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The group rested beneath the tree. They watched Furr go about his work. The male was using Brick Break on the two iron bars, he'd covered them with clothe and stuffing from his stash to muffle any nose as he relentlessly beat away at the iron. He panted a bit more before stopping and taking a break. "I've never been that strong, but I know that these bars are going to break sooner or later." He told them.

Kindle nodded. "So what exactly do you know about this place, have you been inside?"

"Oh no," He replied, "but I've watched and spied on them enough to know that they're no good."

Scooter sighed, he was so close to achieving his desires, but still he had to wait, he turned back to Goose. "So you understand it now?"

The Taillow nodded. "I'm to hold onto this until you tell me not to. And if I can I should drop it so that it hits you." He replied, pressing said object towards Marvin, the Wrumple mix gazed curiously at the object.

"Right," The Eevee replied.

Frict's fur bristled. "How will we know where to go?"

Scooter's grey ears twitched. "Uh, well, we will just have to do our best."

They nodded, faithfully trusting their leader.

Furr smiled, such youthful spirits and they were so determined! He got up and started beating the bars once more.


Cleo decided to take a walk around the area, perhaps the fresh air would do her good. The Kecleon gazed about before going out, no one ever tried to keep her from walking around, what harm could she do? She hoped she would bump into Stealth; the male was so busy that they rarely got to see each other and talking was impossible.

Cleo had never wanted to cooperate with Cinder's master. She had been forced to when they threatened the life of her mate, Stealth. The same threat had been used on Stealth himself. Two-tone never brainwashed the main workers, she knew Cinder would prevent any ideas or mess ups. If only the Ninetales wasn't so mean and didn't force them to follow her strict dictatorship.

What was that? The female wondered, had she just seen that bar move? She went closer and noticed it was wrapped up in all sorts of soft stuff. It moved again and she tried to see through. A Furret! It was trying to beat the bars in!

"H-hello." She whispered, just loud enough for the Long Body Pokémon to hear.

The Furret jerked and looked ready to flee, "Wait, I won't tell." She called, making the male hesitate. "Do you, do you uh, want to get in here? Or do you want to get someone out?"

An Eevee, one surprisingly similar to the one she'd washed up and dealt with earlier approached, he gazed curiously at her through the small gap before making a motion. "Kindle, come here, tell me if she's brainwashed or not."

A Houndour appeared, peering scrutinizing at her before saying. "No, she's good, the workers aren't brainwashed like the other Pokémon are."

Cleo stared blankly. "What are you guys doing?"

The three Pokémon on the other side were joined by a few other Pokémon. Each gazed at her before the Furret finally asked, "Should we trust her, Scooter?"

"Me? Why, are you planning something? I'm Cleo, I've been forced by Cinder and the others to work here, my mate and I are prisoners." She uttered, hoping that Cinder wouldn't become curious if she saw the Kecleon idling in one place too long, she blended in a bit more, trying not to stand out that much.

The leader who was apparently the Eevee, she assumed he was Scooter said, "We do need an inside source. She might know about Ames."

"The little tan Eevee?" she said quickly, not even aware of speaking aloud.

"Yes! That's her! My sister, is she okay?" He replied, his eyes wide and desperate.

"She's all right, Two-tone is having trouble brainwashing her, but she's unable to succeed. Right now your sister is mainly scared."

An Electrike suddenly snarled. "I'll tear all of those no good brutes' limb from limb!" He ranted and snarled to himself after that.

Scooter gave the male a glare and the kit went silent. "So, Cleo, we're in a bind. We want to take and break inside and take out Cinder and Two-tone, but we need an inside Pokémon. Could you help us?"

The Kecleon's eyes were softening with hopeful tears, was this her chance to finally help make things right? What if the kits couldn't achieve the break in? She knew she didn't have any other choice; she had to at least try. "Gladly," She replied.

Scooter smiled before they began talking.

She told him where everything was, informed him that there were "fresh" Pokémon which had yet to be brainwashed. Two-tone had Amethyst in a cage within her watch now; the Drowzee was hell-bent on brainwashing the kit. She told him if they were helping, he'd do better. Cleo told them all they needed to know, she also added that she would get a hold of her mate, Stealth and tell him about it, he would surely help out as well. She didn't ask for the detail of their plan, she knew that if she was discovered, Two-tone would use every detail to her advantage. Then she said that as soon as the bars were broke and alarm would go off, and added the location of the wires that.

She finished, her eggs were in one basket, so she'd best tread lightly, "I'm sorry, I'd better get back before I draw too much attention to you." She replied.

"All right, thank you, we'll do our best." He replied. Scooter then sent Marvin and Goose over there, and told them where the alarm's wires were located. Marvin nodded and told him he'd gnaw through them.

