything would do. Anything would haven better. What he said made me want to completely die. He smiled at me as if nothing was wrong. He looked at me, confusion in his eyes and he asked me something that broke my heart, 'who are you?' He wasn't lying. He wasn't pretending, faking. He looked at me like a stranger. He truly had forgotten me.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. But I couldn't. I felt numb. Numb and cold. I couldn't feel anything. Nothing but a sharp agony in my heart.

I think I pass out. Everything went black and I heard them screaming my name. But it didn't matter. I had lost everything, and he was the only thing left. My only hope. And now it was gone. Everything that took us so much time to build, a year, was erased in nothing but one hour.

How did this happen? Why? Everything was finally going right. How did this start? I think it was a Monday. I was indifferent, not knowing that that day would change my life. That it would start everything…

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