A Not So Forgotten Past

A Not So Forgotten Past

Ch 1

The day started out dull and boring, the Condor rode smoothly through the skies nothing disturbed it on its way. Junko attached two steaming pipes together for the hundredth time; Stork was tinkering with the controls while the ship flew on autopilot, Radarr sat on the table munching on an apple as he watched Piper plot a route. Piper's injuries had become nothing more than scars that were slowly disappearing. Aerrow looked over her shoulder; from under the table he squeezed her hand. They shared secret smiles.

"Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Stork jumped and hit his head on the steering wheel as Finn ran in screaming a gray blur of a crow chased him. Radarr growled and jumped after it. The crow did a skillful aerial twist easily dodging Radarrs' assault and expertly landed on a box next to the front windows. Piper's eyes narrowed.

"Here birdie. It's all right we won't hurt you." Junko spoke softly as he walked over slowly to the gray feathered bird holding out his hand to brush its chest. The crow jumped backwards and cawed angrily at the stranger. Junko backed up not wanting to lose a finger like he almost did when they met Arygin. Black eyes scanned the room inspecting each of the Storm Hawks carefully, until its gaze came to a rest on Piper.

It cocked its head up and spread long glossy wings as it took flight. Landing gracefully atop the girls' shoulder. Piper didn't dare to flinch away. The bird took a lock of her midnight blue hair into its beak and tugged on it playfully. Piper gaped, speechless and astonished because of what the gray crow had just done.

"Piper get that disease ridden animal off your shoulder before it pecks you to death!" Stork screamed his eye twitching madly as Piper turned to glare at him.

"Amurg isnot a disease ridden animal! He's my friend!" She shouted back a little too forcefully getting her a few suspicious looks.

"What the heck is an Amurg?" The blonde asked dumbly. The crow on Pipers shoulder crowed rather loudly as if to say 'That would be me'. Piper looked down and rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Piper…" Aerrow said almost menacingly wanting to know answers. All gazes were upon Piper making her feel like an insignificant bug.

Before Piper could explain a rustle of wings and a low caw told the team of Amurgs' short departure. They watched as he flapped out the small window.

"Amurg?" Piper spoke curiously she blinked in confusion. Before, she knew Amurg hardly ever left her side no matter what and when he did it would only be for a short amount of time.

Soon the bird was back and gently landed on Pipers' outstretched arm; it dropped a small withered piece of paper into her hand. As she opened it a cloud of ash floated out causing her to sneeze.

The letter read:

De timp pentru moarte este nigh, se asteapta dracu 'tu cu focul din intuneric. La noapte de-a treia zi nu a varsat sânge de soarta de prieteni trebuie să fie închise. Vino la motive de plecat de deces şi nu vă va vorbi mai mult. Destinul dvs. este devils alegere.

Piper's hand flew to her mouth as she gasped horror etched into her face. She recognized that handwriting all too well; fear and dread caused bile to rise in her throat leaving a terrible taste. Her hands trembled and shook as the paper fell from her grasp and landed silently on the ground. Piper's breath came out in short and ragged gasps, her heart thudded painfully against her rib cage, and tears sprung to her eyes. She quickly rushed to her room; waves of despair came off of her like an ocean. Amurg followed close behind cawing excitedly.

"What was that all about?" Finn said as Aerrow bent down to pick up the letter. Aerrow's eyes widened as he read it.

"Uh guys….Anyone know how to read this?" He spoke obviously dumbfounded by the different language. He held the letter out to his teammates Junko scratched his head; Finn stared at it imagining the curvy lines were hot babes in bikinis, and Stork took one glance before he started rummaging loudly through a box of gadgets.

"Umm what are you doing Stork?" Aerrow asked as the merb chucked something over his shoulder nearly hitting Radarr.

"Aha!... I was looking for this!" Stork triumphantly held up a rectangular screen which had a handle coming out of the bottom. The screen was see-through and had a green tinge to it.

"A spatula? What are we gonna do with a spatula!" Finn said annoyed that he didn't know what was going on.

Stork shook his head and explained. "It's not a spatula Finn it is an ultra rare Translator 500. You can translate any language to the one you can understand just by putting it over the words." He quickly demonstrated by snatching the paper from Aerrow's hand and held it under the screen. The screen flashed as it scanned over the words, after a few seconds the screen started blinking the word 'loading' in big letters.

Before long the text on the small device became readable interpreting what the note said.

Each of the male Storm Hawks gaped at what it read and the same time they had found out the sound of a heliscooter started up. The engine quietly vroomed as Piper took off into the sky. Tears streaming down her face as she must leave her friends forever.