And then she left. Scooter grinned, "We've got all the information we need, let's all rest up. We attack at sunrise."

Goose and Marvin quickly returned, the Wrumple declared it a success, and Goose nodded his head.

Furr excluded, they all lay down and dozed off, ideas filled with grandeur in their minds.

While everyone else was asleep, Frict stood up and stretched, he knew Scooter's plan by heart, trusted the Eevee entirely, but his heart convinced him that as soon as he'd confused a few Pokémon inside of the place, he would make a beeline for Ames. And now that he knew where she was held, he was certain he could accomplish it, if only he could get past Two-tone's watch.

. .

An hour before dawn, Scooter was shaken awake, the kit groaned and rose. "Uh, Furr? What is it?" He asked the Furret who had awoken him so insistently.

"I've broken both bars, wake the others and go." He told them.

The Eevee nodded and in a few minutes he'd awoken his comrades, they snapped awake quickly. "Let's get started." He told them.

They nodded and all of them slipped through the hole in the fence, excluding Marvin and Goose, the Wrumple was riding upon the Taillow's back as he flew overhead. In the Taillow's claw was the item that Scooter knew would decide this battle. Goose was staying nearby overhead, in case the time came sooner than expected.

Scooter came to the place Cleo had mentioned and, with some effort, got inside before he fought and fussed with the cages. A Meowth watched him work through a small gap. "Wh-who are you?" said feline asked.

"Shh," he scolded, "I'm here to break you out, we need more Pokémon helping us."

"Help? You want us to fight?" He asked incredulously.

"You don't have to if you don't want to, but if you'd help us, it would be a big help." He replied, shoving at the latch, finally he opened the Meowth's cage. "Will you help?"

The Copycat Pokémon nodded, "She was mean to me for no reason, of course." He aided the Eevee in getting the other six crates opened, a Skitty trembled and nodded, but four bolted after Scooter told them where the escape was. Both Zigzagoon agreed to help.

Scooter brought them out. "Okay, now you guys will just help my friends distract the other Pokémon, okay? Keep them busy, but don't get hurt."

"Right!" The four newcomers agreed.

"Okay, you guys go, let the plan begin!" He said as he took off, Kindle in tow. Frict grumbled, but his head jerked up as he heard the sound of Pokémon approaching. "We've been detected. Ready guys? We've got to keep them away from Kindle and Scooter until Two-tone's been dealt with." He cried, darting and weaving about. The blur of colour was hardly noticeable, but his actions weren't. He tripped dozens of kits up, bowled a few over and made a few get tangled in each other.

Scoter and Kindle were at the doors, they were unable to find a way in, but then the doors swung inward and a red-eyed Ninetales glared hatefully at them.

"So," She snarled, "you're the ones ruining my peace!" Cinder stepped forward. "No matter, I'll be rid of you soon."

"Kindle, I'll deal with her, you go on."

"Me? Leave you against this horrid Pokémon? Never!"

Scooter shoved her. "If you don't go after Two-tone, we'll run out of time, I can't guarantee that I can defeat the Drowzee, but you, I know you can!" He yapped, and barely dodged a swipe of Cinder's paws. "Besides, I have an ace up my sleeve."

"Fine," She snarled and slipped under the Ninetales' stomach, quickly getting past her, Cinder turned and tried to chase after the Houndour, but Scooter bit down as hard as he could upon one of her many tails. "Agh, you wretched runt!" She snarled and swished her tail, easily dislodging him. "I'll deal with you first then."

He landed on his feet and stared valiantly at her. "You won' win!" He then opened his maw and hit her in the chest with a Shadow Ball.

She didn't even flinch. "Pity, you're so weak it's depressing! Try this one on for size." She shot a Flamethrower at him, which he rolled away from, he launched several more Shadow Balls before using a Faint Attack and latching onto her left forepaw.

"Bite me, eh?" She scolded angrily before yanking him off with her jaws and throwing him. "You're wasting my time, I'll give you a strong attack, this one can't be dodged by your weak little leaps."

She used Fire Blast, and as the flaming asterisk shaped attack grew closer he cried out, "Now!"

Goose swooped down and dropped the item, it fell and struck the Eevee upon his forehead, a bright flash engulfed him seconds before the fire touched him. His glowing form absorbed the fire, soaking it in before the flames were all gone, when the white light faded a grey-furred Flareon stood in Scooter's place. "Flash Fire," He declared to the gawping Ninetales. "Not a bad ability, no?"

Cinder's surprise disappeared and she growled angrily. "That trick won't make you succeed any better, you will still lose."

