Authors note: This is a rewrite of Secrets. The reason why I am rewriting a fic I haven't finished is because I am absolutely and hopelessly stuck on Secrets. Sadly enough, re-reading the first chapters in Secrets made blush in embarrasment and really, those chapters were, very, very rough. So, with new power and force I decided to rewrite Secrets and after 3 months I give you the, although very short, prolog off Hemligheter, aka, Secrets (Hemligheter means Secrets in Swedish. Yes, Am I creative or what?)

And do not worry, future chapters will not be this short. Prologs are ment to be short. (In my mind.)

For new readers, I can't recommend with a straight face to read Secrets. But it's your shot. Read at your own risk.

Title: Hemligheter (Secrets)

Pairings: None. Maybe faint TsumexToboe sometimes (VERY FAINT and more brotherly than anything) Hints at HigexOC in the future, nothing serious though.

Word Count: 409

Summary: Toboe was well aware that he wouldn't be able to hide from what he left behind forever, that was a naiv dream after all. But he could never have guessed it would come to this, and the outcome was more terrifying than his wildest imaginations had ever been.

Disclaimer: I do not own Wolf's Rain in any way.



The wind ruffled lightly the fur of a dark brown wolf, caressing her form in a split second before moving on in the dark night, continuing it's never ending run. The wolfs eyes glimmed golden in the light from the moon, bathing her in a colourless blanket. She whispered softly to herself, words quick and low.

"You shouldn't be here."

The words rang softly in the night, silencing her whispers and leaving something tense and waiting in it's wake.

She smiled, not suprised nor angry at being interrupted. "Neither should you."

He walked closer, stopping beside her to gaze at the moon. Dark, almost black eyes blazing without emotion and yet somehow saying more than words ever could. He snorted lightly. "You know that's irrelevant."

He wasn't expecting an answer and wasn't suprised when he was given none. Instead, he listened closely to the forest while gazing at the full moon, slowly losing himself in it. It was she who broke the silence, moments later.

"It's waiting."

He tensed slightly, ears pointing in her direction. "We should head back." He mumbled quietly yet not making any attempt to leave.

"Something's about to happen." Her voice was soft in a way that sent shivers down his spine and he felt a sudden urge to run.

"If we don't head back now they are going to leave without us." He spoke louder, voice almost failing him. She looked over at him through narrowed eyes. He grinned at her, black eyes alight with an unknown emotion. "And then you would be stuck with me forever."

She looked at him for several seconds and he forced himself to not look away under her intense stare. Then she snorted softly and rolled her eyes, lips twitching upwards before she stood. "We should head back then." She gave the moon a last glance and he was suprised by the longing that lingered in her eyes before she turned and walked towards the forest, entering it moments later without looking back.

He watched her leave, a strange smile foarming on his lips and eyes darkening. He followed her shortly after, breaking into a slow run to then stop to walk beside her, his black fur and her brown blending in with the dark before disappearing altogether.

It was as if they had never been there in the first place.

And the forest continued it's whispering, knowing and waiting for the future that would destroy them all.

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