It was night time, but the lights inside of the house made it bright enough to be day. Amanda sat at the kitchen table, sipping from a cup of coffee, occasionally she'd glance towards the living room, where six Pokemon sat, chatting wildly in their natural language. She looked at the larger four.

The first one she looked at was Tripod, the Manectric. He had first came to live in her house when he was an Electrike. Tripod had lost his leg as a pup when a bicycle had backed up over his right hind leg. Around six months after Amanda had taken him in and Bosco had returned to stay, Tripod evolved into a Manectric. And now he was a three legged Manectric.

The next Pokemon was Claire, the Persain, Claire had been the Meowth who had everything that a stray could want, she had once lived in a mansion, with a rich little girl who fed her and doted upon her with expensive gifts. But Claire had hated being spoiled inside the lonely empty house, she wanted freedom, so she had done everything in her power to get kicked out. And eventually one of the butler's had had enough, dumping Claire in the pound and taking another Meowth home to replace her. Later on, the Meowth had lost half of her tail in the process of saving a young Eevee from getting hit by a truck, the accident also left her with a bad limp due to the damage her right hind leg had taken in the crash. Claire, like Tripod, also evolved six months after coming to live with Amanda, but there was a certain dismayed expression on her face when she first looked at her evolved tail, for it was still only half a tail.

Claire and Tripod were mates, they had had seven pups and kits already. At the moment Amanda's sister was taking care of them, that way Claire and Tripod could spend a few days without all the stress.

Next to the couch was an Umbreon, the one who had amazed her. This Umbreon's name was Bosco and he had been an escape artist for years, ever since he had been kicked out of his home for biting his owner's child. He had never meant to hurt the kid, the boy was a puller, always yanking on his tail or tugging on his ears, and one day, Bosco couldn't stand it anymore. So he bit the kid, and lost his home as well. From then on he had depended on his instincts to keep him alive. It was later on during one of his many trips to the pound when he suddenly decided to become an escape artist. Later on he formed a group with Claire, Tripod and many other Pokemon. Tripod had came up with the name, "The Misfits" and because that was what they were, Bosco accepted the name. Bosco had never intended to settle down, even after everyone else had found a home he merely went from pound to pound saving more Pokemon and helping them find homes. But over time he returned to Amanda's place, due to an irresistible need to see Twilight, Amanda's Spoink. And when he finally confessed his love for her, he decided he'd finally stay.

Amanda smiled and took another sip of her coffee, her gaze settled on the last Pokemon. One was a Spoink, this Pokemon had not been taken in like the other Pokemon, no this Pokemon had been a gift from her deceased father, she'd been given a grey and black egg not long before her father died of a heart attack. When the egg hatched she was surprised to see a little baby Spoink, and from there the rest was history. Needless to say that Twilight was Amanda's translator since the human couldn't understand Pokemon speech very well. Twilight was Bosco's mate and the Spoink had given birth to two little Spoink, Umbreon hybrids.

The first born was Scooter, a brave and adventuress grey-furred, curly-tailed Eevee, Scooter loved his parents and often ended up bragging about how great his dad was. At the moment only Scooter's nose and tail was visible, as the Eevee lay watching and listening to his parents and their friends as they talked.

The second kit born was a small, tan furred, green eyed female Eevee named Amethyst. Amethyst got her name from the small purplish stone that she was born with, the stone sits right in the center of her forehead. Amethyst, or Ames as she was called was curled up beside her mother. Ames was only five weeks old, while Scooter was almost three months older than her.


Amanda stands, stretching her arms and yawning, she sets the cup in the dish washer and heads to the living room, turning off the kitchen lights as she leaves the kitchen. "You guys stay up if you want to, I'm going to sleep. Night guys." she says, and walks past the living room, to her bedroom. Everyone says 'goodnight' and 'sleep well' and although Amanda doesn't understand much of the Pokemon language, she smiles and nods. Shutting the door behind her, Amanda lays down and dozes off, her blue-ish green eyes shutting.