The Flame Pokémon smirked, "Let's just wait and see." He declared as they began fighting once more.

They were so wrapped up in their fighting that they didn't even notice the Electrike that slipped on past them. Nor the Swellow that was flying up above them, saw them, and turned around, heading back to alert everyone of the news.


Kindle glanced about uneasily, where was that no good brainwashing witch? She kept walking, her ears and eyes shifting about incase of a sneak attack. She suddenly saw a big door, she tore at it, but it did not yield an inch.

"Hmm, a dark type, whatever is one of your kind doing here?" A telepathic voice asked from the other side.

"Let me in, Two-tone!" Kindle growled, "I'm going to take you down, once and for all!"

"You want to defeat me? What have I ever done to you?"

"You took everyone, my friends, my family. Kidnapped them or drove them off, what haven't you done to me?" The dual type snarled angrily.

She heard a Pokémon nearing her location, it was a fast one. In a blink, Frict was there beside her. "Is Ames in there?" He asked.

"There is only an Eevee kit who still refuses to surrender her mind to my commands." Two-tone replied, making Frict shiver before he realized that the voice was telepathic.

"Ames!" He cried, "Ames, can you hear me? Are you all right?"

Inside her cage, the weakened female stirred. "F-Frict?" She yipped, then louder, "Frict!"

"Ames! Oh, Ames, don't worry, I'll save you!" He barked, scratching and tearing at the door.

"Not true, that door is impenetrable, there's no way in and no way out, only psychics can open it." The Drowzee chimed, she sounded as bored as she could possibly be.

"No, Ames, you can't listen to her. I l-." He stopped, his paw pads sore from the splinters imbedded in them. "I love you."

The Eevee's eyes widened, her closest friend loved her? He loved her! She felt so happy, happier than she'd ever been.

"Aah!" Two-tone growled, shielding her eyes from the evolving kit. "Impossible!" The cage couldn't hold the larger Pokémon's form, and shattered.

"Nothing's impossible, Two-tone." The Espeon replied, flicking her forked tail before sending a Psybeam straight at the Drowzee. Two-tone was caught off guard and gasped as she was struck by the attack, before she could respond, the door swung open.

"No, don't let them in!"

Too late, Frict ran in, with Kindle. The Houndour attacked the brainwashing psychic while Frict tackled his best friend in a hug. "Y-you evolved!" He cried happily.

"I did?" She replied in a confused tone, she touched her forehead, and felt her gemstone still there. "But my stone is still there."

"Espeon always have those!" Frict replied, licking her on the cheek.

"Ow! Stop, no, stop, bad kit, don't!" Two-tone exclaimed, trying to ward off the barrage of attacks that Kindle kept hitting her with.

"Release your hold on the kits, or I'll only make things worse." Kindle growled while biting harder upon the Drowzee's left arm.

"Here, I'll help." Ames replied, her eyes glowing purple as she began invading Two-tone's mind.

"No, get out, get the hell out!"

"How does it feel, Two-tone? How do you like it when the tables are turned and you're the one who is being brainwashed and violated?"

Two-tone thrashed and fought, she screamed as each one of her connections to the others was cut off, yanked from her memory base, and freed from her influence. Dozens of dozens were torn, and as they were torn away, the kits stopped fighting and gazed around in confusion.

"Wh-where am I?" A Treecko asked, scratching his head blankly.

"Uh, what happened?" A Teddiursa asked as well, he was quickly embraced by Vira.

"Ted, oh Ted, you're all right!" She declared, clutching the male tightly.

"V-Vira?" He said surprised before hugging her back. "It is you, oh Vira!"


Cinder lay in a heap, fighting to get back up. Scooter panted, favoring a forepaw before grunting as he started off.

Marvin, who had been spraying Pokémon with String Shots to slow them down, chuckled at the Ninetales' expression. Cinder growled and inhaled before aiming a Flamethrower at the unsuspecting Wrumple.

"Marvin!" Goose cried out, taking the attack full force in order to protect his best friend.

His feather's singed, the Taillow squawked in pain, he shivered, but didn't lose consciousness.

"Goose!" Marvin cried, the once reserved and unsocial Wrumple began to cry, his small legs touching the Tiny Swallow Pokémon's beak.

"I couldn't let my hero get hurt," He muttered.

"Oh Goose, you're not just a sidekick, you're my friend, and if anyone deserves to be a hero, it's you. From now on, I'll be your sidekick."

"R-really?" He twilled, managing to get back up on his feet.

"Yes, now just one second." He replied, he went over to Cinder with a determined look in his eyes.

And when she glared at him, he glared right back. She couldn't manage another fire attack; otherwise he knew she would've tried to singe him. He opened his jaws and wrapped her muzzle in a String Shot, binding it shut. "You had no right," He told her as he also bound her paws together, much to the fire type's surprise.

