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Cold. Ice cold burning at his body and eating away at everything as it consumed him with slow, breath taking touches. Panic flashed in his mind, golden eyes burning as though on fire and eating and eating and penetrating the cold with fear that didn't want to stop.

He wanted to scream – it was bulging, tearing at his throat with nails and it only got worse for every second that passed and he wanted to scream so badly. Tears, unwanted and oh so staining danced down his cheeks with soft kisses that burned with such a force it left him breathless – gasping for air that never came.

He didn't know how much time passed, hours, maybe even days and the knowledge weighed down on his heart and he wondered if they would come, if they would wait because something was wrong and he couldn't, despite trying so hard, figure out what.

Cold. Ice cold.

Sometime, after how much time he didn't know, something seemed to pass away, wither away in the darkness that was this world and he wanted to wake up – because this must be an horrible dream that was tormenting him. He felt so lost – laying in a world that was tearing at the edges of his mind – and he still wanted to scream so much that it hurt to try, it hurt not to be able.

Vague voices passed in his head - whispering words with something in their tones that made him freeze and listen carefully to hear what they were saying. Cold hitting him with a scream of despair. Faint, faint mumblings and with a jerk that didn't show on his body he tried to push them away. Their words shook him, hit him and kicked him with a urge for blood and he screamed – a cry that began at the depts of his heart and ended with tears of reddest blood and suddenly there was so much blood.

His eyes shot up – golden dulled in the blackness of the empty room he was laying in. Panting he felt the faint imagines of his dream disappear into nothingness as he took a deep breath, stilling. He groaned softly, pain shooting across his body as he shifted barely, feeling the cold floor pressing against his back. Blinking, he tried to steady his blurry vision as he took in his surroundings. Eyes widening he shot up but regretted it seconds later as pain exploded from within and he doubled over, gasping and clutching his abondom.

Something was very wrong. Where was he? Straightening as the pain faded away to a dull throbbing he looked around, spotting nothing but a dark, dirty room not having anything expect a door. Frowning lightly he bit his lip, feeling uneasiness eat at his stomach. Where was he?

Desperate filling him he felt threatening tears fill his eyes. Where were the others? Still clutching his stomach with a hand he rolled slowly over to his knees, clear to not make any sound as he looked around with fearfull eyes. Silence. The silence seemed to echo, drawing soundless whispers to caress him with teasing fingers, and he felt the tears slide down his cheeks.


He tried to remember what had happened, but his memory was vague and dull and there seemed to be a empty, black gap after the fight with Tsume. He blinked and looked down, tears blinding him. It was true, he was only dragging them behind. A small sob escaped his lips. But they would still come, right? He wanted to be able to help so much. Another sob, tears echoing in the silence. He wanted so much.

He froze and head snapping to the door he listened with a growing coldness in his stomach, dropping like a stone. Footsteps. He swallowed and his mind was screaming at him to move. Move to the shadows! Move! Move! But his eyes, wide and dilated could only stare at the door as a key was putted inside, turned and an click that seemed so loud in the small room that left his breath caught in his troath.

The door was pushed open and a head stuck inside. The eyes stopped at him, and with growing fear he looked back at those eyes who stared at him with something dark in the gaze.

A grin grew on the mans face and the shadowed face seemed to morp into something sinister in the protection of the shadows, leering at him.

"Do you know what happens to small dogs who run away from their master?"

Panic flashed and he backed, pushing himself away with his feet until his back hit the wall. Away!

The mans smile grew wider, and the shadows dancing across his face was taunting. "They get punished." The man hissed before closing the door behind him, eyes haunting him.

Tears falling freely he sobbed, motions wracking his whole body as he buried his head in his knees. Save me. Tsume..

He didn't know for how long he cried, only listening to the dead silence and feeling his body growing cold.

Voices whispering and touching him with nails that drew blood, taunting and hissing and telling and he could only wait.

"Where could he be?" Hige wondered aloud, worry faintly twisting his features as he sniffed the air, looking around for the second time that minute. They'd been looking since morning when they had found Toboe missing.

"Tch. Probably off crying somewhere." Tsume snorted but his eyes were set firmly on the horizont, eyes searching.

Kiba walked forward, head held high as he also sniffed the air, trying to catch a whiff of where Toboe was heading.

Hige frowned suddenly and stopped, sniffing the air again he turned around. "Hey guys." He mumbled and the tone made the others look at him. "I smell Toboe and humans, heading north." He said and turned to look at the direction with tail dropping.

"Shit." Tsume cursed. "Typical, the brat getting into trouble." After awhile he added with a glare "We should let them have him."

"Don't be stupid, Tsume. Anyway, it's your fault he ran away anyway, if he did run away." Hige shrugged and gave Tsume a look before turning towards Kiba.

"We're going after." Kiba said, voice cold but firm before he started to run, and Kiba and Tsume could only follow.

'Where the hell is that brat now? Getting into trouble that idiot.'

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