Outside of the house a shadowy figure sat hidden beneath the shade of a tree, it was looking down at the house below. That's right, turn out the lights human, go to sleep. As for the others... Well deal with them soon. And then when we do, we'll...

"Cinder, I've checked everything out, I know every room and what's in it. The Pokemon, they're in the living room." A voice said, snapping the shadow out of its sinister thoughts.

"Where are you, Stealth?" it asked.

A red stripe bobbed up and down before the rest of Stealth's body became visible. The Kecleon saluted. "Right here." He replied, a slender tail thrashing behind him like a whip, making the air sing. The Kecleon stood a few feet away from the figure, barely visible, but the figure saw him clearly as though it were day.

"Very well, now then... Where's Dusty?"

"Right here, Cinder!" A voice called as a Sandshrew appeared from a hole in the ground. "What's up? You ready for me to go yet?" the shrew asked, with a cocky smile.

Cinder took a deep breath, "Tell me Stealth, is the floor closest to them tile, carpet, or wood?"

"Well," The Kecleon began, "the one closest to them is the kitchen and that's tile."

Dusty scoffed, "I hate tile, it's hard to be sneaky when your claws make loud clinking sounds!"

Cinder turned to the male. "Are you saying you can't do this then?" it asked, eyeing the Sandshrew in a challenging way. Dusty shook his head. "I can do it! ...It will just take longer."

"Oh great, more waiting." Stealth said and rolled his eyes, "I really hate waiting."

"Quiet you. I will not tolerate it if you screw this mission up!" the figure growled out and approached the smaller Pokemon. Stealth began to shake, the large body of a female Ninetales loomed over him. "You mess up this mission even the slightest bit and you won't see the sun rise tomorrow, you got that?" she asked, teeth bared.

"Y-yes ma'am."

"Uh, Cinder," Dusty said softly, almost in a meek way.

"What?!" The female snapped.

"M-may I start digging now?" the Sandshrew stammered.

"Yes, but don't forget, it has to be big enough for me to get in as well as you."

Dusty nodded and then disappeared in a shower of dirt, all that was left was the hole in the ground.

"Remember, The boss wants us to bring her back the Umbreon's kits." she said and then grinned a sinister grin.


Claire yawned, "It's getting late, me and my short little tail should be going to bed soon." she said, scowling at her tail.

"If it will make you feel any better," Tripod began, licking the side of the Persain's muzzle. "My tail is even shorter and it's crooked too!"

"Thanks, Tripod."

"Anytime, Claire."

Bosco nodded. "Well goodnight, me and Twilight and the kids will be going to sleep soon anyway." then he grabbed hold of the curly tail that was peeking out from under the couch. He pulled Scooter out from under the couch and then said, "Now Scooter, tell Claire and Tripod goodnight."

The grey furred Eevee hesitated but smiled and said. "Goodnight Claire, goodnight Tripod."

"Well goodnight to you too, Scooter."

And then they walked towards the corner of the room near Amanda's room, While Bosco picked up Amethyst and carried her to the opposite corner across from Tripod and Claire. Settling down he felt Twilight and Scooter snuggle up close beside him.

"Twilight?" He asked.

"Yes?" came the reply.

"Would you turn out the lights?"

"Sure thing." And then using her psychic abilities, the Spoink flipped the light switch off.

And soon, everyone was asleep.


A few hours later...

A soft clinking sound made Scooter stir, not wanting to stay where he was he scurried over to the couch, choosing to lay there instead, then he drifted off to sleep once more.

Little did he know that had he kept his eye opened for just a little while longer, he would have heard the sound of kitchen tiles sliding and breaking apart. And then he'd of seen the snout of a Ninetales sniffing the air right before retreating back into the hole from whence it came from.

Backing a ways the three began discussing the plan, Cinder was the first to speak, "Stealth, you go up and take a look around. See if you can find the kits we're after." she said. The Kecleon nodded, slowly paling until only the red stripe on his belly remained, he then wrapped his tail around his waist, hiding the stripe.