He then returned to Goose, helping the fowl make his way back to the others.


As soon as Two-tone's last connection was broke, Amethyst's eyes ceased to glow, she gazed at the Drowzee, who scratched at the ground, eyes wide in shock. "Gone, they are all gone! I can't feel any of their minds anymore."

"Good," Kindle growled, releasing her hold on the psychic type.

"This is Officer Jenny, come out right now!" A voice on a megaphone boomed.

". . . No, not the cops!" Two-tone exclaimed.

"Yup, and you're coming with us." The Houndour replied, dragging the psychic type away.

Outside, the place was surrounded by Growlithe and Jennys'. Amethyst ran forward and began explaining the story, since she was one of the few Pokémon who could communicate accurately with the humans.

"Ames?" A voice declared, and when said Espeon looked, she saw her and Frict's parents along with Amanda.

"Mom!" She cried.

Frict and Scooter walked out, Pip, Goose's father was trying to help his son walk on one side while Marvin helped the other.

"Mom?" Scooter said and his parents were both overjoyed and surprised at the sight of their son. They were also amazed at how much he looked like his father.

"Excuse me, pardon me, coming through." A girl said as she worked her way through the crowded mass of Pokémon and humans while a camera man followed her closely, albeit carefully so he didn't drop his equipment until she was standing before Amanda.

"I'm Natasha Price, head news reporter, and you're the woman who alerted the authorities about the whereabouts of this place, correct?"

"Well, actually, it was my Pokémon, they were just looking for their kits that had gone off to save Bosco's daughter who had been kitnapped when-"

"Excuse me, did you say Bosco?" Natasha interrupted.

Said Umbreon sniffed curiously, the girl smelled so familiar. ". . . Nat?" Bosco grumbled as he gazed into the girl's green eyes.

"Bosco . . .?" She said right before the male leapt into her arms. "Oh, it is you, you're the same Bosco I thought you were. Remember me? After you fell out of the back of that truck, I vowed to change my ways and earn myself a living honestly."

"Nat, I can't believe I didn't recognize you until now!" He exclaimed, licking her face happily.

"Uh, what are you talking about?" Amanda and the cameraman asked at the same time.

"I'm sorry, I'll explain it later, Officer Jenny can gather the kits up and arrest the bad guys, I'll just follow you back to your place, can you fit everyone in your car?"

"Not really, would you mind bringing some of them in your car as well?"

"For Bosco's owner, anything." She replied with a warm smile.

A pair of Kecleon, one slightly bruised walked out. Ames bristled at the sight of the male Kecleon, but Scooter quickly old his sister about their help.

"Cleo!" Ames declared.

"Ah, you're all right, I'm sorry, we helped as best as we could." The female replied.

"That's all right, you can come home with us."

Cleo and Stealth shook their heads. "No, I'm going back to where I used to live, me and Stealth want to find our old place and raise my future kits there."

Ames nodded, happy to know that the two would be happy, but sad to see them go.

A Jenny walked out, hauling a cuffed Dusty, Two-tone, and Cinder, they had replaced the makeshift muzzle Marvin applied to her with a leather one, and you could feel her displeasure as well as you could see it.

Natasha and Amanda headed to Amanda's house, where, over a cup of coffee, Natasha explained how she had first rescued Bosco from a Pokémon pound and how she'd changed her ways; all their questions about things were answered by Twilight and Amethyst. They soon found out that Gooses father, Pip had spotted their kits in the middle of the place fighting, he'd alerted Twilight, who had told Amanda, who called Officer Jenny, who called in everyone else.

After they'd talked, the phone ringed and Amanda spoke to Officer Jenny, which one exactly though, she wasn't sure.


"The Drowzee ratted out her owner who was the main mastermind in this crime, he was off trying to hook a travel ticket to the Elite Four, we've got him in custody, my cousins are returning the kits to their proper homes, and we're all very grateful to you."

"That's good, I hope you can get all those kits to their rightful places."

"We will, goodbye, and thanks again." Jenny said before hanging up.

Scooter looked at his mom. "Flareon Flare?"

Amanda gave him a wide smile, "Yes, Scooter, you did good."

Yes, that's it. The last chapter of Scooter's Rescue Mission. And if you didn't catch on, the mystery item was a Fire Stone. I'm glad this is finished.

I hope it wasn't too confusing, but I wanted to have Nat appear again, as if you even would remember her (Hint: 1st chapter of Misfits character, she only appeared for a short amount of time).

I hope you enjoyed this story; it was a blast to write, now I'll be off to writing something else. Yippee!