The only sign he'd left was the soft pitter of his feet. The footsteps faded, and then ceased as Stealth stepped foot into the living room, he walked over to the Manectric and Persain, instantly realizing they could pose a problem. A sneeze from behind him caught his attention and he saw an Eevee shift in its sleep. A kit! he thought, racing back to the hole.

When he was out of sight he returned to normal.

"Well, were the Umbreon's kits there?" Asked the Ninetales impatiently.

"Yes, at least, one of them is, I didn't see the other. Dusty, go get some sand for a Sand Attack, there's an Electrike and Persian up there." The Sandshrew looked at Cinder who nodded and then he dashed off. When he returned, the Ninetales made a nod, "Okay, here we go, let's get in and get out! And try to keep it quiet."

The three Pokemon went up and into the house, paws being extra careful not to scratch the tile. Dusty stepped over towards Tripod and Claire, ready to get the two out of the way should they move or wake up. Stealth kept a watchful eye on the human's door, in case she woke up.

Cinder stretched and then waltzed over to the sleeping forms of Bosco, Twilight, and Amethyst, her eyes focusing on the Eevee, "Only one is here... oh well, we only need one." She wasted no time reaching down and picking up the kit by the scruff of its neck, the Eevee wiggled as Cinder's teeth closed around the back of its neck.

Backing away, The Ninetales accidently stepped on a small curly tail. Scooter yelped and shot upward, waking up Tripod and Claire.

"Plan B, plan B!" She said through a mouth full of fur.

Dusty waited until the eyes of Claire and Tripod opened, and then he hurled sand into them, kicking the two in the ribs before running for the tunnel. Cinder was already moving to leave as well when Amethyst woke up. Struggling and screaming she began to cry. Cinder dropped the kit in surprise, right before a black blur lunged at her, "Stay away from my daughter!"

Bosco then bit down on Cinder's snout, the Ninetales yelped and jumped back, almost throwing Bosco from her muzzle. But not quite.

She threw her head down, Bosco's body hitting the floor as he lost his grip, the Ninetales then grabbed the Umbreon by his tail and threw him across the room, smirking when she heard a yelp and then a whine. Turning she went to grab the kit she'd dropped when a small black torpedo came at her, Stealth lunged at the Spoink, grabbing it by the tail and swinging it around above his head, then, he sent Twilight flying into a nearby wall.

"Thanks, Stealth." Cinder muttered, quickly picking the squirming Amethyst up again once she'd regained her composure, "Let's get out of here!" she said and leapt into the hole, Stealth followed suit, turning for a brief second he smile, "Say goodbye to your kit, Umbreon. She's coming with us now!." And then he was gone.

A small pair of eyes watched the trio leave, small grey ears droop sadly, and tears fall from the Eevee's eyes while he began to cry. I'll find you little sister, I promise. he thought to himself and sniffed. Scurrying over he nudged his father, "Dad, wake up. Ames she's... Gone." Then the kit ran over to Amanda's door and started scratching.

A few seconds later Amanda opened the door. "What's wrong. Scooter?"

"Eevee eeve! (They took my sister!)" He replied and Amanda flipped the light switch up, bathing the living room in light.

"So what's the pro- Oh, my Goodness! What happened?!" Amanda shouted, looking at the destruction that surrounded her.


"Hurry up Stealth, we gotta run, the truck is parked on the other side of this hill, let's go!" Dusty shouted, his small yellow body dashing ahead, he saw Cinder waved a few Willow Wisps back and forth, the signal to open the back of the truck. Two humans ran out and opened up the back of the truck, Dusty, Cinder, and Stealth jumped into the back. The humans then closed the truck and got into the front, gunning the engine before driving off.

In the darkness of the truck Amethyst whimpered...

Heh, don't know why, this idea has been manifesting in my mind for awhile, so now I've gone and acted on my idea, tell me what you think of it so far. Yeah, this is a sequel to The Misfits, so go read that first in case you haven't already.

The Pokemon don't speak englesh, there's just no use for translating when they are able to understand each other perfectly. Their speech is translated whenever they are talking to people.

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